For the past three years, Cheer Theory has closely followed each team’s journey to the Cheerleading Worlds. And of course, that journey begins with winning a bid. As trends in cheerleading have changed, Cheerleading Worlds bid competitions have become less about winning the actual bid and more about the experience.

And with so many bids to give out, that’s where the focus SHOULD be – on attending events that offer the best experience for athletes, coaches, and spectators. 

There are a lot of Cheerleading Worlds bid competitions – 42 to be exact – and they all offer their own unique style. Based on our firsthand experience at JAMZ Nationals and many other bid events, we can tell you that JAMZ Nationals stands among the best. JAMZ creates an electric atmosphere that makes it fun, different and better than almost any other competition out there.

An Elevated Experience


A great experience starts with a great venue. The venue at the Orleans offers stadium seating, a lifted stage, and a high-energy staff that keeps things entertaining. Spectators get a great view of the stage no matter where they are sitting and the venue is large enough that no one is scrambling for a seat. The stage is set with lighting the illuminates the entire performance area and offers athletes an experience that is fitting for a large nationals.

The JAMZ staff plays a HUGE role in this event (and all of their others). From the people who escort teams to warmups to the announcers on stage, each member of their team brings a unique energy to the stadium, regardless of who’s competing.

An Unmatched Awards Ceremony

And then there is the awards ceremony. Their awards ceremony is probably one of the most fun we’ve seen any event produce. We experienced it for the first time last season and to say it was a production is an understatement. It engaged athletes and the crowd – whether they were ready or not!

Instead of having a standard awards ceremony with a few giveaways and the cha-cha slide – JAMZ lets their enormous staff get on stage and entertain the masses. You’ve got breakdancers and tumblers and stunts and so much more. And not only is it a full production, it also makes each athlete and team feel special. Each team is called to the stage for placements and each winner gets their time on the big red chair.

And finally, when it comes to awarding the Cheerleading Worlds Bids, each team who wins a bid comes up to the stage to accept their award and get their picture taken. They don’t rattle off team names just to get the event over with – it is built into the experience (like the good old days!). It’s these (not so small) details that make JAMZ an incredible experience from start to finish.

Responding to the Industry’s Demands


After All Stars United released “the letter” earlier this season, we talked to JAMZ about how they were going to respond to the industry’s new suggestions.

First, JAMZ has never required stay-to-play – which is amazing when you consider that they host their main events in Las Vegas. If you decide to stay where they host the event, it’s reasonable and comfortable. If not, you are free to stay where you desire.

Second, the’ve promised to send the block schedule no later than one month before the event to allow participants to make their preferred travel plans.

Third, they are committed to lower registration costs (and have some of the lowest registration costs in the industry – especially for a Nationals event).

And to top it all off – they host their main event in one of the most fun cities in the country – Viva Las Vegas!

If you’re looking to support the largest and BEST independent producer in Allstar cheerleading – we wholeheartedly put our recommendation behind JAMZ Cheer & Dance.

This year, they will award four full paid bids and eight at-large bids to the Cheerleading Worlds 2019.

We’ll be there to provide live coverage once again this year – see you there 🙂

Learn more about JAMZ Nationals here. 

This post was paid for by JAMZ Cheer & Dance.