The Cheerleading Worlds 2024 Searchable Schedule

April 26-29, 2024 | Orlando, Florida

CheerTheory’s Cheerleading Worlds 2024 Searchable Schedule allows you to search for any division, program, team, and more. Find when each team is competing below. The Cheerleading Worlds 2024 is the most prestigious all-star cheerleading competition end-of-season event. More than 500 teams will compete for their chance to become a Cheerleading Worlds 2024 Champion.

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Updated as of the 4/28/24 11pm USASF Dated Schedule

CheerTheory’s schedule is NOT the official schedule. Refer to USASF’s schedule for the most recent updates.

Monday, April 29, 2024

Updated as of 4/28/24 11pm USASF Schedule