We’re about halfway through showcase season, and we’ve seen some pretty incredible routines. While there have been far more than five impressive showcase performances so far, these ones all stood out for one reason or another.

When deciding which routines to include, we went for the shock value. Each of these teams wows for a different reason – some expectedly and some unexpectedly. In every case, there was something about the routine that forced us to rewind and go “did they really just do THAT?” 

Catch all the 2017 showcase highlights so far.


Our Favorite 2017 Showcase Performances So Far

Cheer Sport Great White Sharks – International Open 5 

Cheer Sport Great White Sharks are no stranger to the spotlight and they are nothing short of epic this season. They’re most well known for their stunting skills, which are executed to a T and dotted with an I. They push the limits both in skill and creativity.

This year, their stunt includes round-off layout to the flyer’s stomach to immediate double up. They then continue to do a slew of other skills including a full-around to immediate tick-tocks. It’s insane.  Their tumbling isn’t so bad either ;). 

Woodlands Elite Black Ops – Medium Senior Coed 5

Woodlands Elite Black Ops have always been good, but this year something feels different. They’re coming out of the gates with a strong routine and a new sense of confidence. They open their routine with a huge handful of back tuck – back handspring – doubles. Gone are the days of back handspring doubles, but this will do just fine. Watch the rest of Woodlands’ showcase here

California All Stars Reckless – International Small Coed 6

It’s always impressive to see a solid level 6 team. And it’s even more impressive to see a level 6 team this solid so early in the season. Reckless’ routine has fun elements sprinkled throughout it, but their stunts with the X-out entry which leads to back tuck to bow and arrows are particularly impressive. Then after, the heel stretch front flip dismount is fun, visual, and unexpected. Watch the rest of California All Stars’ showcase here

Twist & Shout Diamonds – Small Senior Coed 5

The 2016-2017 season’s fan favorite team is showing absolutely no signs of stopping this year. Their stunt sequence is so visually appealing while serving you straight skill and sass. From stunting to tumbling, to routine composition and flow – they’ve got it all. 

Looking this strong in November insane, and it’s going to be incredible what they look like come nationals season. Watch the rest of Twist & Shout’s showcase here

Brandon Senior Black – Small Senior Coed 5

Brandon is giving us a brand new routine structure this year that is truly different than anything we’ve seen so far. We generally don’t see routines lead off with their tumbling sections but it looks good here.

What really steals the show is their 360 ball ups to prep to immediate double arounds. All five of their stunt groups CRUSHED the two skills without so much as moving. If you’ve ever based a level 5 stunt before, you know how difficult those two skills are on their own, let alone put together.

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