Santwon McCray released a video earlier this week that made our jaws drop. Remember last week when we were talking about cheerlebrities? Well, Santwon is one of the original cheerleaders who the world could just not get enough of.

This cheerleading superstar has more than 100 National Champion titles as an athlete, coach, and choreographer. He began his cheer career at FAME Allstars and went on to cheer at GymTyme, Top Gun, Louisville, and Team USA. Over the course of his career, he’s won almost every major competition. Super casual.

Santwon is a 4X collegiate All-American Champion, 4X collegiate National Champion, and 4X World Champion.

He’s been a part of some pretty iconic teams, like Top Gun Large Coed. He’s the one who did a 1 1/2 to an immediate split, because that’s super normal. 

Top Gun Large Coed 2008

Santown’s New Video

Santwon’s new video showcases many of the skills he competed back in his cheer days and honestly, he looks better than ever. Today, he coaches at The California All Stars. Check out his new video below.