Happy February cheer fam, it’s officially one of the most exciting months of the season! Coast-to-coast, we have some of the largest and most prestigious events to look forward to – from JAMZ to CHEERSPORT and the forever fan-favorite, NCA.

In fantastic news today, originally published by FloCheer, NCA has announced that they WILL post scores this year – including both raw scores and finals scores which include deductions.


As you can imagine, we’re thrilled. This is a huge win.

Near the end of last season, we published what went on to be our most popular article – Cheerleading’s Biggest Problem is Only Getting Worse. The post outlined what we think is one of cheer’s biggest issues: scoring transparency. If you’re unfamiliar, at most events, scoresheets are not published in public forums. Although, cheerUPDATES does a good job at getting their hands on them.

In the original post, we list several reasons why we thought keeping scoresheets a secret was overall bad (i.e. conspiracy theories). We also list the reasons why we think event producers likely KEEP them a secret (i.e. confusion and lack of knowledge). And finally, we suggest a few pretty straightforward ways to increase transparency – like posting scores and educating people on how scoring works.

Of course, the first and best step to scoring transparency is to release them – so kudos to NCA for making a public declaration and commitment to releasing NCA 2018 scores. We appreciate you.

Catch ya in Dallas 🙂

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