ATC International Starz Championships 2022

FullOut Combat Cheer Civil Showdown 2022

Full Out Combat Cheer Homefront Civil Showdown WA 2022

ATC Kent Challenge 2022

Full Out Combat Cheer Battle in T-Town 2023

Victory Washington Showdown 2023

Spirit Royale Marquee Kennewick 2023

All Things Cheer ATC Grand Nationals 2023

ASC Clash of the Titans Tacoma Showdown DI/DII 2023

Victory Battle for the Bows 2023

Full Out Combat Cheer War for the Worlds WA March 2023

Spirit Royale Tacoma 2023

The U.S. Finals Tacoma 2023

Full Out T-Town Train Up 2023

UCA Northwest Regional 2023

Full Out Ho Ho Hoo-Rah! 2023

ATC Kent Challenge 2023

Full Out Battle In T-Town 2024

Victory Washington Showdown 2024

The Spirit Network Marquee Tacoma 2024