In the months leading up to Worlds 2016, we devastatingly found out that all-star cheerleading music was about to change forever. The cheerleading Gods have spoken and it’s official, never again will we hear our favorite songs in our beloved cheer mixes. No snippets, no covers, nothing.

Sure, cheer music has changed a lot over the years and producers are incredibly talented. Fancy voiceovers and raps have become more common and fewer songs are used in almost every mix. But, the covers and brief clips of our favorite songs were critical to a mix becoming a bop, or even an ANTHEM. I’m being ridiculous, but you get the point.

And now, it only seems appropriate to pay tribute to the music that we’ve all come to know and love before the new season begins.

Here are some of the best cheer mixes I could find in the depths of Soundcloud and YouTube.

If you’re interested in learning more about the music rule changes, read more here.

The Best All-Star Cheerleading Mixes of All Time

1. Cali Lady Bullets 2011

Blah, blah, blah talk your smack, oh la la the girls are back.

2. Top Gun Large Coed 2014

Top Gun is going back-to-back RETWEET. 

3. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite 2009

Oh ladies you better believe that teal and black is still looking fierce.

4. World Cup Shooting Stars 2008

Everybody line up, the show is about to start! You have to show, have a look, or a give a look. 

5. World Cup Shooting Stars 2010

one two, cha cha cha, three four, cha cha cha 

6. Prodigy All Stars Midnight 2016

Welcome to the ball!

7. Ultimate Athletics Legacy 2009

That Michael Bublé dance song is everything.

8. Stingray Allstars Orange 2012

ORANGEEEEEEEEE, don’t call it a comeback. 

9. GymTyme Pink 2011

Allow me to reintroduce myself.

10. Maryland Twisters F5 2011

Don’t get it twisted!

11. Maryland Twisters F5 2016

Hello, is F5 there? 

12. California All Stars Senior Silver 2012

An mix filled with only Britney Spears songs. Long live the queen. 

13. Cali Aces 2016

You may have a couple cards, but I’m about to throw the whole deck at ya! 

14. Top Gun Large Coed 2012

Thanks for saving my seat, but hunny, here’s something to tweet

15. Rockstar Cheer Beatles 2016

It’s going down, basement… 

16. Cheer Athletics Panthers 2011

Because I got nine lives like a kitty cat, meowwwww. 

17. Cheer Athletics Wildcats 2013

Guess it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. 

18. Top Gun Coed 2010

I’m just so lucky to be walking on a wire, I’m so hot I can barely feel your fire. 

19. Cali Smoed 2014

Whatchu you know about? I know all about that. 

20. Spirit of Texas Medium Coed 2013

It’s like the world’s in my hands now. I’m feeling so rebellious from all of the envy.

21. Cheer Athletics Panthers 2012

Welcome to my Panther party

The HUGE upside:

We will never have to hear Demi Lovato’s Waitin’ For You… ever again. Now only the radio will ruin good songs. Bless.

Did we miss your fave mix? Comment it below.

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