Remember when Stingray Allstars Peach got ninth at NCA Nationals and the world collectively lost their cool and #AngryPeaches became a thing? Well, those Peachy Rays didn’t stand down for anything and showed up to Worlds ready to put on a show and took home second place. Long story short, we’re expecting a knockout year for Peach in the medium all-girl division.

After a whole summer of endless tweets about how amazing this year’s Peach team is, we got a peek at their main stunt anddddddd it’s perfect. We see five punch fronts straight into a stunt, and it looks like there might be a sixth planned for the back right corner. Those front tucks go straight into an inversion to a tick tock. I have a feeling that stunt is going to look a tad different come competition season. In any case, it’s great.


Check out Peach’s stunt below

Who’s excited for these Peach Rays to slay this season? Me. And probably you.

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