Reach the Beach All Star Nationals took place in Ocean City, Maryland April 2-3, 2016. They were one of the last competitions to offer bids to The Cheerleading Worlds. Reach the Beach awarded three full paid bids and six at-large bids.

The Worlds bid and level five results are below. Congratulations to all the competitors.


Spirit All Stars Lady Kryptonite

Fame Vengeance

Cheer Extreme Shade


Premier Spirit Athletics Platinum

Elite Cheer Sensation Nobility

Titanium Athletics Bionic

Elite Cheer Sensation Purple Ladies

Pennsylvania Elite Guardians

Elite Cheer Sensation Super Stars

1. Fire and Ice All Stars

2. Spirit Allstars

3. Extreme All Starz

4. State AllStars

5. Premier Spirit Athletics

1. Jersey Pride

2. Cheer Tyme

3. Titanium Athletics

1. Cheer Extreme Allstars Shade

1. Elite Cheer Sensation

1. Fame All Stars Vengeance

1. Pennsylvania Elite

1. State Allstars

2. Elite Cheer Sensation

1. Fame Allstars

2. VIP Vipers

3. Powerhouse Elite

4. Fire and Ice Allstars

5. Harrisburg Area Fusion

1. Spirit Allstars

2. Elite Cheer Sensation