Sevierville Nationals 2017 takes place March 11-12, 2017 in Sevierville, Tennesse. They will award 2 full paid bids and 4 at-large bids. Teams from across the country will compete for their shot to compete at the Cheerleading Worlds. Only one team competing already has a full paid bid, so it’s a good opportunity for teams to either upgrade or go straight for the FP!

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Worlds Bids

At-Large Bids

  • Charlotte All Stars Teal – Small Senior Coed 5
  • Premier Athletics Great White Sharks – Small Senior Coed 5

At-Large Bids

  • Atlanta Jayhawks Midnight – International Open Large Coed 5
  • Evolution All Stars Furari – International Open Small Coed 5
  • Infinity Athletics Pas5ion – Small Senior 5
  • Spirit Athletics Affliction – Large Coed 5

Small Senior 5

  1. Cheer Intensity Lady Lions (AL)
  2. Midwest Cheer Elite Femme Feline (AL)
  3. Fire and Ice All Stars Lady Ice (AL)
  4. Premier Athletics Lady Leps (AL)
  5. Five Star Superstars (AL)

Small Senior Coed 5

  1. Charlotte All Stars Teal
  2. Premier Athletics Great White Sharks (AL)
  3. Vizion All Stars 20/20
  4. Legacy Xtreme All Stars Diamondbacks (AL)
  5. World Class Athletics Black Diamonds (AL)
  6. Dream All Stars Eternity
  7. Tumble World Dream Return

Medium Senior 5

  1. ICE All Stars Weather Girls (AL)

Medium Senior Coed 5

  1. Midwest Cheer Elite Diamond Katz (FP)
  2. CheerVille Athletics Anarchy (AL)

Large Senior 5

  1. Cheer Savannah All Stars Lady Lace (AL)

Large Senior Coed 5

  1. Spirit Athletics Affliction

International Open Small Coed 5

  1. Premier Athletics Majesty
  2. Cheer Intensity Cobras (AL)
  3. Evolution All Stars Furari

International Open Large Coed 5

  1. Atlanta Jayhawks Midnight