The Summit 2014 Results

The Summit 2014 was the second annual end-of-the-year event hosted by Varsity. It is the pinnacle event where the best-of-the-best compete for the coveted Summit Champion title.

Who won The Summit 2014?

Below are The Summit 2014 results. Click to navigate to each level: 

Level 1

L1 Large Junior

  1. Cheer Factor Mystery
  2. The Matrix All Stars Glimmer
  3. University Cheer Airforce Angels

L1 Large Senior

  1. TIE The California All Stars White Gold
  2. SCV All Stars White Hagerstown Heat Smoke
  3. Hagerstown Heat Smoke

L1 Large Youth

  1. Top Gun All Stars Pellets
  2. GymTyme All Stars Peach
  3. Rockstar Cheer The Ting Tings

L1 Small Junior

  1. Terre Haute All Star Cheer University Unleashed
  2. Spirit All Stars Phoenix
  3.  TIE – 3rd Cheer Fusion All Stars
  4. TIE – 3rd Starlite All Stars Titanium

L1 Small Senior

  1. Starlite All Stars Legacy
  2. The California All Stars Crystal
  3. The California All Stars Wildcards

L1 Small Youth

  1. Cheer Athletics KittyKatz
  2. Georgia Heat Team Illinois
  3. Cheer Green Shine

Level 2

L2 Large Junior

  1. Trilogy Littles Pittsburgh
  2. Superstars Glam Girls
  3. Bravo All Stars Bella

L2 Large Senior

  1. Oklahoma Twisters
  2. Cheer Central Suns Scorch
  3. Terre Haute All Star Cheer University Desire


L2 Large Youth

  1. Flip City Storm
  2. The Stingray All Stars Red
  3. Georgia Heat

L2 Small Junior

  1. Cheer Express All Stars
  2. Jersey All Stars Emeralds
  3. Tumble Tech All Stars Zeta

L2 Small Senior

  1. ACE Cheer Company Blackhawks
  2. Rockstar Cheer Eagles
  3. TIE – 3rd Cheer Factory Tiger Boltz
  4. TIE – 3rd Surge Athletics Super Nova

L2 Small Youth

  1. Pro Athletics Showstoppers
  2. Express Cheer Extravagance
  3. Texas Power Athletics Wild Wolves

Level 3

L3 Large Junior

  1. GymTyme All Stars Silver
  2. The California All Stars J-Money
  3. KX Athletics Starlets

L3 Large Senior

  1. Laredo All American Starlites
  2. Spirit of Texas
  3. Pacific Coast Magic Enchanted

L3 Large Senior Coed

  1. Central Jersey All Stars Knockout
  2. The California All Stars Cobalt
  3. The California All Stars Senior Pink

L3 Small Junior

  1. SCV All Stars Black
  2. Florida Wildcats All Stars Cheetahs
  3. Rock Solid All Stars

L3 Small Senior

  1. SCV All Stars
  2. Twist & Shout Senior Desire
  3. Stars Vipers Fierce Boas

L3 Small Senior Coed

  1. CheerForce Obsession
  2. Florida Team Cheer
  3. TIE – 3rd Rock Solid All Stars Truth
  4. TIE – 3rd Valley Cheer Elite Inferno

L3 Youth

  1. Infinity All Stars
  2. Cheer Nation Justice
  3. Spirit of Texas

Level 4

L4 Large Junior

  1. University Cheer Force Lightning
  2. The Stingray All Stars Platinum
  3. Orlando All Stars Diamondbacks

L4 Large Senior

  1. ICE Passion
  2. The California All Stars S4
  3. SCV All Stars

L4 Large Senior Coed

  1. CheerForce Wrath
  2. The California All Stars Swagg
  3. New Jersey Spirit Explosion C4

L4 Large Youth

  1. ICE 4Cast
  2. Pro Spirit Kryptonite
  3. Elite Cheer Michigan Stealth

L4 Small Junior

  1. Cheer Intensity All Stars Piranhas
  2. Georgia Heat
  3. Jersey All Stars Kryptonite

L4 Small Senior

  1. Florida Top Dog All Stars G4
  2. Spirit Central Sabres
  3. ACX D&G

L4 Small Senior Coed

  1. Georgia All Stars
  2. The California All Stars Black Jacks
  3. Orlando All Stars Rays

Level 4.2

L4.2 Large Senior

  1. East Celebrity Elite
  2. Starstruck Senior Glitz
  3. TIE – 3rd FCA Gems Sapphire
  4. TIE – 3rd South Jersey Storm Vortex

L4.2 Small Senior

  1. Express Cheer
  2. Star Athletics Platinum
  3. Midwest Xplosion Phoenix

Level 5

L5 Large Junior Coed

  1. The Stingray All Stars Green
  2. Cheer Extreme Karma

L5 Large Senior Restricted

  1. Onyx All Stars Senior Silver
  2. Premier Athletics Lynx

L5 Large Senior Restricted Coed

  1. CheerForce Chaos
  2. Top Gun All Stars YOSO
  3. South Jersey Storm Surge

L5 Small Junior

  1. Cheer Athletics Jags
  2. ICE Unity
  3. Rockstar Cheer AC/DC

L5 Small Junior Coed

  1. Maryland Twisters Supercells
  2. Central Jersey All Stars Junior Gunz
  3. Cheer Corps Bomb Squad

L5 Small Senior Restricted

  1. The Stingray All Stars Black Diamond
  2. Envy Cheer Fame
  3. The California All Stars So-FAB

L5 Small Senior Restricted Coed

  1. Cheer Central Suns Ignite
  2. ACE Cheer Company Mohawks
  3. Central Jersey All Stars Rated R

L5 Youth

  1. Cheer Extreme Butterflies
  2. Cheer Tyme Cherish
  3. The Matrix All Stars Fireflies