This past weekend, we attended Pacific Coast Magic’s Showcase of Stars. For those who don’t know, Pacific Coast Magic is a literal army of athletes from eight different locations, seven of which are in California and one in Arizona. If you don’t live on the West Coast, you may not know how expansive and dominating their program is, and we’re here to #educate you.

PCM’s size is almost a little jarring, I walked up to the arena where hundreds of people were outside in what looked like a college game day tailgate. Tents, food trucks, and people were a buzz. The arena and performance area were top notch resembling a high-end competition. It’s everything we’ve come to expect from a large program’s showcase.

Their coaches and athletes were loud and proud throughout the entire event and held out strong to the very last team. Free t-shirts, screaming cheerleaders, dancing parents…. it’s competition season alright. But really, we need to talk about the parents… they had a dance off and they know how to get d.o.w.n. Foreal though, two of the moms did back handsprings.

I spent some time talking to one of their owners, Kellie, who proudly wears multiple Summit rings. While discussing PCM’s various Summit wins, she smiled and made a point to say she’s saving room for a Worlds ring. 

I think one of the best ways to predict level 5 and level 6 Worlds’ success is to look at their lower levels, and this is obviously where PCM succeeds. After watching their entire showcase, I can say with a fairly high degree of certainty that her finger won’t be lonely for long. 


A Winning History

Pacific Coast Magic has multiple teams at every level and they’ve won the Summit four times in the past two years.

  • Soldiers of Enchanted (LRG SR 3) won in 2015 and 2016
  • Crush (LRG YTH 3) in 2016
  • Angels (SR 4) in 2016 as well.

Their Worlds teams aren’t half bad either, and they currently have three bronze globes.

    • Karma, international open coed 5, in 2013
    • Resurrection, international open coed 6, in 2014
    • Resurrection, international open coed 6, in 2015

The Showcase

They showcased teams from across the state of California, and I was pleasantly pleased with what they had to offer. Their level 3 and 4 teams are fantastic. Like really good. I was particularly blown away by Fearless, their Senior 4 team and Crush their Large Youth 3 team. Crush’s opening front tuck sequence gave me some TGLC 2009 vibes. 

As for their level 5 and 6 teams, Fantasy was clean and sharp, playing it safe for their season debut. It’s obvious while watching their routine that there’s a lot of skill that will be added as the season progress.

Resurrection, the last team of the day, came out with so much energy and really blew me away. At least in my experience, the large international open coed 6 division has flown under my radar. But, we’re seeing a huge surge in attention to international divisions, and Resurrection will certainly help with that.


PCM Showcase Videos

Below, you’ll find all the videos we took and uploaded to our YouTube channel. Enjoy.

Crush – Large Youth 3

Soldiers of Enchanted – Large Senior 3

Mystery – Junior Coed 4

Fearless – Senior 4

Angels – Senior 4

Fantasy – Small Senior 5

Black Magic – International Open Coed 5

Resurrection – International Open Coed 6

Thanks to Pacific Coast Magic for the invite, we look forward to following your program’s success this season!