The Summit 2019 Awarded Bids

The Summit – All Star Cheerleading Championship is the pinnacle event of the all-star cheerleading world for every non-Cheerleading Worlds eligible team. Nearly 1,000 teams compete every year at Walt Disney World’s ESPN Wide World of Sports. Thousands of cheerleaders compete all year long for their shot to compete on one of the most exclusive stages in all star cheerleading history.

Teams must compete for a Summit bid at one of many events held around the United States. Varsity brand competitions award three different types of bids: wildcard, at large, and full paid. Every year, it becomes more difficult to obtain a Summit bid. As cheerleading evolves and teams refine their skills, we expect The Summit and regular season to become more competitive.

The Summit 2019 will take place May 3-5, 2019 in Orlando, Florida at the ESPN Wide World of Sports.


The Summit 2019 Bid Events 

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The Summit 2019 Bid Winners

DateTeamDivisionBid TypeEvent Producer
10/15/18Stars Vipers Austin NightsnakesL2 Small JuniorWild CardAmerican Cheer Power
10/15/18Stars Vipers Austin Junior CoralsL3 Small JuniorWild CardAmerican Cheer Power
10/15/18Stars Vipers Austin Queen CobrasL5 Small Senior RestrictedWild CardAmerican Cheer Power
10/15/18Rouge Athletics - Bay Area L1 SeniorL1 Small SeniorWild CardUSA
10/15/18Rogue Athletics - SFV L2 JuniorL2 Small JuniorWild CardUSA
10/15/18Rogue Athletics - SFV L4.2 SeniorL4.2 Small Senior CoedWild CardUSA

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