The Majors is one of the most prolific competitions of the season. It’s a competition that owners say are truly about the athletes. Between red carpets, exclusive tickets, and a completely different athlete experience, it has set a new benchmark for all-star cheerleading. The best-of-the-best compete against one another, often for the first time that season.

The competition took place January 16, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana the night before JAMfest Supernationals January 16-17.

12 teams in five different divisions competed for a chance to be crowned the winner.

The results and as many videos as we could find are below: 

Small-SeniorSmall-Senior-CoedMedium-all-girlMajor Medium Coed ResultsLarge-All-Girl-ResultsLarge-Coed-Results

 Featured Image: The MAJORS