The IASF, or International All Star Federation, released their new international level 5 and 6 division scoresheets on November 13, 2017. The new scoresheet introduces several new changes, and two of them are making peoples’ heads spin. 

Two Major Changes

  • Tumbling: Individual tumbling passes (tumbling passed by a single person) will not be considered in the scoring process. In level 5 and 6, single and double twisting skills carry the same value. 
  • Tosses: Regardless of level, twisting is not allowed in tosses. And if you take a look at the Tosses section of the scoresheet, you’ll see that tosses only receive an execution score and difficulty is no longer a factor. 


Distinguishing Level 6 Skills Disappear

People took to the Twitter to express their concern. One of the distinguishing factors of a level 6 routine is flipping and twisting baskets. It’s also unclear if international level 5 and 6 teams are allowed to perform skills like a kick double, double around, kick full, etc. It does appear that level 6 can still do single flipping baskets with no twists. 

Mind you, twisting baskets are skills that many cheerleaders start to perform at a young age. The most plausible reason for taking them out would be safety, but a much younger athlete could perform a twisting basket in a non-international division. 

Concerns Over Tumbling Variety

The new tumbling changes state that if more than one person is not completing the same tumbling pass, it literally does not count. If you’re at all familiar with all-star cheerleading, you’re aware that it is extremely common for a team to showcase one, two, or even three extremely unique individual passes. This new rule feels arbitrary, to say the least. Also, a full and a double are worth the same amount of points. 

If you look at the tumbling scoresheet, you’ll see that the most important factors include synchronization and the number of athletes in synchronized passes. 

Released Right As 17-18 Competition Season Starts

It seems like an odd time of year to release such large changes to the scoresheet. We’re at the end of  choreography season and quickly approaching competition season. Teams have paid choreographers, drilled techniques, and built routines around skills that are now illegal or obsolete. 

Will this affect Worlds? 

Yes, international division teams at the Cheerleading Worlds use the IASF scoresheet. 

Will Varsity events use these new rules? 

According to cheerUPDATES’ and Justin Carrier’s tweet, no. (This is not surprising considering that Varsity and the Cheerleading Worlds use wildly different scoresheets.)

So twisting baskets are allowed at events like NCA, but not at Worlds?


Will all international division baskets look like this?


IASF Scoresheet Changes – Highlights 

See the full scoring system here.

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