One of my favorite things about all-star cheerleading is our community’s willingness to support a good cause and stand up for what’s right. When one of us needs help, there’s a strong community of people ready to rally together. When iCheerPink, a program of The Breast Cancer Charities of America/iGoPink, reached out to Cheer Theory, we were more than happy to help spread their message.

iCheerPink is designed specifically to help cheerleaders raise money and educate those around them on the effects of breast cancer. Millions of people have been diagnosed with breast cancer and its effects are far reaching. iCheerPink is on a mission to energize cheerleaders to make a difference for a worthy cause. And if there’s one thing cheerleaders are good at it, it’s getting a crowd riled up.

How iCheerPink Works:

iCheerPink has created a program specifically designed for cheerleaders to get involved to not only educate those around them but also make a direct impact on those fighting the disease. iCheerPink uses cheerleaders influence both online and offline to help raise money to support their various programs. iCheerPink has a few different ways for cheerleaders and their friends and family to get involved.

1. Beauty Bag Drives

The fight against breast cancer can be damaging to a woman’s femininity and sexuality. A small way to help these women feel more like themselves is to provide them with some beauty and comfort basics. iCheerPink helps your cheerleading team or gym organize a beauty drive to supply the most needed items. The beauty bags include things like lip gloss, nail polish, fuzzy socks, magazines, throw blankets, head wraps, gift cards, etc.

Learn more about their Feeling Beautiful Again campaign here.

2. iCheerPink 5k

iCheerPink will help your team or gym organize a 5k to raise money for the cause. Cheerleaders, friends, and family participate in the 5k to raise funds for cancer patients. The money is then used to create beauty bags and sponsor breast cancer patients. The money you raise goes towards covering rent, mortgages, miscellaneous bills, medical bills, and more. This program’s aide gives peace of mind to breast cancer patients as they undergo treatment.

And we all know every cheerleader can benefit from a little cardio. Running regularly can help getting through that routine just a little easier. It’s a win-win.

Fast Facts on Breast Cancer:

  • 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer
  • You can reduce your chance of breast cancer by nearly 40% with a healthy diet and exercise
  • When caught early, breast cancer has a 98% survival rate
  • 85% of those diagnosed with breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease
  • More than 2 million women in the United States have been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer


It’s all about education and having access to the necessary resources can make all the difference in the world. If breast cancer is caught early, there is a significant chance at survival. Through education, we can help eliminate the inevitable effects of breast cancer and live healthy, happy lives.

iCheerPink has several resources that help educate women (and men!) about the early signs of breast cancer and where to seek help. This helpful infographic is just one example:


Cheerleaders Who’ve Already Helped: Woodlands Elite

Woodlands Elite worked with iCheerPink earlier this year when they organized a 5k to raise money. With this 5k, they were able to raise money to support breast cancer patients and their families. Not only do events like this make a lasting impact on those fighting the disease, it helps build community within your gym or with your team.

In February 2017, Woodlands will host their first beauty drive as part of iCheerPink’s Feel Beautiful Again campaign.

How to Work with iCheerPink:

Working with iCheerPink helps you, your team, and your gym use your talents to help those in need. Cheerleading is dominated by women, and there’s nothing we’d rather do than help keep them safe and help them times of need.

Working with iCheerPink is easy. Their team has everything you need to organize and create fundraisers that will make a meaningful impactful on our community and beyond.

You can find more information at The Breast Cancer Charities of America website or email