As we quickly approach The Cheerleading Worlds, we took a look back at the top competitions to see how the most popular divisions performed. Instead of making Worlds Predictions (although we love to see them), we put together season recaps.

Medium Senior All Girl Recap 2015-2016

This. Division. Is. Huge. Here’s what happened this season.

For the sake of this recap, we took a look at The Majors, Cheersport Nationals, NCA Nationals, UCA Nationals, and The Champions League.

The Majors

California All Stars Aces took home first place followed by Stingray Allstars Peach and FCA Gems Diamonds. See Aces’ winning performance below:

The Majors Results

  1. California All Stars Aces
  2. Stingray All Stars Peach
  3. FCA Gems Diamonds
  4. Spirit of Texas A Team

You can see all their videos here.

Cheersport Nationals

Stingray Allstars Peach took home the National Championship followed by Spirit of Texas A-Team and Top Gun Lady Jags. You can see Peach’s winning routine below.

Cheersport Nationals Results

  1. Stingray Allstars Peaches
  2. Spirit of Texas A-Team
  3. Top Gun Lady Jags
  4. East Celebrity Elite M5
  5. Midwest Cheer Elite Femme Feline
  6. Brandon All Stars Senior Pink
  7. Cheer Extreme Shade
  8. World Cup Zenith
  9. Cheer Athletics Onyx Cats
  10. ICE Weather Girls
  11. Cheer Extreme Lady Elite
  12. Rockstar Cheer Queens
  13. Platinum Athletics PAC5
  14. Jersey Allstars Villians
  15. Cheer City United Lady Titans
  16. American Elite Allstars Celebrity

You can see full results and videos from Cheersport here.

NCA Nationals

NCA Nationals was a tough one for medium senior and the world collectively lost their cool. Spirit of Texas A-Team took home the coveted trophy followed very closely by Top Gun lady Jags and Cheers & More Respect. You can see A-Team’s winning performance below.

NCA Nationals Results

  1. Spirit of Texas A-Team
  2. Top Gun Lady Jags
  3. Cheers & More Respect
  4. FAME
  5. Stingray Allstars Peach
  6. FCA Diamonds
  7. South Jersey Storm
  8. Brandon All Stars Pink
  9. California Allstars Aces
  10. NJ Spirit Explosion
  11. OC Allstars Black
  12. Rockstar Cheer Queens
  13. Cheer Athletics Onyxcats
  14. CNY Storm Warning
  15. Maryland Twisters Weathergirls
  16. CheerForce Rogue
  17. Cheer Xpress
  18. Iowa Allstars

You can see as many of the videos as we could find here.

UCA Nationals

Stingray Allstars Peaches took home first place followed by Top Gun Lady Jags and Brandon Senior Pink. We saw some amazing showmanship beautiful performances here. See Peach’s winning performance below.

UCA Nationals Results 

  1. Stingray Allstars Peach
  2. Top Gun Lady Jags
  3. Brandon Senior Pink
  4. Cheer Extreme Ladies of Teal
  5. KC Cheer Fearless

You can view all the videos here.

Champions League

The California Allstars ACES took home first place followed by Fame Super Seniors and South Jersey Storm Lady Reign. You can see ACES’ winning performance below.

Champions League Results

  1. California Allstars Aces
  2. FAME All Stars Super Seniors
  3. South Jersey Storm Lady Reign
  4. Top Gun Lady Jags
  5. ICE Weather Girls
  6. Maryland Twisters Weather Girls
  7. World Cup Phoneix
  8. CNY Storm Warning

You can see all the videos we found here.

What to Expect at Worlds

This season we saw strong and consistent performances from Stingray Allstars Peaches, Spirit of Texas A-Team, Top Gun Lady Jags, and California Aces. This division is quite large, so there are many, many contenders when it comes to top three. Other teams to look out for include Brandon Senior Pink, Cheers & More Respect, Fame Super Seniors, and many others.

We’re not counting anyone out this season. Who’s your top 3?

Medium Senior All Girl Recap 2015-16