The Summit 2013 was Varsity’s inaugural end-the-year major Nationals. It was the first time they hosted the invite only bid for levels 1-5, non-Cheerleading Worlds teams.

Who won The Summit 2013?

Below are The Summit 2013 results. Click to navigate to each division: 

Level 1

L1 Large Junior

  1. Storm All Stars Twisters
  2. CC Champs Glory
  3. SI Spirit All Stars
  4. New Jersey Spirit Explosion Hot Tamales

L1 Large Senior

  1. Cheer Tyme All Stars of Georgia Feisty
  2. The California All Stars Sr Titanium
  3. Rockstar Cheer Black Crowes

L1 Large Youth

  1. Terre Haute All Star Cheer University
  2. Warren County All Stars
  3. The Tumble Tree Twisters Youth Silver
  4. Jersey All Stars Shamrocks
  5. New Jersey Spirit Explosion Hotties

L1 Small Junior

  1. Texas Power Athletics Black
  2. ChereForce Jade Nocona
  3. Cheer Unlimited Shining Stars
  4. Roach Elite Junior Gray
  5. Gems Cheer Stars Emeralds

L1 Small Senior

  1. Pro Spirit
  2. All Star Fusion Teal
  3. Starlite All Stars Legacy
  4. The Matrix All Stars Glimmer
  5. Zone Cheer All Stars Sapphire

L1 Small Youth

  1. Starlite All Stars Royalty
  2. The Cheer Center Stars
  3. Rockstar Cheer The Ting Tings
  4. Pacific Coast Magic
  5. SCV All Stars Youth Blue
  6. Cheer Corps Sky Hawks
  7. Infinity All Stars Schminitures
  8. Midwest Magic Spellbound
  9. Southaven Wildcats
  10. The Cheer Pitt Ignition

Level 2

L2 Large Junior

  1. The California All Stars Royals
  2. The Stingray All Stars Gray
  3. Vizion All Stars Junior 2
  4. Bravo All Stars Bellas
  5. Stealth All Stars Starbursts

L2 Large Senior

1. TIE The Stingray All Stars

1. TIE The California All Stars

2. Extreme All Stars

3. Terre Haute All Star Cheer University

4. Infinity All Stars

L2 Large Youth

  1. Rockstar Cheer
  2. Louisiana Cheer Force
  3. Valley All Stars
  4. Greensboro All Star
  5. Cheer Python All Stars

L2 Small Junior

  1. Cheer Express All Stars Junior Red
  2. Texas Power Athletics Gold
  3. Hawaii All Stars
  4. Jersey All Stars Emeralds
  5. South Jersey Storm Wildfire
  6. Aerials Allstars Force
  7. Florida Team Cheer
  8. Zone Cheer All Stars Glitter
  9. Infinity All Stars Junior Too
  10. Gymstars Elite Luminosity

L2 Small Senior

  1. Devilray All Stars Blue
  2. East Coast Nitros Shockwave
  3. Rockstar Cheer Eagles
  4. Champion All Stars
  5. Oklahoma Twisters
  6. Lawton Xtreme Athletics Platinum
  7. USA Starz Passion

L2 Small Youth

  1. Infinity All Stars Youth Sharks
  2. FCA Gems Emeralds
  3. United Force of Ohio Voltage
  4. Raider Xtreme Silver
  5. South Jersey Storm Tornados
  6. Terre Haute All Star Cheer University
  7. Twisters Youth Black
  8. Texas Empire Rampage
  9. Cheer Nation Dynasty

Level 3

L3 Large Senior

  1. Texas Lonestar Cheer Co
  2. The California All Stars
  3. Spirit Xtreme Xcellence

L3 Small Junior

  1. Georgia Heat
  2. Pittsburgh Superstars Primadonnas
  3. Cheer Express All Stars Junior White
  4. Infinity All Stars J-Thrizzle
  5. Brandon All Stars
  6. SCV All Stars Junior Black
  7. Valley Cheer Elite Ignite
  8. Orlando All Stars Red Sox
  9. Ultimate Athletics Jacks
  10. New Jersey Spirit Explosion Force

L3 Small Senior

  1. Stars Vipers
  2. ?
  3. ?

L3 Small Youth

  1. East Celebrity Elite CT
  2. Cheer Corps
  3. Cheer Florida All Stars
  4. Twister All Stars
  5. The Matrix All Stars
  6. Louisiana Athletics
  7. Florida Wildcats All Stars

Level 4

L4 Large Junior

  1. The Stingray All Stars Platinum
  2. Twisters Aqua
  3. The California All Stars Fierce 4
  4. New Jersey Spirit Explosion Fantastic 5
  5. Peak Athletics Plus Cougars
  6. Cheer Nation Reign
  7. Ultimate Athletics Queens

L4 Large Senior

  1. ICE Passion
  2. The Stingray All Stars Frost
  3. New Jersey Spirit Explosion Fury
  4. Spirit of Texas
  5. Florida Team Cheer
  6. ACE Cheer Company Red Warriors
  7. Cheer Savannah

L4 Large Senior Coed

  1. Star Athletics Senior Black
  2. South Elite Onyx
  3. The California All Stars Swagg
  4. Full House All Stars
  5. New Jersey Spirit Explosion C4
  6. Power House All Stars Fierce 4

L4 Large Youth

  1. The Matrix All Stars Fireflies
  2. Pro Spirit
  3. Cheer Tyme Crush
  4. Cheer Station Chiefs

L4 Small Junior

  1. Top Gun All Stars J4
  2. ICE Super Freeze
  3. Cheer Express All Stars Junior Elite
  4. Brandon All Stars Junior Silver
  5. Atlanta Jayhawks
  6. Cheer Central Suns
  7. New Jersey Spirit Explosion Fire

L4 Small Senior

  1. Rock Solid All Stars
  2. Hawaii All Stars Rainbows
  3. Python All Stars Mojave Pythons
  4. Pittsburgh Superstars Divas
  5. Cheer Central Suns
  6. X-Cel Athletics Intensity
  7. Terre Haute All Star Cheer University
  8. Jersey All Stars Diamonds
  9. Rockstar Cheer Guns n Roses

L4 Small Senior Coed

  1. Florida Top Dog All Stars
  2. The California All Stars Black Jacks
  3. Spirit Xtreme Strength
  4. Pro Spirit Platinum
  5. East Coast Nitros Atomic
  6. Spotlight Studios North Star

Level 4.2

L4.2 Large Senior

  1. East Celebrity Elite
  2. CC Champs Power
  3. All That Sensations Platinum

L4.2 Large Senior Coed

  1. First Class Athletics Superheros
  2. Infinity All Stars Dark Matter

L4.2 Small Senior

  1. Spirit All-Stars Emeralds
  2. Vizion All Stars Senior 4.2
  3. Starlite All Stars Prodigy

Level 5

L5 Large Junior

  1. The Stingray All Stars
  2. Green World Cup Starlites

L5 Large Senior Restricted Coed

  1. South Jersey Storm Surge
  2. Vizion All Stars
  3. ACE Cheer Company Chiefs

L5 Small Junior

  1. The California All Stars Junior Mafia
  2. ACX
  3. Ultimate Athletics Dynasty
  4. FCA Gems Tanzanites
  5. Cheer Corps Bomb Squad

L5 Small Senior Restricted

  1. Atlanta Jayhawks
  2. Devilray All Stars Black Angels
  3. Cheer Central Suns Smoke
  4. Top Gun All Stars Fierce 5
  5. Envy Cheer Fame

L5 Small Senior Restricted Coed

  1. Infinity All Stars Senior Black
  2. Rockstar Cheer Chili Peppers
  3. Cheer Legendz Cheetahz
  4. TIE CheerForce Chaos
  5. TIE Xtreme Cheer Fire