The Summit is Varsity All Stars’ major end of the year bid event.

The Summit was first held in 2013 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports. This all-levels end-of-the-year competition has quickly become the most prestigious and sought after competition of the year. In 2016, Varsity added the D2 Summit for programs with fewer than 125 athletes to compete against one another on a level playing field.

Thousands of teams have competed for their shot at a coveted Summit title. To keep track of results in one place, we’ve compiled a list of the medalists since 2013 for both The Summit and The D2 Summit.

Cheer Theory’s Ranking Based on The Summit Titles

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The Summit and The D2 Summit Medalists 2013 – 2017

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2013Storm All StarsTwistersL1 Large Junior1
2013CC ChampsGloryL1 Large Junior2
2013SI Spirit All StarsL1 Large Junior3
2013Cheer Tyme All Stars of GeorgiaFeistyL1 Large Senior1
2013The California All StarsSr TitaniumL1 Large Senior2
2013Rockstar CheerBlack CrowesL1 Large Senior3
2013Terre Haute Cheer UniversityL1 Large Youth1
2013Warren County All StarsL1 Large Youth2
2013The Tumble Tree TwistersYouth SilverL1 Large Youth3
2013Texas Power AthleticsBlackL1 Small Junior1
2013CheerForceJadeL1 Small Junior2
2013Nocona Cheer UnlimitedShining StarsL1 Small Junior3
2013Pro SpiritL1 Small Senior1
2013All Star FusionTealL1 Small Senior2
2013Starlite All StarsLegacyL1 Small Senior3
2013Starlite All StarsRoyaltyL1 Small Youth1
2013The Cheer CenterStarsL1 Small Youth2
2013Rockstar CheerThe Ting TingsL1 Small Youth3
2013The California All StarsRoyalsL2 Large Junior1
2013The Stingray All StarsGrayL2 Large Junior2
2013Vizion All StarsJunior 2L2 Large Junior3
2013The California All StarsRoulettesL2 Large Senior1
2013The Stingray All StarsPinkL2 Large Senior1
2013Extreme All StarsSenior OrangeL2 Large Senior2
2013Terre Haute Cheer UniversityL2 Large Senior3
2013Rockstar CheerBanglesL2 Large Youth1
2013Louisiana Cheer ForceRuby RedL2 Large Youth2
2013Valley All StarsRockstarsL2 Large Youth3
2013Cheer Express All StarsJunior RedL2 Small Junior1
2013Texas Power AthleticsGoldL2 Small Junior2
2013Hawaii All StarsL2 Small Junior3
2013Devilray All StarsBlueL2 Small Senior1
2013East Coast NitrosShockwaveL2 Small Senior2
2013Rockstar CheerEaglesL2 Small Senior3
2013Infinity All StarsYouth SharksL2 Small Youth1
2013FCA GemsEmeraldsL2 Small Youth2
2013United Force of OhioVoltageL2 Small Youth3
2013Texas Lonestar Cheer CoL3 Large Senior1
2013The California All StarsL3 Large Senior2
2013Spirit XtremeL3 Large Senior3
2013Georgia HeatL3 Small Junior1
2013Pittsburgh SuperstarsPrimadonnasL3 Small Junior2
2013Cheer Express All StarsJunior WhiteL3 Small Junior3
2013Stars VipersL3 Small Senior1
2013East Celebrity Elite CTVIPL3 Small Youth 31
2013Cheer CorpsRanger Co.L3 Small Youth 32
2013Cheer Florida All StarsThunderbirdsL3 Small Youth 33
2013The Stingray All StarsPlatinumL4 Large Junior1
2013TwistersAquaL4 Large Junior2
2013The California All StarsFierce 4L4 Large Junior3
2013ICEPassionL4 Large Senior1
2013The Stingray All StarsFrostL4 Large Senior2
2013New Jersey Spirit ExplosionFuryL4 Large Senior3
2013Star AthleticsSenior BlackL4 Large Senior Coed1
2013South Elite All StarsOnyxL4 Large Senior Coed2
2013The California All StarsSwaggL4 Large Senior Coed3
2013The Matrix All StarsFirefliesL4 Large Youth1
2013Pro SpiritL4 Large Youth2
2013Cheer TymeCrushL4 Large Youth3
2013Top Gun All StarsJ4L4 Small Junior1
2013ICESuper FreezeL4 Small Junior2
2013Cheer Express All StarsJunior EliteL4 Small Junior3
2013Rock Solid All StarsL4 Small Senior1
2013Hawaii All StarsRainbowsL4 Small Senior2
2013Python All StarsMojave PythonsL4 Small Senior3
2013Florida Top Dog All StarsL4 Small Senior Coed1
2013The California All StarsBlack JacksL4 Small Senior Coed2
2013Spirit XtremeStrengthL4 Small Senior Coed3
2013East Celebrity EliteL4.2 Large Senior1
2013CC ChampsPowerL4.2 Large Senior2
2013All That SensationsPlatinumL4.2 Large Senior3
2013First Class AthleticsSuperherosL4.2 Large Senior Coed1
2013Infinity All StarsDark MatterL4.2 Large Senior Coed2
2013Spirit All StarsEmeraldsL4.2 Small Senior1
2013Vizion All StarsSenior 4.2L4.2 Small Senior2
2013Starlite All StarsProdigyL4.2 Small Senior3
2013The Stingray All StarsGreenL5 Large Junior1
2013World CupStarlitesL5 Large Junior2
2013South Jersey StormSurgeL5 Large Senior Restricted Coed1
2013Vizion All StarsL5 Large Senior Restricted Coed 52
2013ACE Cheer CompanyChiefsL5 Large Senior Restricted Coed 53
2013The California All StarsJunior MafiaL5 Small Junior1
2013ACXL5 Small Junior2
2013Ultimate AthleticsDynastyL5 Small Junior3
2013Atlanta JayhawksL5 Small Senior Restricted1
2013Devilray All StarsBlack AngelsL5 Small Senior Restricted2
2013Cheer Central SunsSmokeL5 Small Senior Restricted3
2013Infinity All StarsSenior BlackL5 Small Senior Restricted Coed1
2013Rockstar CheerChili PeppersL5 Small Senior Restricted Coed2
2013Cheer LegendzCheetahzL5 Small Senior Restricted Coed3
2014Cheer FactorMysteryL1 Large Junior1
2014The Matrix All StarsGlimmerL1 Large Junior2
2014University Cheer ForceAngelsL1 Large Junior3
2014Starlite All StarsLegacyL1 Large Senior1
2014The California All StarsWhite GoldL1 Large Senior1
2014SCV All StarsWhiteL1 Large Senior2
2014Hagerstown Heat All StarsSmokeL1 Large Senior3
2014Top Gun All StarsPelletsL1 Large Youth1
2014GymTyme All StarsPeachL1 Large Youth2
2014Rockstar CheerThe Ting TingsL1 Large Youth3
2014Terre Haute Cheer UniversityUnleashedL1 Small Junior1
2014Spirit All StarsPhoenixL1 Small Junior2
2014Cheer Fusion All StarsL1 Small Junior3
2014Starlite All StarsTitaniumL1 Small Junior3
2014The California All StarsCrystalL1 Small Senior2
2014The California All StarsWildcardsL1 Small Senior3
2014Cheer AthleticsKittyKatzL1 Small Youth1
2014Georgia HeatL1 Small Youth2
2014Team Illinois CheerGreen ShineL1 Small Youth3
2014TrilogyLittlesL2 Large Junior1
2014Pittsburgh SuperstarsGlam GirlsL2 Large Junior2
2014Bravo All StarsBellaL2 Large Junior3
2014Oklahoma TwistersL2 Large Senior1
2014Cheer Central SunsScorchL2 Large Senior2
2014Terre Haute Cheer UniversityDesireL2 Large Senior3
2014Flip City All StarsStormL2 Large Youth1
2014The Stingray All StarsRedL2 Large Youth2
2014Georgia HeatL2 Large Youth3
2014Cheer Express All StarsL2 Small Junior1
2014Jersey All StarsEmeraldsL2 Small Junior2
2014Tumble Tech All StarsZetaL2 Small Junior3
2014ACE Cheer CompanyBlackhawksL2 Small Senior1
2014Rockstar CheerEaglesL2 Small Senior2
2014Cheer FactoryTiger BoltzL2 Small Senior3
2014Surge AthleticsSuper NovaL2 Small Senior3
2014Pro AthleticsShowstoppersL2 Small Youth1
2014Express CheerExtravaganceL2 Small Youth2
2014Texas Power AthleticsWild WolvesL2 Small Youth3
2014GymTyme All StarsSilverL3 Large Junior1
2014The California All StarsJ-MoneyL3 Large Junior2
2014KX AthleticsStarletsL3 Large Junior3
2014Laredo All American All StarsStarlitesL3 Large Senior1
2014Spirit of TexasL3 Large Senior1
2014Pacific Coast MagicEnchantedL3 Large Senior3
2014Central Jersey All StarsKnockoutL3 Large Senior Coed1
2014The California All StarsCobaltL3 Large Senior Coed2
2014The California All StarsSenior PinkL3 Large Senior Coed3
2014SCV All StarsBlackL3 Small Junior1
2014Florida Wildcats All StarsCheetahsL3 Small Junior2
2014Rock Solid All StarsL3 Small Junior3
2014SCV All StarsL3 Small Senior1
2014Twist & ShoutSenior DesireL3 Small Senior2
2014Stars VipersFierce BoasL3 Small Senior3
2014CheerForceObsessionL3 Small Senior Coed1
2014Florida Team CheerL3 Small Senior Coed2
2014Rock Solid All StarsTruthL3 Small Senior Coed3
2014Valley Cheer EliteInfernoL3 Small Senior Coed3
2014Infinity All StarsL3 Youth1
2014Cheer NationJusticeL3 Youth2
2014Spirit of TexasL3 Youth3
2014University Cheer ForceLightningL4 Large Junior1
2014The Stingray All StarsPlatinumL4 Large Junior2
2014Orlando All StarsDiamondbacksL4 Large Junior3
2014ICEPassionL4 Large Senior1
2014The California All StarsS4L4 Large Senior2
2014SCV All StarsL4 Large Senior3
2014CheerForceWrathL4 Large Senior Coed1
2014The California All StarsSwaggL4 Large Senior Coed2
2014New Jersey Spirit ExplosionC4L4 Large Senior Coed3
2014Cheer Intensity All StarsPiranhasL4 Small Junior1
2014Georgia HeatL4 Small Junior2
2014Jersey All StarsKryptoniteL4 Small Junior3
2014Florida Top Dog All StarsG4L4 Small Senior1
2014Spirit CentralSabresL4 Small Senior2
2014ACXD&GL4 Small Senior3
2014Georgia All StarsL4 Small Senior Coed1
2014The California All StarsBlack JacksL4 Small Senior Coed2
2014Orlando All StarsRaysL4 Small Senior Coed3
2014ICE4CastL4 Youth1
2014Pro SpiritKryptoniteL4 Youth2
2014Elite Cheer MichiganStealthL4 Youth3
2014East Celebrity EliteL4.2 Large Senior1
2014StarstruckSenior GlitzL4.2 Large Senior2
2014FCA GemsSapphireL4.2 Large Senior3
2014South Jersey StormVortexL4.2 Large Senior3
2014Express CheerL4.2 Small Senior1
2014Star AthleticsPlatinumL4.2 Small Senior2
2014Midwest XplosionPhoenixL4.2 Small Senior3
2014The Stingray All StarsGreenL5 Large Junior Coed1
2014Cheer ExtremeKarmaL5 Large Junior Coed2
2014Onyx All StarsSenior SilverL5 Large Senior Restricted1
2014Premier AthleticsLynxL5 Large Senior Restricted2
2014CheerForceChaosL5 Large Senior Restricted Coed1
2014Top Gun All StarsYOSOL5 Large Senior Restricted Coed2
2014South Jersey StormSurgeL5 Large Senior Restricted Coed3
2014Cheer AthleticsJagsL5 Small Junior1
2014ICEUnityL5 Small Junior2
2014Rockstar CheerAC/DCL5 Small Junior3
2014Maryland TwistersSupercellsL5 Small Junior Coed1
2014Central Jersey All StarsJunior GunzL5 Small Junior Coed2
2014Cheer CorpsBomb SquadL5 Small Junior Coed3
2014The Stingray All StarsBlack DiamondL5 Small Senior Restricted1
2014Envy CheerFameL5 Small Senior Restricted2
2014The California All StarsSo-FABL5 Small Senior Restricted3
2014Cheer Central SunsIgniteL5 Small Senior Restricted Coed1
2014ACE Cheer CompanyMohawksL5 Small Senior Restricted Coed2
2014Central Jersey All StarsRated RL5 Small Senior Restricted Coed3
2014Cheer ExtremeButterfliesL5 Youth1
2014Cheer TymeCherishL5 Youth2
2014The Matrix All StarsFirefliesL5 Youth3
2015Terre Haute Cheer UniversityL1 Large Junior1
2015Cheer FactoryHeatL1 Large Junior2
2015Cheer FactorL1 Large Junior3
2015The California All StarsWhite GoldL1 Large Senior1
2015SCV All StarsL1 Large Senior2
2015Rockstar CheerL1 Large Senior3
2015The Stingray All StarsL1 Large Senior3
2015Cheer ExtremeL1 Large Youth1
2015Rockstar CheerL1 Large Youth2
2015The Stingray All StarsPeppermintL1 Large Youth3
2015The Stingray All StarsMangoL1 Small Junior1
2015Cheer FactorL1 Small Junior2
2015Palm Beach LightningL1 Small Junior3
2015Rockstar CheerL1 Small Senior1
2015CheerForceStormL1 Small Senior2
2015Cheer Tyme All Stars of GeorgeL1 Small Senior3
2015Cheer AthleticsKittyKatzL1 Small Youth1
2015Devilray All StarsL1 Small Youth2
2015Bay State All StarsL1 Small Youth3
2015Flip City All StarsL2 Large Junior1
2015The California All StarsL2 Large Junior2
2015TrilogyL2 Large Junior3
2015The Stingray All StarsPinkL2 Large Senior1
2015CheerForceFerocityL2 Large Senior2
2015Cheer AthleticsSabresL2 Large Senior3
2015SCV All StarsL2 Large Youth1
2015Louisiana Cheer ForceL2 Large Youth2
2015Atlanta JayhawksL2 Large Youth3
2015Bay State All StarsRainL2 Small Junior1
2015Jersey All StarsEmeraldsL2 Small Junior2
2015Brandon All StarsJunior ChromeL2 Small Junior3
2015Power ModestoLady ProsL2 Small Senior1
2015Cheer Central SunsSizzleL2 Small Senior2
2015Terre Haute Cheer UniversityL2 Small Senior3
2015Pro AthleticsL2 Small Youth1
2015IDOL Athletes of MiamiL2 Small Youth2
2015Stars VipersPure PoisonL2 Small Youth3
2015Georgia HeatL3 Large Junior1
2015Top Gun All StarsJ3L3 Large Junior1
2015Cheer Central SunsSparkleL3 Large Junior3
2015Pacific Coast MagicSoldiers of EnchantedL3 Large Senior1
2015The California All StarsSenior PerfectionL3 Large Senior2
2015Laredo All American All StarsStarlitesL3 Large Senior3
2015Valley Cheer EliteInfernoL3 Large Senior Coed1
2015FCA GemsCitrinesL3 Large Senior Coed2
2015Florida Top Dog All StarsCode BlueL3 Large Senior Coed3
2015GymTyme All StarsL3 Large Youth1
2015Cheer ExtremeGlitter PenguinsL3 Large Youth2
2015Pacific Coast MagicL3 Large Youth3
2015Kawasaki Bambie (Japan)L3 Small Junior1
2015Team Illinois CheerL3 Small Junior2
2015RND Elite All StarsL3 Small Junior3
2015SCV All StarsSenior BlueL3 Small Senior1
2015GymTyme All StarsL3 Small Senior2
2015Terre Haute Cheer UniversityL3 Small Senior2
2015ACE CheerleadingSuper 3L3 Small Senior Coed1
2015CheerForceSteelL3 Small Senior Coed2
2015CheerForceObsessionL3 Small Senior Coed3
2015Cheer Central SunsL3 Small Youth1
2015Step 1 AllstarsL3 Small Youth2
2015Texas Lonestar Cheer CoL3 Small Youth3
2015The Stingray All StarsPlatinumL4 Large Junior1
2015Ultimate AthleticsQueensL4 Large Junior2
2015Cheer Intensity All StarsPiranhasL4 Large Junior3
2015SCV All StarsSenior BlackL4 Large Senior1
2015Cheer AthleticsSassyCatsL4 Large Senior2
2015ICEL4 Large Senior3
2015Spirit of TexasL4 Large Senior3
2015Cheer Express All StarsCamo CoedL4 Large Senior Coed1
2015Top Gun All StarsL4 Large Senior Coed2
2015Vizion All StarsClarityL4 Large Senior Coed3
2015SCV All StarsJunior BlueL4 Small Junior1
2015Express CheerL4 Small Junior2
2015Brandon All StarsJunior SilverL4 Small Junior3
2015Florida Top Dog All StarsG4L4 Small Senior1
2015Hawaii All StarsKaprincessesL4 Small Senior2
2015Northern EliteL4 Small Senior3
2015The California All StarsBlack JacksL4 Small Senior Coed1
2015The Stingray All StarsSapphireL4 Small Senior Coed2
2015Flip City All StarsSMOCOL4 Small Senior Coed3
2015Rockstar CheerL4 Small Youth1
2015Infinity All StarsL4 Small Youth2
2015The Stingray All StarsUVL4.2 Large Senior1
2015Cheer Express All StarsPrincess EliteL4.2 Large Senior2
2015FCA GemsSapphiresL4.2 Large Senior3
2015The California All StarsSenior SilverL4.2 Large Senior Coed1
2015Vizion All StarsUltravioletL4.2 Large Senior Coed2
2015University Cheer ForceTsunamiL4.2 Large Senior Coed3
2015Spirit All StarsSapphiresL4.2 Small Senior1
2015CheerForceRaveL4.2 Small Senior2
2015ACXL4.2 Small Senior3
2015Express CheerExceptionalL4.2 Small Senior Coed1
2015Texas Power AthleticsTimberwolvesL4.2 Small Senior Coed2
2015Brandon All StarsSenior SlateL4.2 Small Senior Coed3
2015ICEFrostL5 Large Junior1
2015The Stingray All StarsGreenL5 Large Junior2
2015Cheer TymeHeartbreakersL5 Large Junior3
2015Cheer ExtremeJunior Coed Elite CrushL5 Large Junior Coed1
2015All Star LegacyDestinyL5 Large Junior Coed2
2015Cheer FactorJunior XL5 Large Junior Coed3
2015Extreme All StarsL5 Large Senior Restrcited2
2015The Stingray All StarsSpiceL5 Large Senior Restricted1
2015Cheers & MoreL5 Large Senior Restricted2
2015Stars VipersRoyal CobrasL5 Large Senior Restricted Coed1
2015Top Gun All StarsYOSOL5 Large Senior Restricted Coed2
2015Rockstar CheerChili PeppersL5 Large Senior Restricted Coed3
2015Cheer ExtremeButterfleisL5 Large Youth1
2015The Stingray All StarsTealL5 Large Youth2
2015University Cheer ForceL5 Large Youth3
2015East Celebrity EliteL5 Small Junior1
2015ACXCrazy JagsL5 Small Junior2
2015Jersey All StarsWickedL5 Small Junior3
2015Spirit of TexasJunior RoyalsL5 Small Junior Coed1
2015East Celebrity EliteSpotlightL5 Small Junior Coed2
2015Top Gun All StarsTGJCL5 Small Junior Coed3
2015The Stingray All StarsSugarL5 Small Senior Restricted1
2015Twist & ShoutHeartL5 Small Senior Restricted1
2015Top Gun All StarsFierce 5L5 Small Senior Restricted3
2015Pro AthleticsSenior FierceL5 Small Senior Restricted Coed1
2015Ultimate AthleticsDynastyL5 Small Senior Restricted Coed2
2015Hawaii All StarsHawaii 5-0L5 Small Senior Restricted Coed3
2015ICEL5 Small Youth1
2015Louisiana AthleticsL5 Small Youth2
2015East Celebrity EliteL5 Small Youth3
2016 - D1Ohio ExtremeL3 Small Youth3
2016 - D1Stars VipersL3 Small Youth3
2016 - D1Woodlands EliteL4 Senior Coed3
2016 - D1Stars VipersL4 Small Senior1
2016 - D1Cheer Florida All StarsL4 Small Senior1
2016 - D2Castle Cheer FactoryRoyal DivasL1 Large Junior1
2016 - D2Stars AthleticsEvolutionL1 Large Junior2
2016 - D2Spirit All StarsTeam PassionL1 Large Junior3
2016 - D2REACTMercuryL1 Large Senior1
2016 - D2Rockstar Cheer RaleighVanilla IceL1 Large Senior2
2016 - D2Rockstar Cheer ColumbiaMotley CrueL1 Large Youth1
2016 - D2ACX TwistersChaosL1 Large Youth2
2016 - D2Douglasville Cheer StarsPurple RainL1 Large Youth3
2016 - D2Arizona Heat All StarsJFlameL1 Small Junior1
2016 - D2Grand CheerJ1L1 Small Junior2
2016 - D2United Elite AthleticsLady GeneralsL1 Small Junior3
2016 - D2Cheer Company of MichiganSuperstitionL1 Small Senior1
2016 - D2Cheer Tyme All Stars of GeorgiaHurricaneL1 Small Senior2
2016 - D2Exceptional Athletics NebraskaDiamondsL1 Small Senior3
2016 - D2South Bay DivasDynastyL1 Small Youth1
2016 - D2Cheer CorpsL1 Small Youth2
2016 - D2Perfection All StarsL1 Small Youth2
2016 - D2Champion All StarsL1 Small Youth3
2016 - D2North Florida EliteL1 Small Youth3
2016 - D2World Class AthleticsL1 Small Youth3
2016 - D2Wylie EliteL1 Small Youth3
2016 - D2The Cheer PittVoltageL2 Large Junior1
2016 - D2Matrix All StarsAttitudeL2 Large Junior2
2016 - D2Knight Time CheerXplosionL2 Large Junior3
2016 - D2Champion All StarsPassionL2 Large Senior1
2016 - D2Elite All StarsCelebritiesL2 Large Senior2
2016 - D2Allstar PanthersL2 Large Senior3
2016 - D2Legends Cheer Academy IIL2 Large Senior3
2016 - D2Maine StarsDreamL2 Large Youth1
2016 - D2Pittsburgh Pride All StarsRoarL2 Large Youth2
2016 - D2United All StarsFierceL2 Large Youth3
2016 - D2The Stingray All StarsBlazeL2 Small Junior1
2016 - D2Advanced Cheer CrewRockerzL2 Small Junior2
2016 - D2Cheer Craze All StarsJ2WOWL2 Small Junior3
2016 - D2South Georgia AllstarsRubiesL2 Small Senior1
2016 - D2Spirit Central SouthPanthersL2 Small Senior2
2016 - D2Spirit All StarsDiamonditesL2 Small Senior3
2016 - D2Texas EmpireRampageL2 Small Youth1
2016 - D2Cheeriffic AllstarsL2 Small Youth2
2016 - D2CTA HighflyersL2 Small Youth2
2016 - D2ICECloud 9L2 Small Youth3
2016 - D2Savannah SharksTiger SharksL3 Large Junior1
2016 - D2Cheer Invasion All StarsBomb SquadL3 Large Junior2
2016 - D2Elite All StarsVIP's BombsquadL3 Large Junior3
2016 - D2Naperville Elite All StarsLady VengeanceL3 Large Senior1
2016 - D2Legendz AllstarsLady LegendzL3 Large Senior2
2016 - D2Victory VipersV3nomL3 Large Senior3
2016 - D2Advanced Cheer CrewSenior PlatinumL3 Large Senior Coed1
2016 - D2Knight Time CheerImpactL3 Large Senior Coed2
2016 - D2NCT All StarsSupersonicsL3 Large Senior Coed3
2016 - D2The Stingray All StarsBreezeL3 Small Junior1
2016 - D2South Georgia AllstarsMajestyL3 Small Junior2
2016 - D2Cheer CorpsGreen BeretsL3 Small Junior3
2016 - D2Perfection All StarsBlushL3 Small Senior1
2016 - D2San Antonio SpiritTeam LimeL3 Small Senior2
2016 - D2All Star AcademyL3 Small Senior3
2016 - D2ICT Cheer LegacyL3 Small Senior3
2016 - D2Extreme All StarsL3 Small Senior Coed1
2016 - D2Valley All StarsWildstarsL3 Small Senior Coed2
2016 - D2Storm AthleticsChannel 3L3 Small Senior Coed3
2016 - D2California FlyersX-tremeL3 Youth1
2016 - D2Spirit AthleticsDivasL3 Youth2
2016 - D2All Star Cheer AcadmeyStardustL3 Youth3
2016 - D2Total CheerDreamL4 Junior1
2016 - D2Full ForceStaticL4 Junior2
2016 - D2Matrix All StarsExplosionL4 Junior3
2016 - D2Arizona Element EliteL4 Large Senior1
2016 - D2Arkansas Cheer DynamixAG4L4 Large Senior2
2016 - D2Buckeye Cheer EliteLady CatsL4 Large Senior3
2016 - D2All 4 CheerScorchL4 Senior Coed1
2016 - D2Arkansas Cheer DynamixCoed 4L4 Senior Coed2
2016 - D2Spirit AthleticsFameL4 Senior Coed3
2016 - D2Savannah SharksRelentlessL4 Small Senior1
2016 - D2Cali Coast EliteTidal WaveL4 Small Senior2
2016 - D2Spirit All StarsTeam EnvyL4 Small Senior3
2016 - D2ICEAvalancheL4 Youth1
2016 - D2Pride of IllinoisYouth PinkL4 Youth2
2016 - D2Texas EliteSnipersL4.2 Senior1
2016 - D2Elite All Stars of MaineLady EliteL4.2 Senior2
2016 - D2Cheer NorthwestBlackL4.2 Senior3
2016 - D2Cheer Craze All StarsQuad SquadL4.2 Senior Coed1
2016 - D2REFLEX JagsSenior SlayL4.2 Senior Coed2
2016 - D2Myrtle Beach AllstarsVolcomL4.2 Senior Coed3
2016 - D2Cheer CorpsBomb SquadL5 Junior Coed1
2016 - D2San Antonio SpiritTeam SilverL5 Junior Restricted1
2016 - D2Rah Elite AllstarsOnyxL5 Junior Restricted2
2016 - D2Turners All StarsRoyal BlueL5 Junior Restricted3
2016 - D2River Cities CheerleadingSenior RebelsL5 Senior Restricted1
2016 - D2Envy CheerFameL5 Senior Restricted2
2016 - D2Champion All StarsDesinyL5 Senior Restricted3
2016 - D2Arizona Heat All StarsRated RL5 Senior Restricted Coed1
2016 - D2Arkansas Cheer DynamixR5L5 Senior Restricted Coed2
2016 - D2Knight Time CheerInfinite 5L5 Senior Restricted Coed3
2016-D1Fierce AthleticsTigerettesL2 Large Junior2
2016-D1The California All StarsCoutureLarge Junior 11
2016-D1Woodlands EliteRangersLarge Junior 12
2016-D1Cheer FactoryMysteryLarge Junior 13
2016-D1The California All StarsDeucesLarge Junior 21
2016-D1Python All Stars of ColumbusTimor PythonsLarge Junior 23
2016-D1The California All StarsJ-MoneyLarge Junior 31
2016-D1Pacific Coast MagicFearlessLarge Junior 32
2016-D1Step 1 AllstarsMagnificentLarge Junior 33
2016-D1Cheer AthleticsThundercatsLarge Junior 41
2016-D1Louisiana Cheer ForceRougeLarge Junior 42
2016-D1FCA GemsFire OpalsLarge Junior 43
2016-D1The Stingray All StarsGreenLarge Junior 51
2016-D1Cheer ExtremeJunior EliteLarge Junior 52
2016-D1ICEFrostLarge Junior 53
2016-D1Woodlands EliteColonelsLarge Junior Coed 51
2016-D1Cheer AthleticsJagsLarge Junior Coed 52
2016-D1Prodigy All StarsMoonlightLarge Junior Coed 53
2016-D1The California All StarsMiss MafiaLarge Junior Restricted 51
2016-D1Cheer AthleticsFuryCatsLarge Junior Restricted 52
2016-D1FCA GemsTanzanitesLarge Junior Restricted 53
2016-D1The California All StarsWildcardsLarge Senior 11
2016-D1The California All StarsWhite GoldLarge Senior 12
2016-D1Python All Stars of ColumbusCalabar PythonsLarge Senior 13
2016-D1Louisiana Cheer ForceScarletLarge Senior 21
2016-D1The California All StarsRoulettesLarge Senior 22
2016-D1Pacific Coast MagicLady SparkleLarge Senior 23
2016-D1Pacific Coast MagicSoldiers of EnchantedLarge Senior 31
2016-D1Laredo All American All StarsStarlitesLarge Senior 32
2016-D1Python All Stars of ColumbusNova PythonsLarge Senior 33
2016-D1Pacific Coast MagicAngelsLarge Senior 41
2016-D1SCV All StarsSenior BlackLarge Senior 42
2016-D1Cheer AthleticsSassycatsLarge Senior 43
2016-D1FCA GemsSapphiresLarge Senior 4.21
2016-D1East Celebrity EliteLady RageLarge Senior 4.22
2016-D1Cheer ExtremeSpotlightLarge Senior 4.23
2016-D1The California All StarsCommandersLarge Senior Coed 31
2016-D1ICECyclonesLarge Senior Coed 32
2016-D1Woodlands ElitePredatorsLarge Senior Coed 33
2016-D1The California All StarsOnyxLarge Senior Coed 41
2016-D1Rockstar CheerGuns and RosesLarge Senior Coed 42
2016-D1Cheer ExtremeLarge Senior Coed 43
2016-D1Cheer Extreme RaleighAngelsLarge Senior Coed 4.21
2016-D1Apex CheerSenior GoldLarge Senior Coed 4.22
2016-D1The California All StarsSr SilverLarge Senior Coed 4.23
2016-D1Cheer Extreme ChicagoPassionLarge Senior Restricted 51
2016-D1Cheer Extreme CharlotteLady EliteLarge Senior Restricted 52
2016-D1Cheer AthleticsReignCatsLarge Senior Restricted 53
2016-D1The Stingray All StarsSpiceLarge Senior Restricted Coed 51
2016-D1The California All StarsSoFabLarge Senior Restricted Coed 52
2016-D1Stars VipersRoyal CobrasLarge Senior Restricted Coed 53
2016-D1Cheer AthleticsKittykatzLarge Youth 11
2016-D1Cheer AthleticsAristocatsLarge Youth 12
2016-D1Spirit XtremeBelieveLarge Youth 13
2016-D1Louisiana Cheer ForceRuby RedLarge Youth 21
2016-D1Cheer AthleticsCougarsLarge Youth 22
2016-D1Cheer FactorProdigyLarge Youth 23
2016-D1Pacific Coast MagicCrushLarge Youth 31
2016-D1Louisiana Cheer ForcePeachLarge Youth 32
2016-D1Top Gun All StarsBB3Large Youth 33
2016-D1Cheer Extreme RaleighYouth XLarge Youth 41
2016-D1The Stingray All StarsYellowLarge Youth 42
2016-D1Cheer Extreme CharlotteFirefliesLarge Youth 43
2016-D1East Celebrity EliteLadybugsLarge Youth 51
2016-D1Shine All Star CheerGlitterSmall Junior 11
2016-D1Cheer FactoryHeatSmall Junior 12
2016-D1The California All StarsPinkSmall Junior 13
2016-D1Flip City All StarsTwistersSmall Junior 21
2016-D1Cheer Extreme RoanokeDiamondsSmall Junior 22
2016-D1Premier Athletics - NashvilleEmpireSmall Junior 23
2016-D1The Stingray All StarsFireSmall Junior 31
2016-D1Terre Haute Cheer UniversityMiss WorldwideSmall Junior 32
2016-D1SCV All StarsJunior BlueSmall Junior 33
2016-D1GymTyme All StarsLady RedSmall Junior 41
2016-D1Team Illinois CheerBlack SparklesSmall Junior 42
2016-D1Florida Top Dog All StarsMistSmall Junior 43
2016-D1ACXCrazy JagsSmall Junior 51
2016-D1Cheer FactorJunior XSmall Junior 52
2016-D1East Celebrity Elite CTSpotlightSmall Junior 53
2016-D1East Celebrity EliteJwowSmall Junior Coed 51
2016-D1Cheer Central SunsRiseSmall Junior Coed 52
2016-D1Midwest Cheer EliteCheetahsSmall Junior Coed 53
2016-D1Cheer Intensity All StarsPiranhasSmall Junior Restricted 51
2016-D1Infinity All StarsJunior ChromeSmall Junior Restricted 52
2016-D1PRO AthleticsShowstoppersSmall Junior Restricted 53
2016-D1Hagerstown Heat All StarsGreen EnvySmall Senior 11
2016-D1Champion CheerEmberSmall Senior 12
2016-D1South Elite All StarsCrystalsSmall Senior 13
2016-D1Shine All Star CheerChrystal ChromeSmall Senior 21
2016-D1The California All StarsBluettesSmall Senior 22
2016-D1The California All StarsPlatinumSmall Senior 23
2016-D1SCV All StarsSenior BlueSmall Senior 31
2016-D1Stars VipersFierce BoasSmall Senior 32
2016-D1Iowa Elite CheerSenior BonesSmall Senior 33
2016-D1Nor Cal Elite All StarsVenusSmall Senior 43
2016-D1Star AthleticsSenior PlatinumSmall Senior 4.21
2016-D1Intensity AthleticsLady LithiumSmall Senior 4.22
2016-D1Terre Haute Cheer UniversityG.L.A.M.Small Senior 4.23
2016-D1Cheer Nation AthleticsPlatinumSmall Senior Coed 31
2016-D1ACE CheerleadingSuper 3Small Senior Coed 32
2016-D1Florida Top Dog All StarsSleetSmall Senior Coed 33
2016-D1The California All StarsBlack JacksSmall Senior Coed 41
2016-D1Woodlands EliteApachesSmall Senior Coed 42
2016-D1Central Jersey All StarsStun GunzSmall Senior Coed 43
2016-D1Express CheerExceptionalSmall Senior Coed 4.21
2016-D1Cheer Express All StarsPrincess Elite CoedSmall Senior Coed 4.22
2016-D1All That SensationsPlatinumSmall Senior Coed 4.23
2016-D1Twist & ShoutHeartSmall Senior Restricted 51
2016-D1Champion CheerThunderSmall Senior Restricted 52
2016-D1Cheer Extreme SalemLegacySmall Senior Restricted 53
2016-D1Woodlands EliteRaptorsSmall Senior Restricted Coed 51
2016-D1Infinity All StarsSenior BlackSmall Senior Restricted Coed 52
2016-D1SCV All StarsR5Small Senior Restricted Coed 53
2016-D1The California All StarsGlamSmall Youth 11
2016-D1Green Bay ElitePinkSmall Youth 12
2016-D1Cheer Revolution All StarsFameSmall Youth 13
2016-D1POWER FresnoLady PradaSmall Youth 21
2016-D1Bay State All StarsFrostSmall Youth 22
2016-D1The California All StarsYouth EliteSmall Youth 23
2016-D1Twister All StarsSilverSmall Youth 31
2016-D1Atlanta JayhawksIndigoSmall Youth 32
2016-D1Prodigy All StarsPlatinumSmall Youth 41
2016-D1Woodlands EliteStealthSmall Youth 42
2016-D1Cheer AthleticsWondercatsSmall Youth 43
2017 - D1Cheer AthleticsArtic CatsL1 Large Junior1
2017 - D1Crimson HeatTigersL1 Large Junior1
2017 - D1Champion CheerEmberL1 Large Junior2
2017 - D1Woodlands EliteRangersL1 Large Junior2
2017 - D1Power House All StarsGodspeedL1 Large Junior3
2017 - D1Shine All Star CheerStarlightL1 Large Junior3
2017 - D1The California All StarsCrystalL1 Large Senior1
2017 - D1The California All StarsWildcardsL1 Large Senior2
2017 - D1SCV All StarsSenior WhiteL1 Large Senior3
2017 - D1Cheer AthleticsKittykatzL1 Large Youth1
2017 - D1Spirit XtremeBelieveL1 Large Youth2
2017 - D1American CheerYouth WhiteL1 Large Youth3
2017 - D1Cheer FactoryHeatL1 Small Junior1
2017 - D1Excite Gym and CheerDynamiteL1 Small Junior2
2017 - D1Rockstar Cheer CharlestonOutkastL1 Small Junior3
2017 - D1All Star RevolutionHonorL1 Small Youth1
2017 - D1Cheer FactoryInfernoL1 Small Youth2
2017 - D1Stars VipersPython PrincessesL1 Small Youth3
2017 - D1FierceTigerettesL2 Large Junior1
2017 - D1FCA GemsEmeraldsL2 Large Junior2
2017 - D1Python All Stars of ColumbusTimor PythonsL2 Large Junior2
2017 - D1Cheer AthleticsSabresL2 Large Senior1
2017 - D1SCV All StarsSenior SilverL2 Large Senior2
2017 - D1FAME All StarsSIRENSL2 Large Senior3
2017 - D1All Star RevolutionCourageL2 Large Youth1
2017 - D1Louisiana Cheer ForceRuby RedL2 Large Youth2
2017 - D1Cheer AthleticsCougarsL2 Large Youth3
2017 - D1SCV All StarsYouth BlackL2 Large Youth3
2017 - D1Pro AthleticsVIP'SL2 Small Junior1
2017 - D1Premier AthleticsEmpireL2 Small Junior2
2017 - D1Cheer AthleticsBetaCatsL2 Small Junior3
2017 - D1Cheer FactoryFusionL2 Small Senior1
2017 - D1Cheer FactorMirageL2 Small Senior2
2017 - D1Celebrity CheerHollywoodL2 Small Senior3
2017 - D1Shine All Star CheerChrystal ChromeL2 Small Senior3
2017 - D1Ohio ExtremeGlitterL2 Small Youth1
2017 - D1Express CheerExtravaganceL2 Small Youth2
2017 - D1Stars VipersPure PoisonL2 Small Youth3
2017 - D1The California All StarsJ-MoneyL3 Large Junior1
2017 - D1Kawasaki Kids Cheerleading ClubBambies BlueL3 Large Junior2
2017 - D1Stars VipersRed Hot MambasL3 Large Junior3
2017 - D1Laredo All American All StarsStarlitesL3 Large Senior1
2017 - D1Star AthleticsSenior GoldL3 Large Senior2
2017 - D1Cheer AthleticsFirecatsL3 Large Senior3
2017 - D1The Cheer PittBlackoutL3 Large Senior3
2017 - D1Cheer Central SunsTorchL3 Large Senior Coed1
2017 - D1The California All StarsSenior PinkL3 Large Senior Coed2
2017 - D1Top Gun All StarsC3L3 Large Senior Coed3
2017 - D1The Stingray All StarsBlackL3 Large Youth1
2017 - D1Cheer AthleticsLionsL3 Large Youth2
2017 - D1Pacific Coast MagicCrushL3 Large Youth3
2017 - D1SCV All StarsJunior BlackL3 Small Junior1
2017 - D1Central Jersey All StarsBombsquadL3 Small Junior2
2017 - D1Cheer Florida All StarsSerpentsL3 Small Junior3
2017 - D1SCV All StarsSenior BlueL3 Small Senior1
2017 - D1Star AthleticsSenior WhiteL3 Small Senior2
2017 - D1CheerForce San DiegoFrenzyL3 Small Senior3
2017 - D1TrilogyBigsL3 Small Senior Coed1
2017 - D1Twist & ShoutSenior IvyL3 Small Senior Coed2
2017 - D1Bullitt Athletics Twin LakesVengeanceL3 Small Senior Coed3
2017 - D1Intensity AthleticsElectricL3 Small Youth1
2017 - D1Woodlands ElitePhantomL3 Small Youth2
2017 - D1GymTyme All StarsGlitterL3 Small Youth3
2017 - D1The California All StarsSableL4 Large Junior1
2017 - D1Cheer AthleticsThundercatsL4 Large Junior2
2017 - D1Ultimate AthleticsQueensL4 Large Junior3
2017 - D1Cheer AthleticsSassycatsL4 Large Senior1
2017 - D1Cheer ExtremeSr 4 EliteL4 Large Senior2
2017 - D1SCV All StarsSenior BlackL4 Large Senior3
2017 - D1Top Gun All StarsCode BlackL4 Large Senior Coed1
2017 - D1Cheer ExtremeC4L4 Large Senior Coed2
2017 - D1Louisiana Rebel All StarsRedemptionL4 Large Senior Coed3
2017 - D1Woodlands EliteStealthL4 Large Youth1
2017 - D1Cheer ExtremeYouth X SharkbitesL4 Large Youth2
2017 - D1Stars VipersBoomsland d4L4 Small Junior2
2017 - D1Rain AthleticsDownpourL4 Small Junior3
2017 - D1Infinity All StarsJunior FateL4 Small Junior1
2017 - D1Hawaii All StarsKaPrincessesL4 Small Senior1
2017 - D1Rockstar CheerEnVougeL4 Small Senior2
2017 - D1Star AthleticsSenior BlackL4 Small Senior2
2017 - D1The California All StarsBlackJacksL4 Small Senior Coed1
2017 - D1Cheer Express All StarsCamo CoedL4 Small Senior Coed2
2017 - D1Diamonds All StarsBlackL4 Small Senior Coed3
2017 - D1Step One All StarsIncredibleL4 Small Youth1
2017 - D1University Cheer ForceWildfireL4 Small Youth2
2017 - D1ICEAvalancheL4 Small Youth3
2017 - D1Cheer AthleticsPearlCatsL4.2 Large Senior1
2017 - D1Rockstar CheerAC/DCL4.2 Large Senior2
2017 - D1East Celebrity EliteRebelsL4.2 Large Senior3
2017 - D1Cheer ExtremeAngelsL4.2 Large Senior Coed1
2017 - D1The Stingray All StarsUV RaysL4.2 Large Senior Coed2
2017 - D1INFiNiTi AthleticsCobaltL4.2 Large Senior Coed3
2017 - D1Rockstar Cheer CharlestonCheetahsL4.2 Small Senior1
2017 - D1Twist & ShoutSenior DestinyL4.2 Small Senior2
2017 - D1Star AthleticsSenior PlatinumL4.2 Small Senior3
2017 - D1Express CheerExceptionalL4.2 Small Senior Coed1
2017 - D1Brandon All StarsSenior SteelL4.2 Small Senior Coed2
2017 - D1Power House All StarsInvincibleL4.2 Small Senior Coed3
2017 - D1Cheer AthleticsJagsL5 Large Junior1
2017 - D1Cheer ExtremeCrushL5 Large Junior2
2017 - D1The Stingray All StarsGreenL5 Large Junior3
2017 - D1Cheer ExtremeYouth EliteL5 Large Youth1
2017 - D1Step One All StarsPrettyL5 Small Junior1
2017 - D1Cheer ExtremeObsessionL5 Small Junior2
2017 - D1University Cheer ForceThunderL5 Small Junior3
2017 - D1East Celebrity EliteJ-WowL5 Small Junior Coed1
2017 - D1Spirit of TexasJunior RoyalsL5 Small Junior Coed2
2017 - D1Prodigy All StarsMoonlightL5 Small Junior Coed3
2017 - D1Woodlands EliteRaptorsL5R Large Junior Restricted1
2017 - D1ICEFrostL5R Large Junior Restricted2
2017 - D1Cheer ExtremeLady LiliesL5R Large Junior Restricted3
2017 - D1Cheer AthleticsFurycatsL5R Large Junior Restricted Coed1
2017 - D1Maryland TwistersVelocityL5R Large Junior Restricted Coed2
2017 - D1Louisiana Cheer ForcePlatinumL5R Large Junior Restricted Coed3
2017 - D1TwistersSteelL5R Large Senior Restricted1
2017 - D1Cheer ExtremeLegacyL5R Large Senior Restricted2
2017 - D1Cheers & MoreReignL5R Large Senior Restricted3
2017 - D1Cheer Central SunsIgniteL5R Large Senior Restricted Coed 51
2017 - D1The California All StarsMidnightL5R Large Senior Restricted Coed 52
2017 - D1Brandon All StarsSenior TitaniumL5R Large Senior Restricted Coed 53
2017 - D1GymTyme All StarsLady RedL5R Small Junior Restricted1
2017 - D1ICESupernovaL5R Small Junior Restricted2
2017 - D1FCA GemsTanzanitesL5R Small Junior Restricted3
2017 - D1Cheer AthleticsSuperiorCatsL5R Small Junior Restricted Coed1
2017 - D1ATAFusionL5R Small Junior Restricted Coed2
2017 - D1Cheer ExtremePrincessessL5R Small Junior Restricted Coed3
2017 - D1Stars VipersQueen CobrasL5R Small Senior Restricted1
2017 - D1Elite Cheer MichiganVortexL5R Small Senior Restricted2
2017 - D1Cheer AthleticsReignCatsL5R Small Senior Restricted3
2017 - D1SCV All StarsR5L5R Small Senior Restricted Coed1
2017 - D1Florida Top Dog All StarsThunderL5R Small Senior Restricted Coed2
2017 - D1Cheer AthleticsAlphaCatsL5R Small Senior Restricted Coed3
2017 - D2Cheer Craze All StarsJ-CrewL1 Large Junior1
2017 - D2Castle Cheer FactoryRoyal DivasL1 Large Junior2
2017 - D2West Coast RushSupremesL1 Large Junior3
2017 - D2West Coast Fame AllstarsRadianceL1 Large Senior1
2017 - D2StarstruckSenior StellarL1 Large Senior2
2017 - D2Beyond All StarsDivineL1 Large Senior3
2017 - D2North Coast All StarsSapphireL1 Large Youth1
2017 - D2Florida Triple Threat AllstarsSASSY CATZL1 Large Youth2
2017 - D2Champion All StarsWild OnesL1 Large Youth3
2017 - D2California StormFrostL1 Small Junior1
2017 - D2Davis Allstars Gym INCForceL1 Small Junior2
2017 - D2Storm AthletixJunior ThunderL1 Small Junior3
2017 - D2South Bay DivasGoldL1 Small Senior1
2017 - D2Cheer Tyme of GAHurricaneL1 Small Senior2
2017 - D2Elite All StarsFAMEL1 Small Senior3
2017 - D2Corona Star's CheerSilver StarsL1 Small Youth1
2017 - D2POWER FresnoLady PremiereL1 Small Youth1
2017 - D2NJ Heat All StarsSparksL1 Small Youth3
2017 - D2Matrix All StarsAttitudeL2 Large Junior1
2017 - D2Terre Haute Cheer UniversitySpace RangerL2 Large Junior2
2017 - D2Champs CentralGlowL2 Large Junior3
2017 - D2Cheer Company of MichiganWickedL2 Large Senior1
2017 - D2Allstar PanthersSapphireL2 Large Senior2
2017 - D2Sonic Elite All StarsBOOML2 Large Senior3
2017 - D2Savannah SharksAngel SharksL2 Large Youth1
2017 - D2South Georgia AllstarsPrestigeL2 Large Youth2
2017 - D2Maine StarsCautionL2 Large Youth3
2017 - D2POWER ClovisLady PrimeL2 Small Junior1
2017 - D2Davis Allstars Gym INCFierce RoyaltyL2 Small Junior2
2017 - D2Thunder ExtremeLightningL2 Small Junior3
2017 - D2Davis Allstars Gym INCTKOL2 Small Senior1
2017 - D2Idaho CheerEmeraldsL2 Small Senior2
2017 - D2Vizion AthletixPrismL2 Small Senior3
2017 - D2Cheeriffic AllstarsYouthL2 Small Youth1
2017 - D2TAIBlack ICEL2 Small Youth2
2017 - D2Premier CheerLeopardsL2 Small Youth3
2017 - D2POWER ClovisPhenomL3 Large Junior1
2017 - D2Wylie EliteLady J'sL3 Large Junior2
2017 - D2Step Ahead All StarsStarburstL3 Large Junior3
2017 - D2Florida Team CheerSapphireL3 Large Senior1
2017 - D2Northern Lights All StarsBlue ReignL3 Large Senior2
2017 - D2North Coast All StarsTiffanyL3 Large Senior3
2017 - D2Valley Cheer EliteInfernoL3 Large Senior Coed1
2017 - D2Desert Elite MavericksRenegadesL3 Large Senior Coed2
2017 - D2Matrix All StarsVengeanceL3 Large Senior Coed3
2017 - D2Texas EliteBulletsL3 Large Senior Coed3
2017 - D2Matrix All StarsTrinityL3 Large Youth1
2017 - D2Buffalo Envy All StarsBeast ModeL3 Large Youth2
2017 - D2Cheer Craze All Stars3JKL3 Small Junior1
2017 - D2Upper Merion All StarsCrystalsL3 Small Junior2
2017 - D2San Antonio SpiritTeam BlackL3 Small Junior3
2017 - D2One Elite All StarsOne DesireL3 Small Senior1
2017 - D2South Georgia AllstarsSupremacyL3 Small Senior1
2017 - D2Vizion AthletixMirageL3 Small Senior3
2017 - D2Spirit AthleticsEntourag3L3 Small Senior Coed1
2017 - D2All Star AcademyProdigyL3 Small Senior Coed2
2017 - D2Valley All StarsWildstarsL3 Small Senior Coed3
2017 - D2CAO EliteReignL3 Small Youth1
2017 - D2Upper Merion All StarsCrystalsL3 Small Youth2
2017 - D2Ignite AllstarsWildfireL3 Small Youth3
2017 - D2Maryland All StarsLeopard SharksL4 Large Junior1
2017 - D2Buffalo Envy All StarsBabsL4 Large Junior2
2017 - D2Wylie EliteDiamondsL4 Large Senior1
2017 - D2Upper Merion All StarsRoyalsL4 Large Senior2
2017 - D2Perfection All StarsUltra VioletL4 Large Senior3
2017 - D2All 4 CheerFuelL4 Large Senior Coed1
2017 - D2Lunar All StarsImpactL4 Large Senior Coed2
2017 - D2Arizona Element ElitePlatinumL4 Large Senior Coed3
2017 - D2Luxe CheerLuxe LegacyL4 Small Junior1
2017 - D2Victory! All StarsBlue DiamondsL4 Small Junior2
2017 - D2Premier All Stars#Fierce4L4 Small Junior3
2017 - D2Island EliteSteel TideL4 Small Senior1
2017 - D2United Force of OhioBlackoutL4 Small Senior2
2017 - D2Fusion AthleticsINFINITYL4 Small Senior3
2017 - D2Extreme AthleticsBlack SmackL4 Small Senior Coed1
2017 - D2Knight Time CheerForceL4 Small Senior Coed2
2017 - D2Immortal AthleticsSlateL4 Small Senior Coed3
2017 - D2Maine StarsWhipL4.2 arge Senior Coed2
2017 - D21st Class AthleticsONYXL4.2 Large Senior Coed1
2017 - D2Arkansas Cheer DynamixTNTL4.2 Senior Coed3
2017 - D2CheerXperienceZelusL4.2 Small Senior1
2017 - D2Terre Haute Cheer UniversityCEO'sL4.2 Small Senior2
2017 - D2VIP MD VipersBlack DiamondsL4.2 Small Senior3
2017 - D2All That SensationsPlatinumL4.2 Small Senior Coed1
2017 - D2POWER ClovisPULSEL4.2 Small Senior Coed2
2017 - D2CC ChampsShineL5 Junior Coed1
2017 - D2Revolution AthleticsImpactL5 Junior Restricted1
2017 - D2Cheer Time RevolutionJr HeatL5 Junior Restricted2
2017 - D2Spirit of TylerLady SwarmL5 Junior Restricted3
2017 - D2Total CheerEmpowerL5 Junior Restricted Coed1
2017 - D2Matrix All StarsExplosionL5 Junior Restricted Coed2
2017 - D2Extreme All StarsL5 Large Senior Restrcited1
2017 - D2Turners All StarsL5 Large Senior Restrcited2
2017 - D2Twist and TurnsL5 Large Senior Restrcited3
2017 - D2Biron Elite CheerL5 Small Senior Restricted1
2017 - D2Alaska All StarsL5 Small Senior Restricted2
2017 - D2Texas EliteL5 Small Senior Restricted3
2017 - D2Arkansas Cheer DynamixCoed RedL5 Small Senior Restricted Coed1
2017 - D2Knight Time CheerInfinite 5L5 Small Senior Restricted Coed3
2017 - D2Arizona Heat All StarsRated RL5 Small Senior Restricted Coed2

Featured Image: Varsity