The California All Stars announced their Worlds-level teams for the 2019-2020 season – including big changes for their San Marcos location.

We chatted with Tannaz, the owner of The California All Stars, about the new changes and the new team for the 2019-2020 season. Their main goal for the new season is to create teams that are based off the current talent pool and ages of athletes at all locations.

For the first time ever, Cali Coed will compete in a division other than Unlimited or Large Coed – Senior Open Large Coed 6. The ever-successful Cali Sparkle will move to the International Open Non-Tumbling 6. The Camarillo location will add an International Open Coed Non-Tumbling 6 team to the mix, (but don’t worry, Reckless and SMOED aren’t going anywhere). 

Both Cali Coed and Sparkle are moving to new divisions to help with changing trends in the sport. In our opinion, it sounds like a great idea. With the addition of the seven new divisions last season, we saw many, many programs move their teams to new division, look great, and succeed. With 21 Worlds divisions, it’s only smart to choose the divisions that best suit your athletes, coaches. 

The California All Stars is coming off yet another successful Worlds and is taking home seven globes, more than any other program, including three gold, two silver, and two bronze. We’re excited to see the teams that CALI puts together for the 2019-2020 season! 

The California All Stars 2019-2020 Worlds Teams 

(Don’t forget level 5 is now level 6 and level 6 is now level 7) 

  • International Open Small Coed 7 – Reckless (Camarillo)
  • Small Coed 6 – Smoed (Camarillo)
  • International Open Coed Non-Tumbling 6 – NEW (Camarillo)
  • Small Senior 6 – Lady Bullets (San Marcos)
  • International Open Non-Tumbling 6 – Sparkle (San Marcos)
  • Senior Open Large Coed 6 – CALI Coed (San Marcos)
  • International Open Large Coed 7 – Rangers (San Marcos)
  • Extra Small Senior 6 – Vixens (Mesa, AZ)
  • Medium All Girl 6 – Midnight (Ontario)
  • Medium Coed 6 – Black Ops (Livermore)
  • Global Coed 6 – Ghost Recon (Livermore)
  • Senior Open Small Coed 6 – Aces (Vegas)

If you are out of state, California All Stars has opportunities available for those that qualify. Email for more information.