ICE held their showcase at Purdue on October 22, 2017, at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. CheerUPDATES was live on the scene posting videos and commentary all day and all we can say is that ICE is bringing some incredible talent to the stage this year. 

ICE will have a lot of eyes on them this year as they are home to the reigning World Champion, Lady Lightning.  They’ve also added another small senior 5 team AND a large senior 5 team, which adds a little shakeup to an incredibly difficult division. 

ICE served us clean, skill-filled, well-executed routines across the board. From Lady Lightning with their intense skill and sharpness to Thunder’s innovative stunts, ICE is jumping in head first to this year’s competition. 


Lady Lightning – Small Senior 5

Lady Lightning already looks strong and confident. In my opinion, ICE is really good at progression. Last year, we saw them start off well and they quietly got better and better throughout the season and then peaked at the right moment. This season, they’re starting off with an even stronger foundation and it looks like it’s going to be another ~electric~ year. 

Thunder – Small Coed 5

Peep their main stunt section… they do 5 split to double ups and hit them hard. For October, that’s amazing. Their entire routine is clean and very direct. You know where to look and everything flows nicely together. Also, this is the first small coed team I’ve seen this season with 5 boys! 

Golden Girls – Small Senior 5

Golden Girls made their debut performance today and it’s cool to see a single gym have two solid teams in a single division. A great first performance and a welcomed addition to the Midwest’s Worlds teams. 

Radar – Large Senior 5

Radar is one the new Large Senior 5 teams to enter the division. It’s refreshing to see a new gym take the plunge into one of the strongest divisions. These athletes look solid already and we can’t wait to see what they bring to the competition floor in a few weeks. 

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