On Monday, IASF (the International All Star Federation), made widely controversial changes to the scoresheet that affected the international level 5 and level 6 divisions. The changes sparked outrage on social media and a petition created by a disgruntled member of the community was signed by more than 35,000 (as of November 15th, 2017 at 7pm PST). 

In less than 72 hours, IASF has reversed nearly all of their original changes to the scoresheet regarding tumbling and tosses. 


IASF Reverses Controversial Changes 

  • Tumbling: In levels 5-6, individual tumbling passes (by a single individual) will be considered in the scoring process and in levels 5 and 6, single full twisting tumbling skills and double twisting skills will not carry the same value in difficulty. 
  • Tosses: Twisting tosses are allowed as stated in the rules by level – reversing the rule that levels 5-6 would not be allowed to twist in basket tosses. 

What This Means: 

All but one of the new rules IASF implemented on Monday regarding tumbling and tosses have been changed back. The only thing that remains different in levels 5 and 6 is that jumps and standing tumbling will be judged separately, even if connected (i.e. toe, hand, full).

Updated Tumbling Rules 

In the updated rules, IASF makes it crystal clear that for tumbling incomplete twisting skills will carry a 1 point deduction.

They added that in levels 1-4, individual tumbling passes will not be considered in the scoring process. To be clear, international levels 1-4 will not compete at the Cheerleading Worlds. They are brand new provisional divisions. 

Updated Tosses Rules 

In the updated rules for tosses, they make it clear that in levels 2-5, any toss that becomes inverted (heels over head) will be penalized as rules infraction and assessed a 4 point deduction per occurrence. This is for obvious safety reasons. 

Power to the People

IASF reversed these rule changes because people like YOU spoke up and made it clear that the original changes were ridiculous. The cheerleading world has no shortage of passion, and we’re all a little crazy, but we get $hit done. 

Thank you IASF for listening to your customers. We appreciate the swift changes.

Read their document here.


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