15 teams competed in the Small Senior 5 Coed division at JAMfest Supernationals. We saw some new names at the top of the results page and it’s nice to see a change of pace.

1. Hot Cheer Hot 5

Wow, there was some serious energy in this routine. Excited to see this routine cleaned up and hit the Worlds floor. Cheer Theory is rooting for you.

2. Maryland Twisters Cobalt

3. Cheer World All Stars Omega

4. ICE Thunder

5. Cheer Athletics Charlotte Royal Cats

6. Indiana Ultimate

7. Icon Cheer Envy

8. Hoosier Elite HEAT Elite 5

9. Midwest Cheer Elite Inc. Diamond Katz

10. Top Notch Cheer and Dance Kings and Queens

11. Reign Athletics Omni

12. WNY Outlaw Allstars Code Red

13. Empire Cheer and Dance Diamonds

14. Tribe Cheer Chiefs

15. Fame All Stars Knockout