As you are probably bleakly aware, the Cheerleading Worlds 2020 was scheduled to take place this weekend April 24-26th. Coronavirus (COVID-19) put the world on pause, and for the first time since 2004, the Cheerleading Worlds will not take place as regularly scheduled. Its ultimate fate is still unknown and USASF will make an announcement Friday, April 24th. 

While we’re missing the sparkle of newly debuted uniforms, the delicious food trucks, and the anticipation of finding out the cup color of the day, I am here to deliver a heavy dose of nostalgia.

Last week, I asked what routines you wish you could watch live one more time. After reading your faves, I dug into the trenches of YouTube to find some of the most iconic routines.

There’s nothing like the roar of the HP Field House (or the Milk House for all you oldies out there). Throwback to the days where you could basically sit on the mat and celebrate after your performance. What a time to be alive!

While ESPN Wide World of Sports may be closed, empty, and alone this weekend, let us reminisce on the unforgettable moments that made us fall in love with cheerleading.

Take a walk down memory lane and see who won the Cheerleading Worlds 2004-2019 here.

10 Cheerleading Worlds Routines That Made the Crowd Go Insane

1. World Cup Shooting Stars – 2008

You have to show a look, have a look, or give a look! 

2. Top Gun Large Coed – 2008

This video is single-handedly responsible for recruiting 86% of all competitive cheerleaders. 

3. Spirit of Texas Senior Limited Coed – 2009

These are the kids that you won’t forget! The commentary makes this video especially fun. 

4. Stingray Allstars Orange – 2010

They call it “Stingray Clean” for a reason! Orange you glad we’re back? You betcha! 

5. California All Stars Elite – 2011

Blah, blah, blah – talk your smack – oh la la the girls are BACK. And lighting the arena UP! 1:53 is my favorite moment in cheerleading history. 

6. Maryland Twisters F5 – 2011

Don’t get it TWISTED! F5 has and forever WILL put on a production. 

7. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite – 2012

The energy this team can drum up! Watch the right side of the floor for some epic crowd cheering. 

8. California All Stars SMOED – 2013

The California All Stars SMOED dynasty in its PRIME. This isn’t redemption, it’s repetition! 

9. Cheer Athletics Panthers – 2014 

The ROAR of this crowd. The ENERGY on the floor! 

10.  Brandon Senior Black – 2016

And to top off our list, by far the most mentioned routine on Twitter… the one. The only. Brandon Senior Black. When they hit that pyramid… CHILLS. 

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