Spirit Sports Duel in The Desert took place January 30th and 31st, 2016 in Palm Springs, California. This event draws in some of the best West Coast teams in the country as teams attempt to take home one of four paid bids or eight at large bids.

There were six teams in the Small Senior Coed 5 division. We saw some familiar names in the top three. Cali Smoed still holding their own in an unprecedented streak of World Championship titles. Pacific Coast Magic Mysterious taking home a solid second and Macs Allstar Cheer Senior Starz going home with the bronze medal.

The results are below.

1. California All Stars Smoed

2. Pacific Coast Magic Mysterious

3. Macs Allstar Cheer Senior Starz

4. Spirit Athletics Rage

5. Desert Storm Elite Rage

6. Five Star Athletics Dream


Featured Image: @SmoedCoach