Stars Vipers held their 2017 showcase where we saw the debut of their 2017-2018 teams, including their brand new medium senior 5 team, Medusa. While Texas is a crowded state for cheerleading, Stars Vipers continuously find themselves in the spotlight. For the past couple of years, Anacondas, their international coed 5 team, has performed difficult, entertaining routines. Their lower levels have also made a name for themselves and currently have a whopping 13 Summit medals. We’re thrilled to see that this season looks like it’s going to be another good one for these snakes. 

Anacondas – International Open Coed 5

Medusa – Medium Senior 5

Junior Cobras – Junior Restricted 5

Coral4- Senior 4

Diamondbacks – Senior 4

Boomslang – Small Junior 4

The Fierce Boas – Senior 3

Battlesnakes – Small Youth 2

Red Hot Mambas – Junior 3

Hydra – Small Youth 3

Black Mambas – Junior 3

Pure Poison – Youth 2

Python Princesses – Youth 1

Sneaky Snakes – Mini 1

Not shown: Rattler Reign, Red Racers, Kingsnakes, Pink Ribbons 

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