According to The Majors website, this event is the most selective event in all-star cheerleading. When the majors started a few years ago, it was the first of its kind. For years, JamFest, the company behind The Majors, was the largest national competition in the Midwest. However, it lacked a significant presence from the major mega gyms, like Cheer Extreme, Cheer Athletics, Spirit of Texas, just to name a few.

Since the first Majors competition, we have seen a number of other interesting competition companies enter the scene (think The All Star Games, etc).

Below are the results for the Large Senior 5 division. We included performance videos for every team we could find. In lieu of a performance video, we put the team’s Major preview video.

1. Stingray All Stars Orange

2. Cheer Athletics Panthers

3. World Cup Shooting Stars

4. Maryland Twisters F5

5. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite

Score Sheet

Featured Image: @cheerUPDATES