The Cheerleading Worlds 2021 Schedule

May 8-10, 2021

Orlando, Florida

The Cheerleading Worlds 2021 is the most prestigious all-star cheerleading competition end-of-season event. More than 300 teams will compete for their chance to become a Cheerleading Worlds 2021 Champion.


Updated 5/9/21 at 11pm Pacific

CheerTheory’s schedule is NOT the official schedule. Refer to USASF’s schedule for the most recent updates.

Awards Schedule for May 10th, 2021

  • 12:45PM ET — L6 International Open Large Coed
  • 2:00PM ET — L6 Senior Large
  • 2:25PM ET — L6 Senior XSmall Coed
  • 2:45PM ET — L6 Senior Open Small Coed
  • 5:30PM ET — L7 International Open Large Coed
  • 5:45PM ET — L6 Senior XSmall
  • 6:00PM ET — L6 Senior Open Large Coed
  • 6:45PM ET — L6 Senior Large Coed