It’s NCA week and all we can think about are the iconic performances that have blessed us in the arena. We took a super scientific approach to finding the most popular NCA performances of all time. First, we went to the up and coming site called “YouTube”, then we typed in “NCA” to the search bar. And lastly, we clicked “Filters” sort by “View Count.” I know, earth-shattering. 

But don’t worry, we’re not INCREDIBLY lazy. We watched every single one of these videos to provide you with a one-line zinger to hold you over until you can obsess over NCA 2017 videos.

We’re trekking to Dallas this weekend to watch all Worlds level teams, and you can follow all the NCA action here. See who’s competing, schedules, results, and scores as they become available. Also, everything will be available on our free app, click to download. Apple. Android. Cheers.

The Most Popular NCA Performances of All Time

17. Pro Athletics Proed 2016

Insanely sharp, ridiculously clean and a healthy dose of sparkles in those uniforms make this routine a win.

16. Green Bay Elite Lime 2016

Lime shook the World last year when they took home second in one of the most saturated divisions last year. They 100% deserved it and we can’t wait to see what they’ve been working on.

15. Stingray Smoke 2009

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! Before Steele, there was Stingray Smoke who competed in the large senior limited coed level 5 division. This routine screams STINGRAYS from start to finish.

14. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite 2013

Senior Elite’s 2013 music was arguably some of the best ever created and this performance was as close to #perfection as it gets.

13. Top Gun Jags OO5 2015

Linda, Linda listen! Hi!

12. GymTyme Blink 2015

Oh look! It’s everyone from the University of Louisville! Don’t blink and drive, these GymTyme kids destroyed the mat in 2015.

11. Cheer Athletics Wildcats 2015

Wildcats TEAR IT UP! That W-I-L-D-C-A-T-S will never get old.

10. Stingray Orange 2013

Make way for the Orange Rays cause they’re about to Crush you. Hey Siri, where can we find the World Champs?

9. Top Gun Large Coed 2015

Jumpin’ through hoops and doing it big. Because of this routine, USASF created a rule that makes it illegal to jump through objects! #Iconic

8. World Cup Shooting Stars 2010

1,2 cha-cha-cha 3, 4, cha-cha-cha. Honestly, this was my favorite year of Stars ever. Miss you Kelsey <3

7. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs 2012

Fun fact: this was the first year Cheetahs won Worlds. They pretty much won everything that year tbh.

6. Maryland Twisters F5 2012

So you better make room, F5 is coming THRUUUUUUUU. The Diva is back!

5. Cali SMOED 2015

Remember when Cali SMOED won everything for 5 years straight? Same.

4. Top Gun Unlimited Coed 2010

You think this is a game?! Went to the Jaguar nation. Even with a stunt drop, this routine has more views than almost any of the other NCA videos.

3. SSX 2016

Still thirsty from watching this tbh.

2. Cougars 2016

After Cougars music turned off and the crowd continued to count them through their HIT performance, the cheer world could NOT stop talking about it. There was some serious hype for this amazing performance.

1. Cali Coed 2010

And in first place, Cali Coed has racked up the most views of any NCA video we could find. They’ve got the recipe, don’t test em!

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