Stars Vipers, San Antonio’s largest cheerleading program, has quickly become one of Texas’ newest powerhouse gym. In the past three years, new owners Rebecca and Danny Rios have transformed Stars Vipers into a nationally recognized program. Today, more than 260 athletes represent Star Vipers and practice out of two locations, one of which is new this year.

Stars Vipers’ main gym is located in the San Antonio area, and their new gym opened in Cedar Park near Austin, Texas. The new Cedar Park gym will have three teams, and their new medium senior 5 team will practice there once a week.

A History of Success

The Stars Vipers’ program has seen some pretty incredible success since the Rios family took over three years ago. In that time, they’ve taken 26 teams to NCA, 22 of which finished in the top 3: 12 gold, 6 silver, and 4 bronze medals. 26 of their teams have attended The Summit, 23 have made finals, and 20 have placed in the top 4.

Stars Vipers has a total of 13 Summit titles, 4 gold, 2 silver, and 7 bronze, which places them 10th in our latest gym ranking. They also won a silver medal at the Cheerleading Worlds 2016 in the international open small coed 5 division.

Last season, they took two teams to the Cheerleading Worlds, Royal Cobras (small coed 5) and Anacondas (international open small coed 5).

Stars Vipers has a unique tryout method that FloCheer recently documented. Their tryout process takes almost two weeks and they spend more than 12 hours evaluating athletes for the new season. This gives the Stars Vipers staff a more in-depth look at their athletes’ skills and helps them make better placement decisions. It would appear that their tryout method works, as teams succeed at every level of their program.

2017-2018 Teams

Stars Vipers will bring 15 teams to the mat in the 2017-2018 season. Medusa, their new medium senior 5 team, has 14 of the girls who were on their senior medium 5 restricted team, Queen Cobras, last year. Queen Cobras took home both the Summit and NCA National Champion titles. We look forward to watching these teams compete next season!

  • X-Small Mini 1 – Sneaky Snakes
  • Small Youth 1 – Python Princesses
  • X-Small Youth 2 – Battlesnakes (Austin)
  • Small Youth 2 – Pure Poison
  • Small Youth 3 – Hydra
  • Small Junior 2 – Rattler Reign (
  • Small Junior 3 – Black Mambas (Austin)
  • Large Junior 3 – Red Hot Mambas
  • Small Junior 4 – Boomslang 4
  • Small Junior Res 5 – Junior Cobras
  • Small Senior 3 – Fierce Boas
  • X-Small Senior 4 – Coral 4 (Austin)
  • Small Senior 4 – Diamondbacks
  • Medium Senior 5 – Medusa
  • Large IOC 5 – Anacondas

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