Competition season is quickly approaching and it’s time to get yourself EDUCATED. Cheerleading does ~not~ have the easiest scoring system in the world, but we hope this quiz helps you learn a little something, something. 


We went through the Varsity 2017-2018 scoresheet and pulled out some of the most interesting facts and things we think you should know. We kept it pretty basic, but we hope this inspires you to study the scoresheets so that when it comes to competition season, you know more than the average Joanne. 


Disclaimer: this quiz is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or affiliated with Varsity or any of their brands in any way, shape, or form. It is purely for entertainment purposes. 🙂

After you take the quiz, check out Varsity’s resources on the 2017-2018 scoring system linked below. 

Learn more about the Varsity scoresheet on their website here

Varsity Scoresheet Breakdown by Section

Varsity 2017-2018 Allstar Scoring System

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