One Year With Cheer Theory

Cheer Theory survived and thrived in its first year. If you are reading this post, that means you cared enough to click on one of my thoughtfully crafted social media posts or someone kindly shared this link with you. Hopefully you’ve been here before, but if not, welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay.

This is All a Huge Humblebrag

One year and two weeks ago, I launched Cheer Theory to do three things:

  1. Find an excuse to sharpen my cheerleading stalking skills
  2. Create entertaining, knowledgeable, timely & free content
  3. Take over the world

I can say for sure that I achieved the first of those three things, hope the second is true, and will continuously work towards the third. It’s been a whirlwind of a year, from stalking social media to live-tweeting events, I want to thank you for joining me on this journey in whatever way that may have been.

Our Most Popular Posts

Cheer Theory has gained traction primarily through various blog posts. A few times, people really enjoyed our posts and they spread like wildfire. Here are 10 of the most popular:

  1. 10 All Star Cheerleading Routines We’ll Never Forget
  2. The Official Mourning of All Star Cheerleading Music
  3. Here’s a Complete Timeline of the Drama That Went Down at Large Senior Finals
  4. Cheer Theory’s Official Gym Ranking Based on Worlds Titles
  5. Cheer Theory’s Ranking Based on Senior Level Worlds Titles
  6. Cheer Theory’s Gym Ranking Based on International Worlds Titles
  7. 19 Best Performances at Worlds 2016
  8. The Top 10 Junior Level 5 Teams of All Time
  9. 8 Teams that Should Have Made Finals at Worlds 2016
  10. ESPN Wide World of Sports New Cheerleading Venue is Making Progress

Cheer Theory’s First Year in Numbers

If you read any of the articles or blogs I’ve posted, you may have noticed I like to stick to the numbers. So, it’s only fitting to relive the past year with a few of the most important metrics.

  • 9,500,000+ social media impressions
  • 1,000,000+ ad impressions
  • 100,000’s of unique visitors (who keep coming back!)
  • 1,000’s of app downloads
  • 3,011 tweets
  • 71 blog posts
  • 65 competitions with more than 300 updates
  • 4 angry cheer moms
  • 0 cease and desist letters

What’s Planned For The Next Year

Over the next year, I’m excited to work more closely with gyms, event producers, and brands. There are some exciting changes coming to the site after the completion of the 2017 competition season, and I think you’re going to really like what’s planned.

But this season isn’t over yet! Follow along the rest of the season with us:

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