Every level 5 and 6 team has one common goal – to make it to Worlds. And to get to the Cheerleading Worlds, you have to win a bid. In order to obtain a Worlds bid, you have to play a strategic game of competing at the right competition at the right time.

Not all Cheerleading Worlds bid events are created equal. Last season, there were more than 40 Cheerleading Worlds bid events around the country. Depending on where a team competed, the chance of winning a bid was dramatically different from competition to competition. Whether your team is looking to win an at-large bid or snag a coveted full paid bid, where and when you compete for a bid matters.

JAMZ Nationals: The Best Opportunity to Win A Bid and Get Paid Cash Money

Here at Cheer Theory, we closely follow Cheerleading Worlds bids – everything from who wins them, where they got them and what their competition looked like. What we’ve witnessed isn’t all that surprising, but important nonetheless.

Simply put, there are more Worlds teams in the Midwest, South, and East Coast than there are in the West. Teams west of the Mississippi generally have more competition at Worlds bid events. Teams are fighting neck and neck for at-large and paid bids at East Coast competitions, including CHEERSPORT. Generally, West Coast Worlds bid competitions have fewer teams competing for bids, both at small and large competitions.

Take for example JAMZ Nationals, a full-scale nationals event in Las Vegas that offers 12 Cheerleading Worlds bids, 8 at-large and 4 full paid. JAMZ Nationals takes place the same weekend as CHEERSPORT, another large scale Nationals which offers 24 bids, 8 full paid and 16 at-large bids. Both events take place this season February 17-18, 2018.

If you only take into consideration numbers, CHEERSPORT is an obvious choice with double the amount of bids. But what really matters is who you’ll be competing against, their bid status, division, and the odds you’ll beat them.

The Numbers

JAMZ Nationals in one of the best places for teams to win an at-large bid or a full paid bid to the Cheerleading Worlds. Last year, 30 teams competed at JAMZ for one of 12 bids. Compare that to CHEERSPORT, which had 77 teams who competed for one of 24 bids. Statistically, it is more difficult to win a bid at CHEERSPORT, especially a paid bid, compared to JAMZ Nationals, simply because there is more competition.

CHEERSPORT, which takes place in Atlanta, lies in the crossroads of the most competitive gyms in the South, East Coast, and Midwest. At JAMZ, you typically only need to worry about teams from West.

If you’re an East Coast Worlds team, you find yourself at more highly competitive and crowded Worlds bid events than in the West throughout the entire season. Several times last season, there were bid events where 40+ teams were competing for 9 bids at a single competition, while at other bid events the same weekend, they were literally handing out bids.

While JAMZ Nationals isn’t handing out bids, they offer one of the best opportunities in the industry to win your 2018 Cheerleading Worlds bids.

JAMZ Nationals is An Experience Like No Other

JAMZ is the largest independent event producer in the all-star cheerleading world. Their Nationals 2018 event is their largest event of the season, which means that attending as an athlete or as a spectator is an enjoyable and fun experience.

JAMZ events are different than most cheerleading competitions with a unique style and an insane staff. If you’ve never been to a JAMZ event or watched one of their awards ceremony, it is really something else. Their staff tumbles and stunts across the stage during awards and maintain an energy level that you expect to see at a cheerleading competition. JAMZ’s event planners and staff make the experience special for every team who attends.

When you attend a JAMZ event, you and your team get access to world-class warm-ups, competition floors, venues, judges, stages, coaches perks, and more. In short, they’re not cutting any corners. Plus they’re independent event producer, it’s a win-win.

New Perks for 2018

New this year, JAMZ will host two nationals, DI and DII. They will dedicate half of the weekend to DII teams and the other half to DI teams, in response to their customers’ requests. They will award bids to the Cheerleading Worlds to both DI and DII teams who are eligible to receive them.

While JAMZ doesn’t offer Summit or D2 Summit bids (because they’re not owned by Varsity), they are giving away $10,000 in cash prizes exclusively to DII gyms.

A Cheaper Way to Compete

The cost per athlete at JAMZ this year is $125, which is about $40 cheaper than comparable national events. JAMZ Nationals is never “stay to play” and they provide room blocks at several hotels and resorts in Las Vegas. They try to minimize as many costs as possible for their customers in order to provide an enjoyable experience.

Something New, Different and Fun

It’s Vegas baby! JAMZ Nationals is held at The New Orleans, right off the strip. The mild climate can offer you a much-needed break from the harsh Midwest and East Coast winter. Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and is a perfect vacation spot for everyone in the family. From world-class restaurants to amazing shows, there are endless things to do.

To learn more about JAMZ Nationals 2018, check out their website here.

We’ll see you there!

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