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Here is the NCA Arena schedule for Sunday February 21st, 2016. You can view the entire schedule below and search for any team name, gym, or division. The award ceremony times are also included. You’re welcome. Again. 

The regular schedule can be viewed on Varsity’s website here.

NCA Arena Schedule Sunday Feb. 21st

8:00 AMCourage Cheer & Dance United FangsL5 Small Junior
8:04 AMCheer Sport Sharks White Creek SharksL5 Youth
8:07 AMPremier Athletics West Tiger SharksL5 Small Junior Coed
8:11 AMTexas Lonestar Cheer Company J-RedL5 Small Junior
8:14 AMWorld Cup TwinklesL5 Youth
8:18 AMSouth Jersey Storm LightningL5 Small Junior Coed
8:21 AMCheer Sport Sharks White Fin SharksL5 Small Junior
8:25 AMMaryland Twisters Super 5L5 Youth
8:28 AMCheer Central Suns RiseL5 Small Junior Coed
8:32 AMACX Crazy JagsL5 Small Junior
8:35 AMICE Illinois FrostL5 Large Junior
8:39 AMEast Celebrity Elite JwowL5 Small Junior Coed
8:42 AMCheer Extreme SJXL5 Small Junior
8:46 AMThe Stingray All Stars Marietta GreenL5 Large Junior
8:49 AMFlorida Triple ThreatL5 Small Senior
8:53 AMLong Island CheerL5 Small Junior
8:56 AMThe Martix All Stars Fly 5L5 Large Junior Coed
9:00 AMLousiana Athletics TwistersL5 Small Senior
9:03 AMMaryland Twisters SupercellsL5 Small Junior
9:07 AMProdigy All Stars MoonlightL5 Large Junior Coed
9:10 AMNew York Icons PerfectionL5 Small Senior
9:14 AMCheer Factor Junior XL5 Small Junior
9:17 AMWorld Cup StarlitesL5 Large Junior Coed
9:21 AMCheer Legendz PumazL5 Small Senior
9:24 AMTexas Wolverine All StarsL5 Senior Small Coed
9:28 AMCheer Athletics JagsL5 Large Junior Coed
9:31 AMCNY Storm All Stars WeathergirlsL5 Small Senior
9:35 AMImpact One OmegaL5 Senior Medium Coed
9:38 AMWoodlands Elite ColonelsL5 Large Junior Coed
9:42 AMSpirit All-StarsL5 Small Senior
9:45 AMUltimate Athletics ProdigyL5 Senior Medium Coed
9:49 AMCheer Eclipse CometsL5 Senior Large Coed
9:52 AMMatrix All Stars Lady VortexL5 Small Senior
9:56 AMCheerVille Athletics AnarchyL5 Senior Medium Coed
9:59 AMFAME All Stars VengeanceL5 Senior Large Coed
10:03 AMPremier Athletics - KnoxL5 Small Senior
10:06 AMLousiana Spirit RedL5 Senior Medium Coed
10:10 AMStingray All Stars SteelL5 Senior Large Coed
10:13 AMUSA Starz VanityL5 Small Senior
10:17 AMCheer Station FlyersL5 Senior Medium Coed
10:20 AMTop Gun All Stars TGLCL5 Senior Large Coed
10:24 AMRiver City Rockets Lady SizzleL5 Small Senior
10:27 AMBama Allstarz Black DiamondzL5 Senior Medium Coed
10:31 AMThe California All Stars Cali CoedL5 Senior Large Coed
10:34 AMExtreme All StarzL5 Small Senior
10:38 AMStep One All Stars XOL5 Senior Medium Coed
10:41 AMCheer Athletics CheetahsL5 Senior Large Coed
10:42 AMAwardsL5 Small Junior Coed
L5 Small Junior
L5 Youth
L5 Large Junior
L5 Senior Large Coed
11:27 AMCore AthletixL5 Senior Medium Coed
11:30 AMStar AthleticsL5 Small Senior
11:34 AMCE All Stars Mach 5L5 Senior Small Coed
11:37 AMTwist & Shout ObsessionL5 Senior Medium Coed
11:41 AMACE Lady WarriorsL5 Small Senior
11:44 AMCheer Iowa AthleticsL5 Senior Small Coed
11:48 AMCheerForce BlackoutL5 Senior Medium Coed
11:51 AMCheer Factor XfactorL5 Small Senior
11:55 AMPremier Athletics MajestyL5 Senior Small Coed
11:58 AMACE WarriorsL5 Senior Medium Coed
12:02 PMACE ChiefsL5 Small Senior
12:05 PMACE Pride WarriorsL5 Senior Small Coed
12:09 PMSpirit of Texas RoyaltyL5 Senior Medium Coed
12:12 PMOhio Extreme IntensityL5 Small Senior
12:16 PMGymTyme - IL FeverL5 Senior Small Coed
12:19 PMRockstar Cheer BeatlesL5 Senior Medium Coed
12:23 PMPremier Athletics - Northern Kentucky Lady LepsL5 Small Senior
12:26 PMMaverick Cheer OutlawsL5 Senior Small Coed
12:30 PMACE Wild WarriorsL5 Senior Medium Coed
12:33 PMDesert Storm Elite BlissL5 Small Senior
12:37 PMMACS Senior StarzL5 Senior Small Coed
12:40 PMCheer Athletics JunglecatsL5 Senior Medium Coed
12:44 PMPro Spirit MysticL5 Small Senior
12:47 PMTumble Tech AlphaL5 Senior Small Coed
12:51 PMACX Kat DaddiesL5 Senior Medium Coed
12:54 PMTop Gun AngelsL5 Small Senior
12:58 PMPCM MysteriousL5 Senior Small Coed
1:01 PMMaryland Twisters ReignL5 Senior Medium Coed
1:05 PMCentral Jersey All Stars BombshellsL5 Small Senior
1:08 PMPOWER - Sacremento PhoneixL5 Senior Small Coed
1:12 PMWorld Cup OdysseyL5 Senior Medium Coed
1:15 PMTwisters GoldL5 Small Senior
1:19 PMDesert Storm Elite RageL5 Senior Small Coed
1:22 PMEast Celebrity Elite C5L5 Senior Medium Coed
1:26 PMCheer Intensity All-Stars Lady LionsL5 Small Senior
1:29 PMCalifornia Allstars Black OpsL5 Senior Medium Coed
1:33 PMWoodlands Elite Black OpsL5 Senior Medium Coed
1:34 PMAwardsL5 Senior Medium Coed
2:08 PMICE Illinois Lady LightningL5 Small Senior
2:11 PMPowerHouse EliteL5 International Open Small Coed
2:15 PMWorld Cup OmniL5 Senior Small Coed
2:18 PMChampion Cheer HeatL5 Small Senior
2:22 PMAllstar Athletics Lucky 7L5 International Open Small Coed
2:25 PMSpirit Athletics MavericksL5 Senior Small Coed
2:29 PMStingray All Stars AppleL5 Small Senior
2:32 PMCalifornia RegulatorsL5 International Open Small Coed
2:36 PMFive Star Athletics DreamL5 Senior Small Coed
2:39 PMWorld Cup SunsL5 Small Senior
2:43 PMLUXE LegendsL5 International Open Small Coed
2:46 PMLousiana Cheer Force GoldL5 Senior Small Coed
2:50 PMCalifornia All Stars Lady BulletsL5 Small Senior
2:53 PMTwist & Shout ExodusL5 International Open Small Coed
2:57 PMMatrix All Stars VortexL5 Senior Small Coed
3:00 PMCheer Extreme SSXL5 Small Senior
3:04 PMTop Gun TGIFL5 International Open Small Coed
3:07 PMTiger Elite Fierce 5L5 Senior Small Coed
3:11 PMWoodlands Elite GeneralsL5 Small Senior
3:14 PMFCA Gems OnyxL5 International Open Small Coed
3:18 PMTribe Cheer ChiefsL5 Senior Small Coed
3:21 PMGreen Bay Elite LimeL5 Small Senior
3:25 PMLousiana Cheer Force SlateL5 International Open Small Coed
3:28 PMCheer World OmegaL5 Senior Small Coed
3:32 PMKC Cheer FearlessL5 Large Senior
3:35 PMAll Star Revolution FreedomL5 International Open Small Coed
3:39 PMCheer Athletics RoyalcatsL5 Senior Small Coed
3:42 PMTexas Lonestar Cheer RedL5 Large Senior
3:46 PMSouth Jersey Storm AvalancheL5 International Open Small Coed
3:49 PMCentral Jersey Team GunzL5 Senior Small Coed
3:53 PMMaryland Twisters F5L5 Large Senior
3:56 PMSpirit of Texas RemixL5 International Open Small Coed
4:00 PMStingray All Stars SmokeL5 Senior Small Coed
4:03 PMStingray All Stars OrangeL5 Large Senior
4:07 PMCheer Athletics SwooshcatsL5 International Open Small Coed
4:10 PMPro Athletics PROEDL5 Senior Small Coed
4:14 PMWorld Cup Shooting StarsL5 Large Senior
4:17 PMVictory All Stars Sky MastersInternational Large Coed Level 6
4:21 PMICE ThunderL5 Senior Small Coed
4:24 PMCheer Athletics PanthersL5 Large Senior
4:28 PMCheer Athletics Claw6International Large Coed Level 6
4:31 PMWoodlands Elite ReconL5 Senior Small Coed
4:35 PMTribe Cheer TomahawksL6 International Open Small Coed
4:38 PMChampion Cheer PhoenixInternational Large Coed Level 6
4:42 PMUltimate Cheer Lubbock Royal CourtL6 International Open Small Coed
4:43 PMAwardsL5 Small Senior
L5 Large Senior
L5 International Open Small Coed
L6 International Open Small Coed
L6 International Open Large Coed
5:38 PMIowa All StarsL5 Medium Senior
5:41 PMTwist & Shout DiamondsL5 Senior Small Coed
5:45 PMCheer Athletics LadyKatzL6 International Open
5:48 PMCNY Storm All Stars WarningL5 Medium Senior
5:52 PMMaryland Twisters CobaltL5 Senior Small Coed
5:55 PMPura Vida Athletics FuegoL5 International Open Large Coed
5:59 PMMaryland Twisters WeathergirlsL5 Medium Senior
6:02 PMKC Cheer Fierce FiveL5 Senior Small Coed
6:06 PMPowerHouse Elite LionheartL5 International Open Large Coed
6:09 PMCheer Xpress Lady XL5 Medium Senior
6:13 PMCheer Central Suns RevolutionL5 Senior Small Coed
6:16 PMPalm Beach Lightning PlatinumL5 International Open Large Coed
6:20 PMRockstar Cheer QueenL5 Medium Senior
6:23 PMCalifornia Allstars SMOEDL5 Senior Small Coed
6:27 PMUnity All Stars BlackL5 International Open Large Coed
6:30 PMCheerForce RogueL5 Medium Senior
6:34 PMProdigy All Stars MidnightL5 Senior Small Coed
6:37 PMCheer World ImmortalsL5 International Open Large Coed
6:41 PMCheer Athletics OnyxcatsL5 Medium Senior
6:44 PMGymTyme PlatinumL5 Senior Small Coed
6:48 PMUSA StarzL5 International Open Large Coed
6:51 PMOC All Stars BlackL5 Medium Senior
6:55 PMBrandon Senior BlackL5 Senior Small Coed
6:58 PMCalifornia ACESL5 Medium Senior
7:00 PMAwardsL5 Senior Small Coed
L6 International Open
7:40 PMUnity All Stars RubyL5 International Open
7:44 PMStingray All Stars PeachL5 Medium Senior
7:47 PMXtreme Cheer InfernoL5 International Open Large Coed
7:51 PMStep Ahead Senior CincoL5 International Open
7:54 PMFCA DiamondsL5 Medium Senior
7:58 PMCheerForce NfinityL5 International Open Large Coed
8:01 PMCheer Force Wolf PackL5 International Open
8:05 PMNew Jersey Spirit Explosion Fab 5L5 Medium Senior
8:08 PMCalifornia Ghost ReconL5 International Open Large Coed
8:12 PMCheer Athletics QueencatsL5 International Open
8:15 PMSouth Jersey Storm Lady ReignL5 Medium Senior
8:19 PMRockstar Cheer Rolling StonesL5 International Open Large Coed
8:22 PMPacific Coast Magic FantasyL5 International Open
8:26 PMBrandon Senior PinkL5 Medium Senior
8:29 PMTop Gun 005L5 International Open Large Coed
8:33 PMVancouver All Stars Ice QueensL5 International Open
8:36 PMTop Gun Lady JagsL5 Medium Senior
8:40 PMCheer Athletics WildcatsL5 International Open Large Coed
8:43 PMCheerSport Great White SharksL5 International Open
8:47 PMFAME Super SeniorsL5 Medium Senior
8:50 PMCheer Extreme CougarsL5 International Open
8:54 PMCheers & More RespectL5 Medium Senior
8:57 PMEast Celebrity Elite i5L5 International Open
9:01 PMSpirit of Texas A-TeamL5 Medium Senior
9:02 PMAwardsL5 International Open Large Coed
L5 Medium Senior
L5 International Open