Platinum Championships Providence took place in Providence, RI January 21-22, 2017. They awarded 3 paid bids and 6 at-large bids. This popular East Coast event brings together some of our favorite teams including East Celebrity Elite’s M5 and C5, Florida Top Dog Rain, Pro Athletics Proed and more.

Below you’ll find Worlds bid and results as they become available.

Final Results

Worlds Bids

Full Paid

  • Star Senior Red
  • World Cup Suns
  • Florida Top Dog Rain


  • East Celebrity Elite Empire
  • World Cup Omni
  • Xtreme Cheer Inferno
  • East Celebrity Elite Fame
  • Spirit Central Bengals
  • East Celebrity Elite C5 Swat Team

Small Senior 5

1. Star Athletics Red

2. Cheer Intensity Lady Lions

3. Cheer Factor X Factor

4. East Celebrity Elite Fame

5. Spirit Central Bengals

6. Bravo Allstars Queen B’s

7. Midwest Cheer Elite Solar Flare

Small Coed 5

1. Pro Athletics Proed

2. Florida Top Dog Rain

3. East Celebrity Elite Empire

4. Cheer Factor Xclusive

5. Bay State Allstars Surge

6. Island Xtreme Legacy

7. Dream Allstars Eternity

8. Spirit Factory Ice Coed

Medium Senior 5

1. East Celebrity Elite M5

2. World Cup Suns

3. World Cup Zenith

Medium Senior Coed 5

1. East Celebrity Elite C5

2. World Cup Omni