As we quickly approach The Cheerleading Worlds, we took a look back at the top competitions to see how the most popular divisions performed. Instead of making Worlds Predictions (although we love to see them), we put together season recaps.

For the sake of this recap, we took a look at The Majors, Cheersport Nationals,NCA Nationals, UCA Nationals, and The Champions League.

Medium Senior Coed Recap 2015-2016

Unpredictability seems to be a trend this season. With so many great teams sprinkled across the country, it’s hard to make accurate predictions. Many teams haven’t competed against each other more than once, making Worlds that much more exciting.

Here’s what happened this season.

The Majors

Spirit of Texas Royalty took home first place followed by Twist & Shout Obsession and East Celebrity Elite. You can see Royalty’s winning performance below.

The Majors Results 

  1. Spirit of Texas Royalty
  2. Twist & Shout Obsession
  3. East Celebrity Elite C5

You can see other videos here.

Cheersport Nationals

Flash forward to February in Atlanta, Georgia where Spirit of Texas Royalty took home the National Championship. You can see their winning performance below.

Cheersport Nationals Results

  1. Spirit of Texas Royalty
  2. ACE Warriors
  3. Rockstar Beatles
  4. ACX
  5. Platinum Athletics
  6. ACE
  7. Top Gun All Stars Fierce 5
  8. Ultimate All Stars
  9. Cheer Station
  10. Bama All Stars
  11. Impact One All Stars

You can see as many videos as we found here.

NCA Nationals

Woodlands Elite Black Ops took home the National Champion title at NCA Nationals. They were closely followed by World Cup Odyssey and Maryland Twisters Reign. This was really one of the craziest years to be at NCA. Every division and team was on point. You can see Black Ops’ full performance here.

NCA Nationals Results

  1. Woodlands Elite Black Ops
  2. World Cup Odyssey
  3. Maryland Twisters Reign
  4. East Celebrity Elite C5
  5. Twist & Shout Obsession
  6. Rockstar Cheer Beatles
  7. California All Stars Black Ops
  8. ACX Kat Daddies
  9. ACE Wild Warriors
  10. Ace Warriors
  11. Cheer Athletics Jungle Cats
  12. Spirit of Texas Royalty
  13. Cheer Station Flyers
  14. Core Athletix
  15. Step One
  16. CheerForce Blackout
  17. CheerVille Anarchy
  18. Bama Allstarz Black Diamondz
  19. Ultimate Athletics Prodigy
  20.  Louisiana Spirt Red
  21. Impact One Omega
  22. Texas Wolverine Strike

You can see all the videos we found here.

UCA Nationals

In Orlando, Word Cup Odyssey took home the National Championship title. Top Gun Fierce 5 came in second followed by Ace Warriors. You can see Odyssey’s winning performance below.

UCA Nationals Results

  1. World Cup Odyssey
  2. Top Gun Fierce 5
  3. ACE Warriors
  4. South Elite
  5. Ultimate All Stars

You can see all the videos we found here.

The Champions League

One final opportunity for the Medium Senior division to compete against one another on a national scale before Worlds. California All Stars Black Ops took home first place followed by Woodlands Elite Black Ops and CheerForce Blackout. You can see CA Black Ops’ winning performance below.

The Champions League Results

  1. California All Stars Black Ops
  2. Woodlands Elite Black Ops
  3. CheerForce Blackout
  4. Maryland Twisters Reign
  5. Cheer Athletics Junglecats
  6. East Celebrity Elite C5
  7. World Cup Odyssey
  8. Twist & Shout Obsession

You can see all the videos we found here.

Medium Senior Coed Recap 2015-16 (2)