Netflix’s Cheer is returning for a second season after a two-year break on Wednesday, January 12, 2022. The show’s debut season in January 2020 brought an unbelievable amount of attention to cheerleading and the quaint town of Corsicana, Texas. Navarro College became a household name, and suddenly everyone was rooting for the Bulldogs. In my opinion, it is one of the most culturally relevant debuts for cheerleading since Bring It On premiered in 2000.

After the show’s initial season, it felt like every celebrity and news site on the planet was talking about Cheer – from Coach Monica’s intensity and no BS attitude to the heartfelt storylines, and of course, Navarro’s National Championship win at NCA College Nationals. The show was a crash course in what it means to be a modern-day cheerleader. It’s no longer just pom poms and standing on the sidelines.

Cheer Returns for a Second Season

The season two trailer gives us a pretty decent idea of what we can expect. A handful of Navarro’s athletes became stars overnight – and it’s impossible to ignore what that means for Cheer’s second season and the culture of Navarro’s cheerleading team. In the first minute of the trailer, they address the pending investigation against Jerry Harris, one of the show’s most prominent characters. Harris’ alleged crimes are severe and sparked countless conversations inside the cheerleading community about sexual abuse and the governing bodies that are supposed to protect athletes.

Season two promises to address the situation head-on, with emotional clips from coaches, athletes, and those who came forward. A tweet from Sarah Klein, a Civil Attorney & Advocate for Survivors of Sexual Abuse, suggests that episode five will speak with victims who were directly impacted.

Introducing Trinity Valley Community College

Cheer’s second season also introduces a new set of characters from Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC), Navarro’s well-matched competition. The trailer brings in Vontae Johnson, TVCC’s head coach, where he’s shown telling a report that athletes shouldn’t come to the valley to be famous but because they want to be the best. He appears to share the same intense drive as Monica when he communicates that his mindset is the same as when he played football, “I am out to destroy you.”

If one thing is for sure, it’s that we’re in for another dramatic, intense, and inspirational season. I think one thing that surprised people about season one and fueled its success was how intense cheerleading is. Cheerleading has changed a lot in the past 20 years, and everything about it is dramatic and over the top. From the athletes to the bandshell, the sheer passion for this sport was on full display in season one.

While all of us in our little cheer bubble may already know the results from NCA College Nationals 2021, it will be exciting to watch what happened behind the scenes since we last took a trip to Corsicana, Texas.

Netflix’s Cheer Season Two Release Date

Wednesday, January 12, 2022.