Spirit of Hope Nationals in Charlotte, North Carolina offered six at-large bids and six partial paid bids.

While their website said they offered six at-large bids, we could only find five. If you know the missing bid (or where it went), let us know and we’ll add it.

Partial Paid Bids

1. Stingray All Stars Smoke

2. Rockstar Cheer Beatles

3. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite

4. NJ Spirit Explosion Fab 5

5. Maryland Twisters Weather Girls

6. Twisters Allstars Gold

At-Large Bids

1. Famous Superstars Gold

2. Cheer Extreme Cougars

3. Cheer Extreme Ladies of Teal

4. Greensboro Allstar Cheer Elite

5. Pittsburgh Superstars

6. ?

Featured Image: Spirit of Hope