Meet Iconic All Stars – the first-year, D2 program that took Illinois by storm during the 2018-2019 season. After beginning the new season under a new name and new ownership, the program saw unprecedented success. With a new mindset, the new owners and coaches were motivated to create a welcoming environment for their athletes.v

A Successful First Season 

For the 2018-2019 season, the program had five full season teams and six half season teams. Some of their accolades include 21 first-place finishes, two teams win JamFest SuperNationals, as well as one second place, third place, and fifth place finish. Their youth 4 team competed at NCA Nationals against all D1 programs and finished in third place. As one of the few programs with a Youth 4 team, they held their own all season long.

On top of that, all five of their full season teams and one of their quarter season teams won a bid to The D2 Summit. Four of those teams made it to finals, and one ultimately won. Last but not least, two of their teams won the US Finals Champions Challenge.

A Fresh, New Environment 

Beyond the bids, an undefeated season for one of their teams, and perfect jump and basket scores, we wanted to know what fostered their winning attitude back in the gym.

We talked to Billy Hemphill and Alex Nelson (their program director and one of their coaches) who told us about their little gym with big dreams . As part of their program’s rebrand for the new season, their goal was to hit reset on their philosophy. 

One of the most important aspects of their program is their attention to each team in the gym, regardless of level. They put the same amount of effort into their tiny team as they do their restricted five team. Iconic All Stars believes in training their younger athletes the same way as their older athletes because they are the future of their program. When you’re successful at all levels, you’re more likely to excel in the future.

Iconic All Stars wanted to create a family-like atmosphere. One way they do that is through their Iconic Athletes program. The program recognizes athletes who go above and beyond in and out of the gym. They also have a big diva, little diva program where they pair up a young athlete with an older athlete. Athletes make signs for one another, cheer each other on at competition, and create an even stronger bond.

Iconic Allstars Lives by Three Mantras:

  • “I’m not asking you to be perfect, I’m asking you to try”
  • “All you can do is go out and hit your routine to the best of your ability. The rest is out of your hands.”
  • “Don’t focus on where we’re at and who you’re competing against. It’s just another competition. Take the floor with confidence and hit your routine.”

They started the season with realistic goals and created an environment that fosters open dialogue with their athletes. Their realistic goals helped maintain expectations going into each competition. They want their athletes to focus on hitting zero rather than winning. Consistency is key and it’s one of the few variables in cheerleading you can control!

Tryout for Iconic All Stars’ 2019-2020 Season 

After a successful first season, Iconic Allstars is more motivated than ever to continue their journey. They are planning to move to a new, larger facility in the next month. Their season two tryouts are June 3-6, 2019. They are planning to have level 1-6 full season teams, as well as a non-tumbling level 6 team.

If you’re interested in joining this up and coming program, see their tryout flyer below or shoot an email to