It’s another day, and yet another major news network has made a mockery of cheerleading. And this time, it’s coming from across the pond.

On Sunday, August 6th, Good Morning Britain (GMB) tweeted “Is there still a place for cheerleading in sports? 🤔” with a video of what appears to be sideline cheerleaders doing a simple cheer for the news network and their hosts.

The debate on cheerleading’s “qualification” as a sport is long and confusing. After cheerleading gained Olympic provisional status earlier this year, it reignited the conversation as to whether or not cheer is a sport or even an activity worthy of mainstream audiences’ attention. In short, Good Morning Britain’s tweet sends the wrong message about cheerleading. More often than not, news networks think that all cheerleading teams are created equally when they are clearly not.

In a later tweet, GMB shared a brief 1-minute segment where a heated discussion between an advocate for cheerleading argued with a woman who believes cheerleading is sexist and anti-feminist. The woman opposed to cheerleading argues that women’s sports aren’t getting the attention they deserve, including cheerleaders of their own. Her argument conveniently glosses over the fact that cheerleading is more than the sideline pom-pom, dance-centric activity that we see on national tv.

It seems like Miss Opposition needs a little education on what all-star and competitive cheerleading is all about before she totally throws away the entire sport. Cheerleading has evolved far beyond sideline support for men’s sports, whether it’s football, basketball, etc. There’s nothing wrong with sideline cheerleading, but when news networks only show one aspect of the sport and use dancing girls with pom poms as the example, it sends the wrong message. If you’re going to evaluate cheerleading as a sport, you need to analyze competing teams at the highest level. It’s like saying baseball shouldn’t be a sport when you’ve only seen a little league t-ball game.

Also, I think it’s funny that the bottom of the screen in the second tweet says “Team England squad won Cheerleading World Championships this year.” Perhaps the segment spent some time discussing competitive cheer, but their tweet certainly didn’t talk about it.

Cheer Twitter wasn’t too thrilled with GBM either:

Good Morning America Did Something Similar Last Year Too

You may remember back in December 2016 when Good Morning America ran a segment on cheerleading’s provisional Olympic status. While the reporters were upbeat and positive about the potential new addition, they featured a high school team that would…. not be competing in the Olympics.

When enormous news networks run inaccurate stories about cheerleading, it only furthers current stereotypes. Sure posing the question, “should cheerleading become an Olympic sport?” Is great, but we should really feature teams who can do elite routines.

Yo, News Networks, Check Out These Routines Out

That article is a good place to start. And here’s England’s gold medal routine… just for reference: