The MAJORS is one of the most exclusive and anticipated events of the all-star cheerleading season. This year, The MAJORS 2018 has gathered up 24 of the country’s best teams and is going to put them head-to-head in their one-night-only event. 

The event takes place January 26, 2018, in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Just like last year, we’ve put together a guide of all 24 MAJORS teams and say nice things about them. We even included videos when we could find them. How convenient! We hope you enjoy :). 

Quick Fun Facts:

  • These 24 teams have won 45 World Championship titles
  • Top Gun Lady Jags, Twist & Shout Diamonds, KC Cheer Fierce 5, and Cheer Athletics RoyalCats will compete at The MAJORS for the first time
  • All of the All Girl teams have won The Cheerleading Worlds at least once.

We’ll post the competition schedule and results HERE


Small Senior 5

Small Senior 5 is obviously one of the most crowded and difficult divisions to be in. Every year, The MAJORS brings the best of the best for an epic showdown. Last year Woodlands Elite Generals, Cheer Extreme SSX, and ICE Lady Lightning competed against one another, and this year they will go in for a rematch. 

Cheer Extreme SSX

Cheer Extreme SSX has had a fantastic start to the season. Just last weekend, they were at Spirit of Hope where they put on two epic performances that got the internet ~very~ excited. If there’s one word to sum up SSX’s season thus far, it’s consistency.

Woodlands Elite Generals

G E N E R A LS – the golden girls of 2016-2017 are back this season with another clean, skill-packed routine. They’ve got some of the best tumbling in the industry and they know how to showcase it in fun ways. We haven’t seen the infamous Generals since December, so we’re excited to see what they’ve been up to.

ICE All Stars Lady Lightning

The reigning World Champions are back this year with more talent than ever. It’s one of the strongest starts to the season we’ve ever seen from them. Their routine features the worm, full squad running doubles, and some noteworthy formations.

Small Senior Coed 5

Small Senior Coed 5 – another huge division with a ton of talent. It’s almost hard to stand out in SSC5 with the sheer number of teams. But, with the addition of Extra Small Coed 5, we’ve seen a bit of thinning that works to everyone’s benefit.

Last year, Brandon Senior Black, Prodigy All Stars Midnight, and World Cup Odyssey competed in the Small Senior Coed 5 division. This year two of three incumbents, Brandon Senior Black and Midnight, remain and we add in Twist & Shout Diamonds, KC Cheer Fierce 5, and Cheer Athletics Royal Cats.

Brandon Senior Black

The reigning World Champs have been thriving since they took their back-to-back crown in May.  This season with they have a unique routine and one of the coolest, most difficult stunts we’ve seen – a ball up 360 to immediate double around. They’ve posted some epically high scores at competitions in Florida, so it’ll be interesting to see how they’re scored against other high caliber teams. 

Prodigy All Stars Midnight

Prodigy All Stars Midnight took home second place at both The Majors 2017 and The Cheerleading Worlds 2017. Like every team invited to The MAJORS, Prodigy always a fast-paced dynamic routine loaded with skills. A Prodigy routine will always serve you amazing choreography and seamless transitions.

Twist & Shout Diamonds

It’s safe to say that Twist & Shout Diamonds were among the most popular teams of the 2016-2017 season. Last year, they breathed a huge breath of fresh air into Small Senior Coed 5, which has long been dominated by BSB and SMOED. Diamonds turn up the sass and perform skills (like double ups) in new ways that turn more than a few heads. We’ve heard they’ve made updates since the last time they performed and we’re pumped.

KC Cheer Fierce 5

KC Cheer Fierce 5 won their program’s first-ever Cheerleading Worlds medal in Small Senior Coed 5 in 2017 and we’re so here for it. This midwest team has consistently gotten stronger over the past few years – and they’re continuing to put the Midwest on the map in a big way. They hit at Worlds and got the job done. Their routine this year looks buttoned up with enough skill and choreography for them to hang with the best of the best.

Cheer Athletics RoyalCats

Cheer Athletics RoyalCats secured their spot at The MAJORS 2018 after winning JAMfest Supernationals 2017. RoyalCats are one of Cheer Athletics newest level 5 teams from their North Carolina location. Back in December, they won an at-large bid to Worlds at GMCE. We haven’t seen a video of their 2017-2018 routine yet, but we’re excited to see what they bring to the mat!

No video 🙁 

Medium Senior 5

Last year, Stingray All Stars Peach, California All Stars ACES, Spirit of Texas A Team, and FAME Super Seniors battled it out at The MAJORS. This year two of the four incumbents remain, Peach and A-Team, with the addition of Top Gun Lady Jags.

Stingray All Stars Peach

Peach has been one of Medium Senior 5’s teams since their inception. Every year they push the envelope with new skills and stunts that become industry trends (hello stunt drop to straddle). Just last weekend Peach was snatching weaves and taking names at Spirit of Hope 2018 where they won themselves a full paid bid to the Cheerleading Worlds. Side note, can someone please let us know what LTA means? Thanks.

Spirit of Texas A-Team

Spirit of Texas A-Team has medaled at Worlds every single year since they joined Medium Senior 5 in 2014 – silver in 2014, 2015, and 2017, with a World Championship title in 2016. We haven’t seen a competition video of them this year, but if there’s anything we know about Spirit of Texas A-Team, it’s that they have a commitment to excellence.

No Video 🙁 

Top Gun Lady Jags

Top Gun Lady Jags entered the scene only a few years ago, but in true Top Gun fashion, they made a name for themselves pretty quick. They are the sassy, all-girl-intense version of Top Gun Large Coed that we’ve been craving. Lady Jags has a classic Top Gun routine that’s filled with lots of gems – take for example the tumbling pass where they catch the girl from the front right corner and swing her to finish in the front left corner at 1:24. 

Medium Senior Coed 5

Last year, three teams competed at The Majors, Spirit of Texas Royalty (who has won every single MAJORS since it began), Rockstar Cheer Beatles, and Maryland Twisters Reign. This year, the same three teams will go head-to-head and challenge Royalty’s domination. 

Rockstar Cheer Beatles

Easily one of the most popular teams of the 2016-2017 season, Beatles are back this season with another crowd-pleasing routine. They just secured their full paid bid to the Cheerleading Worlds at Spirit of Hope. We expect them to bring the same energy at The MAJORS, with maybe an added surprise or two. Time will tell!

Maryland Twisters Reign

My oh, my are we a fan of Reign’s routine this year. They have some serious swagger this season that makes it easy for them to stand out. Reign secured their Full Paid bid early in December at WSF. We know they’ve been out there competing and working hard since, and we’re excited to see what they’ve been up to.

Spirit of Texas Royalty

As the single Medium Senior Coed 5 champions ever, Royalty has something to prove! Like A-Team, Royalty always has a show-stopping routine that can hold their own. Even though Royalty already has their full paid bid to the Cheerleading Worlds, we cannot seem to find a video – so that’s all we can say for now!

No video 🙁 


Large Senior 5

Large Senior 5 is a division full of legacy teams that consistently put out the season’s best routines. Every single one of these teams has been around the block once or twice, AND we’ve already seen most of them compete against each other this season. There’s one thing for certain – it’s gonna be a S-H-O-W. 

Cheer Extreme Senior Elite

Senior Elite seems to have found their mojo early this season. Last week at Spirit of Hope, they put on a day 2 performance that could make anyone fall in love with cheerleading. That performance landed them a full paid bid to the Cheerleading Worlds and a whole lot of fans. Ever section of their routine is choreographed and timed to perfection. We’re stanning hard and can’t wait to see them do it all over again.

World Cup Shooting Stars

World Cup Shooting Stars and their circus routine have been a fan favorite since their showcase. They put on a great HIT performance day 2 at WSF, and we haven’t seen much of them since. Their routine features the same Shooting Stars flare we’ve come to know and love, plus some hard-hitting skills that show you they mean business. 

Stingray All Stars Orange

Orange is flying a bit under the radar this season compared to last, likely because they weren’t at Cheer Alliance in December. BUT, they competed last weekend at Spirit of Hope and it was everything you’d expect.  We’re loving all the different level changes and different formations they’ve added in stunts. 

Cheer Athletics Panthers

BABS are coming at this season reckless with a boxing theme that only Cheer Athletics could pull off. Their routine this year is another classic, dynamic Cheer Athletics’ production. Amazing stunts, innovative formations, and a super creative running tumbling section. CA creates some of the most entertaining routines, because they make sure there is always *something* to look at. 

Maryland Twisters F5

Probably the most talked about themes of the year is Maryland Twisters F5’s new look. In case you’ve been living under a rock – F5 has a baseball theme. It’s honestly one of the best themes we’ve seen and totally came out of left field (lol). They have some positive juju going in The MAJORS with not only a win at WSF, but also a full paid bid to the Cheerleading Worlds. We can’t wait to watch em hit it out of the park. Okay, we’re done.

Large Senior Coed 5

Large Senior and Large Senior Coed 5 are by far the two divisions that draw the largest crowds at any event. This year at The MAJORS, almost all of the major contenders will be one stage to compete. Each of these teams, except ACE Warriors, were at the MAJORS last year and we’re excited for another round of solid cheerleading.

Top Gun Large Coed

The TGLC is back this season with another one of their show-stopping routines. It is seriously incredible how year-after-year Top Gun can create such wild routines. It takes watching it a couple times to fully grasp everything that is going on and that’s the beauty of it. Every time you watch one of their routines, you’re going to see something new and exciting. 

Stingray All Stars Steel

The reigning World Champions are back this season with some serious momentum. Last season, they lightly treaded under the radar until Worlds when they hit on day two and secured their first place win. This season, all eyes are on them as they try to prove themselves again. In classic Stingrays fashion, they have some gorgeous tumbling, sharp stunts, and a healthy array of coed partner stunts. We’re excited to see them go head to head with their biggest competitors for the first time.

Cheer Athletics Cheetahs

It’s no secret that Cheetahs have been amazing for years, but these past two seasons have really been something out of this world. No one knows how to do transitions like Cheetahs, their entire routine feels like one solid section. This style doesn’t work for everyone, but it definitely works for them. 

Cheer Extreme Coed Elite

Every time we see Coed Elite, they get better and better. Their day 2 performance at Spirit of Hope was strong, full of energy. Coed Elite looks like they’ve adapted their routine style this year to have a more consistent flow and we think it works well. 

ACE Warriors

ACE Warriors ended last season on a huge high note and this season picked up right where they left off. We saw a solid performance from them Day 2 at ECC a couple weeks ago which secured them a full paid bid to Worlds. Like Steel, this is will be the first time we see them compete against their biggest competitors this season. 

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