It’s the most magical time of the all-star cheerleading season, NCA Nationals. Cheerleaders from across the United States and the world will gather in Dallas, Texas February 23-25, 2018 for the largest all star cheerleading nationals competition. More than 180 teams will compete in the infamous arena for their shot at a National Championship title. 

Winning NCA is only second to winning the Cheerleading Worlds in April. You know it’s a big deal when it has its own curse, hey Large Senior. More than 140 teams will compete for their shot at one of 9 full paid bids and 18 at-large bids to the Cheerleading Worlds. Below is our searchable arena schedule, a list of each team competing and their bid status. Use the navigation to jump on the page. Happy NCA, y’all!  

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Worlds Bids

NCA Nationals 2018 will award 9 full paid and 18 at-large bids to the Cheerleading Worlds 2018. We’ll have the Day 1 bid order and final results here as they become available. 

Full Paid Bids

  • World Cup Odyssey – MC5
  • Twist & Shout Obsession – MS5
  • California All Stars Lady Bullets – SS5
  • New Jersey Spirit Explosion Fab5 – MS5
  • Florida Top Dog Rain – SC5
  • CheerVille Anarchy – XSC5 
  • Brandon Senior Pink – SS5
  • Green Bay Elite Lime – XS5

At Large Bids

  • Reign Athletics Matrix – SC5
  • Rockstar Rolling Stones – IOSC5
  • Spirit Factory Senior Ice – XS5
  • State All Stars Lady Jags – SS5
  • California All Stars Vixens – MS5
  • Top Gun Sick6 – IOSC6 
  • Top Notch Kings & Queens – XSC5
  • Powersports Big Dippers – IOSC6
  • Louisiana Cheerforce Slate – IOSC5
  • KC Cheer Fearless – MS5
  • Indiana Ultimate U5 – SC5
  • Elite Cheer Stars – XS5
  • ECE i5 Ladies – IO5
  • Cheer City United Lady Titans – XS5
  • Cheer Athletics Coalition 6 – IOSC6
  • Central Florida Athletics Black Jax – MC5
  • ICE Radar – LS5
  • Bama All Starz Titanium – IOLC5 

Extra Small 5 – Final

PlaceDivisionNameBid StatusDay 1 ScoreFinal Score
1XS5Cheer Express Miss SilverFull Paid95.9896.95
2XS5Central Jersey All Stars BombshellsFull Paid97.396.35
3XS5Green Bay Elite All Stars LimeAt Large95.495.78
4XS5SKKY Allstars ReignFull Paid94.5594.98
5XS5Star Athletics Senior RedFull Paid92.793.83
6XS5Twist & Shout Lady EveFull Paid92.2392.98
7XS5Jersey All Stars VillainsAt Large91.692.44
8XS5Elite Cheer Stars 91.6292.05
9XS5Greensboro All Star Cheerleading Diamond EliteAt Large89.9390.77
10XS5Cheer City United Lady Titans 91.3790.37
11XS5Spirit Factory Senior Ice 90.4589.49

Extra Small Coed 5 – Final

PlaceDivisionNameBid StatusDay 1 ScoreFinal Score
1XSC5SCV All Stars X5At Large92.0594.99
2XSC5CheerVille Athletics Anarchy 93.5894.06
3XSC5San Antonio Spirit Team SmokeAt Large92.8793.84
4XSC5World Class All Stars FameAt Large91.1293.3
5XSC5Icon Cheer EnvyAt Large90.2291.94
6XSC5Tribe Cheer ChiefsAt Large92.2591.84
7XSC5Maverick Cheer OutlawsAt Large88.4391.02
8XSC5Extreme All Stars Senior 5Full Paid89.6590.81
Top Notch Cheer Kings and Queens

Small Senior 5 – Final

PlaceDivisionNameBid StatusDay 1 ScoreFinal Score
1SS5Cheer Extreme SSXFull Paid97.8297.9
2SS5Woodlands Elite GeneralsFull Paid95.497.28
3SS5ICE Lady LightningFull Paid96.8796.64
4SS5Brandon All Stars PinkAt Large95.3395.75
5SS5California All Stars Lady BulletsAt Large94.7895.7
6SS5Top Gun All Stars AngelsFull Paid92.9595.29
7SS5Cheers & More Lady RespectFull Paid94.7795.09
8SS5South Jersey Storm Lady ReignAt Large95.3793.52
9SS5Connect Cheer Northwest C5 EclipseAt Large91.4791.69
10SS5Cheer Athletics Lady LegacyAt Large90.7390.81
11SS5State All Stars Lady Jags 91.489.08

Small Senior Coed 5- Final 

PlaceDivisionNameBid StatusDay 1 ScoreFinal Score
1SC5Twist & Shout DIamondsFull Paid97.6398.28
2SC5Prodigy All Stars Team MidnightFull Paid97.0797.69
3SC5Florida Top Dog All Stars RainAt Large97.0397.43
3SC5Woodlands Elite ReconFull Paid97.2397.43
5SC5Brandon All Stars BlackFull Paid97.297.29
6SC5KC Cheer Fierce FiveFull Paid93.796.9
7SC5Cheer Central Suns RevolutionFull Paid94.8896.3
8SC5CheerForce BlackoutFull Paid95.9396.22
9SC5California All Stars SMOEDFull Paid95.3895.93
10SC5Pro Athletics GI ProsFull Paid96.3395.86
11SC5Central Jersey All Stars Team GunzFull Paid96.5795.69
12SC5ICE ThunderFull Paid95.9595.44
13SC5Louisiana Cheer Force GoldAt Large94.3895.38
14SC5East Celebrity Elite FameFull Paid93.6894.91
15SC5OC All Stars BlackFull Paid93.8394.88
16SC5Maryland Twisters BlackoutFull Paid93.7894.7
17SC5Macs Allstar Cheer Senior StarzFull Paid95.0394.46
18SC5Cheer Station FlyersAt Large92.9794.37
19SC5Cheer Athletics ZeusCatsAt Large93.594.28
20SC5Reign Athletics Matrix 93.393.76
21SC5Indiana Ultimate U5 92.7392.57
22SC5Cheer Athletics RoyalCatsAt Large90.792.25
23SC5Tiger Elite Fierce 5At Large89.0592.19

Medium Senior 5 – Final 

PlaceDivisionNameBid StatusDay 1 ScoreFinal Score
1MS5East Celebrity Elite BombshellsFull Paid95.796.89
2MS5FAME All Stars Super SeniorsFull Paid95.4795.79
3MS5Top Gun All Stars Lady JagsFull Paid95.9295.23
4MS5Spirit of Texas A TeamFull Paid92.8294.82
5MS5Woodlands Elite GI JanesFull Paid92.6393.86
6MS5Twist & Shout Obsession 93.293.61
New Jersey Spirit Explosion FAB5
8MS5Stars Vipers MedusaAt Large93.1893.01
8MS5Stingray All Stars PeachFull Paid93.3393.01
10MS5Cheer Intensity Lady LionsAt Large90.0392.05
11MS5California All Stars VixensAt Large90.9891.93
12MS5Cheer Extreme Chicago PassionAt Large90.391.91
13MS5Hotcheer AllStars Hot5At Large91.891.23
14MS5Cheer Athletics OnyxcatsAt Large89.8791
15MS5KC Cheer Fearless 87.9787.69

Medium Senior Coed 5 – Final 

PlaceDivisionNameBid StatusDay 1 ScoreFinal Score
1MSC5Spirit of Texas RoyaltyFull Paid98.2397.62
2MSC5Maryland Twisters ReignFull Paid95.0896.86
3MSC5Rockstar Cheer BeatlesFull Paid97.1796.85
4MSC5Stingray All Stars CobaltFull Paid95.2596.39
5MSC5California All Stars Black OpsFull Paid92.5796.14
6MSC5Woodlands Elite Black OpsFull Paid97.895.55
7MSC5Top Gun All Stars Royal JagsFull Paid95.7395.16
8MSC5East Celebrity Elite Bomb SquadFull Paid93.7594.29
9MSC5World Cup OdysseyAt Large93.693.66
Central Florida Athletics Black Jax
11MSC5Champion Cheer HeatAt Large94.9792.87
12MSC5Pro Cheer EaglesAt Large93.1392.48
13MSC5Core Athletix Black DiamondsAt Large90.5791.87
14MSC5Cheer Eclipse CometsAt Large92.4390.06
15MSC5Southern Athletics Pride5At Large88.2789.23

Large Senior 5 – Final 

PlaceDivisionNameBid StatusDay 1 ScoreFinal Score
1LS5Cheer Athletics PanthersFull Paid98.899.13
2LS5Cheer Extreme Senior EliteFull Paid97.8798.24
3LS5Maryland Twisters F5Full Paid95.2897.42
4LS5Stingray All Stars OrangeFull Paid95.595.51
5LS5World Cup Shooting StarsFull Paid96.295.39
6LS5California All Stars MidnightFull Paid94.5594.48
7LS5ICE RadarAt Large91.4392.71
8LS5ACE Cheer Company ChiefsAt Large92.8790.57

Large Coed – Final 

PlaceDivisionNameBid StatusDay 1 ScoreFinal Score
1LC5Cheer Athletics CheetahsFull Paid97.1298.5
2LC5Top Gun All Stars TGLCFull Paid95.8897.45
3LC5Stingray All Stars SteelFull Paid94.3295.88
4LC5California All Stars Cali CoedFull Paid96.595.74
5LC5ACE Cheer Company WarriorsFull Paid95.794.65
6LC5FAME All Stars VengeanceFull Paid92.7894.57
7LC5Oregon Dream Teams DreamFull Paid87.5789.23

International Open 5 – Final 

PlaceDivisionNameBid StatusDay 1 ScoreFinal Score
1IO5Cheer Sport Sharks Great WhitesPartial Paid (ineligible)96.696.71
2IO5California All Stars SparkleAt Large93.8395.21
3IO5Cheer Athletics FiercekatzAt Large92.3393.83
4IO5Alberta Cheer Empire SynergyPartial Paid (ineligible)92.0393.73
5IO5Cheers & More Lady RougeFull Paid92.1793.23
6IO5Cheer Force All Stars Golden GirlsPartial Paid (ineligible)93.0791.5
7IO5East Celebrity Elite I5 Ladies 89.490.79
8IO5Vancouver All Stars Ice QueensFull Paid91.1290.28
9IO5Black Widow Cheer Gym LoveAt Large (ineligible)86.4387.56

International Open Small Coed 5 – Final 

PlaceDivisionNameBid StatusDay 1 ScoreFinal Score
1IOSC5Stingray All Stars ElectricFull Paid94.9596.54
2IOSC5Rockstar Cheer Rolling Stones 95.5596.45
3IOSC5Cheer Athletics SwooshcatsFull Paid95.7295.94
4IOSC5All Star Revolution FreedomAt Large95.2595.46
5IOSC5Prodigy All Stars Team BlacklightFull Paid94.3595.35
6IOSC5USA Wildcats EliteAt Large93.3894.98
7IOSC5Indiana Ultimate InsanityFull Paid94.0594.76
8IOSC5Knight Time Cheer XOAt Large92.6394.58
9IOSC5California All Stars ACESFull Paid95.4394.53
10IOSC5Infinity Allstars RoyalsAt Large94.0594.19
11IOSC5Louisiana Cheer Force Slate 92.2893.33
12IOSC5Cheer Extreme Cougar CoedAt Large94.3293.22
13IOSC5SoCo Intensity InspireAt Large87.3592.76
14IOSC5Top Gun All Stars TGSCAt Large (in SC5)90.6790.29

International Open Small Coed 6 – Final 

PlaceDivisionNameBid StatusDay 1 ScoreFinal Score
1IOSC6Top Gun All Stars Sick 6 94.3294.72
2IOSC6California All Stars RecklessAt Large91.9394.59
3IOSC6Cheer Athletics Coalition 6 93.9294.08
5IOSC6Powersports Cheer Big Dippers 91.7892.82
5IOSC6Ultimate Cheer Lubbock Royal CourtAt Large91.9792.82
6IOSC6KC Cheer Fireball 88.8590.44
7IOSC6Spirit All Stars Onyx 89.6789.2

International Open Large Coed 5 – Final 

PlaceDivisionNameBid StatusDay 1 ScoreFinal Score
1IOLC5Cheer Athletics WildcatsFull Paid95.7797.44
2IOLC5Top Gun All Stars OO5Full Paid96.1897.02
3IOLC5Stars Vipers AnacondasFull Paid94.6896.33
4IOLC5Macs Allstar Cheer LegacyAt Large92.9395
5IOLC5CheerForce NfinityFull Paid95.2294.74
6IOLC5Cheers & More RevolveAt Large92.4594.29
7IOLC5Xtreme Cheer InfernoAt Large92.2292.7
8IOLC5Tumble Tech Code BlueAt Large90.7891.12
9IOLC5Coventry Dynamite Nitroineligible90.990.96
10IOLC5Bama All Starz Titanium 87.288.16
10IOLC5Allstar Athletics Revival 87.8 87.79

International Open Large Coed 6 – Final 

PlaceDivisionNameBid StatusDay 1 ScoreFinal Score
1IOLC6Cheer Athletics Claw 6Full Paid93.2294.38

Cheer Abilities – Final 

NameBid StatusDay 1 ScoreFinal Score
Pro Spirit Lucky Starz  Excellent
Cheer Extreme Chicago Inspire  Excellent
Cheer Central Suns Supernovas  Superior
Texas Lonestar Cheer Company Lonestars
Maryland Twisters Eye of the Storm
Wylie Elite Joy  Outstanding
Cheers & More Shining Starz  Excellent
Nor’ Eastern Storm Shooting Stars
Stars Vipers Kinetic Kids  Excellent
Cheer Athletics SuperKatz  Outstanding
Sideline Sports (Exhibition)   
Prosper Athletics The Shining Gems (Exhibition)
East Texas Twisters Gymnastics Superstorm (Exhibition)

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