Varsity’s The Summit 2019 took place May 2-4, 2019 in Orlando, Florida at ESPN Wide World of Sports. The Summit is the largest and most exclusive all-levels national championship in the world.

Thousands of teams compete for a bid to the pinnacle event every season. While hundreds of teams compete at The Summit, few rise to the top. Below are the results for levels one, two, three, four, five, and International/IASF divisions. Click the navigation below to jump to a specific level.

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Level 1

Level 1 Small Youth

1All Star RevolutionHonor
2The Stingray AllstarsStingray Wave
3New York IconsFlawless
4Platinum AthleticsSparkle
5CheerForce Orange CountyBlink
6Top Gun All StarsBullet Gold
7Spirit XtremeBelieve
8Star AthleticsYouth Black
10SCV All StarsYouth White
11Pittsburgh Pride All StarsRoar
12Woodlands Elite – HumbleMarshals
13Infinity AllstarsYouth Empire
14Rain AthleticsMist
15Rockstar Cheer Atlanta EastVIPs

Level 1 Medium Youth 

1Cheer Athletics – PlanoKittyKatz
2ACX TwistersChaos
3Calgary Stars Gymnastics & CheerleadingCosmic Rays
4Express CheerExcellence
5Python All StarsStriped Pythons
6CheerVille AthleticsHarley Quinn
7Cheer FactorSuperstition
8Planet SpiritSparks
8Tiger EliteFierce Cats
10Bullitt AthleticsAngels

Level 1 Small Junior 

1Express CheerExplosion
2Macs Allstar CheerRiot
3REACT EliteRadioactive
4Central Jersey All StarsJunior Ammo
5Cheer Athletics – ColumbusSirenCats
6Cheer Athletics- FriscoSolarCats
7Jersey All StarsSea Witches
8Louisiana Rebel All StarsHonor
9Maryland Twisters VirginiaHaze
10Cheer Central SunsGlimmer
11Cheer Express Allstars
Cheer Express Junior Sparkles
12Premier Athletics – MichiganAqua
13Star AthleticsJunior Chrome
14Rockstar Cheer Lake NormanQuiet Riot
15All-Star RevolutionUNITY

Level 1 Medium Junior 

1Power House All StarsGodspeed
2Platinum AthleticsShine
2Rockstar CheerTing Tings
4South Bay DivasRush
5The Atlanta JayhawksECLIPSE
6Apex CheerTeal Titans
7Cheer Force WolfpackEnvy
8Champion CheerInferno
9Spirit XtremeHeart
10Natural Venom All StarsJunior Combat
10FLIP! Gym
Wolfpack Sparkle
12FAME All Stars – YorktownShowtime

Level 1 Small Senior 

1Premier Spirit AthleticsROYAL
2The California All Stars – MesaVogue
3Champion CheerEmber
4Top Gun All StarsDynasty
5The Stingray All StarsRock
6Rogue Athletics – SFVGenerals
7Top Gun All StarsWild Ones
7Cheer Athletics – PlanoArctic Cats
9The California All Stars – Las VegasWildcards
10Broward Elite AllstarsQueen Katz
11Macs Allstar CheerWhite Diamondz
12Midwest Cheer Elite-ColumbusPink
13Cheer IntensityVipers
14Pacific Coast MagicVogue

Level 1 Medium Senior 

1The California All Stars – OntarioCrystal
2Connect Cheer Northwest
Connect Cheer NW Teal
3Cheer FactorCharmed
4Elite All StarsEnvy
5Midwest Cheer EliteLady Jags

Level 2

Level 2 Small Youth 

1Cheer Athletics – PlanoOcelots
2Express CheerExtravagance
4Cheer IntensityCrocs
5Cheer Athletics- FriscoAstroCats
6Core Athletix RochesterKarma
7Pittsburgh Pride All StarsFerocious
7Northern EliteFierce
9River City AllstarsMojo
10FAME All Stars – MidloHollywood
11Prodigy All StarsSapphire
12Top Gun All StarsY2K
13Platinum AthleticsFrost
14Brandon All Stars North TampaBlush
15Cheer Fusion AllstarsGlitz
16Champion CheerLava Girls

Level 2 Medium Youth

1All-Star RevolutionCOURAGE
2Cheer Athletics – PlanoCougars
3The Stingray All StarsRed
4Louisiana Cheer ForceRuby Red
5Louisiana Rebel All StarsGlory
6Broward Elite AllstarsShimmer Katz
7Woodlands Elite – ORLieutenants
8Rockstar CheerBangles
9Flip City All StarsStorm
10Laredo All AmericanDippers
11South Jersey StormTornadoes
12Cheer Florida All StarsUnicorns

Level 2 Small Junior 

1CheerVille AthleticsMystique
2CheerForce San DiegoFerocious
2Cheer Athletics – PlanoLeopards
4The Atlanta JayhawksLIGHTNING
5Cheer FactorProdigy
6The Stingray AllstarsSuns
7Jersey All StarsWhite Walkers
8Brandon All-StarsChrome
9Top Gun All StarsEmeralds
10Cheer Express Allstars
Cheer Express Junior Royalty
11Premier Athletics – Knoxville NorthCali Sharks
11Woodlands Elite – OROfficers
13Champion CheerSpice
14Stars Vipers AustinNightsnakes
15Pittsburgh Pride All StarsUntamed
16Premier Athletics – NashvilleEmpire
17Green Bay Elite All-StarsLemon
18Diamonds All StarsSASSYCATS
19Spirit of Texas
Purple Diamonds

Level 2 Medium Junior 

1The California All Stars- San MarcosReign
2Cheer Athletics – PittsburghTitaniumCats
3South Bay DivasReign
4CheerVille AthleticsWicked
5Star AthleticsJunior White
5The Stingray All StarsGray
7Elite All StarsObsession
8All-Star RevolutionLOYALTY
9Apex CheerJunior Queens
11Python All StarsMalaya Pythons
12Midwest Cheer EliteCheshireKatz
13Step One All Stars – NorthRemarkable

Level 2 Small Senior 

1The Stingray All StarsObsidian
2Woodlands Elite – KatyAdmirals
3Rockstar CheerEagles
4Stars Vipers San AntonioKing Snakes
5Premier Athletics – NashvilleLady Reign
6Cheer Express Allstars
Cheer Express Senior Heat
7Top Gun All StarsIce
8Cheer FactorMirage
8Brandon All-StarsCocoa
10Cheer Athletics- FriscoCometCats
11Diamonds All StarsSUGAR
12CheerVille AthleticsMayhem
13Maryland Twisters VirginiaSurge
14Cheer Central SunsDawn
15Cheerletics RoyaltyHUSH

Level 2 Medium Senior 

1Cheer Athletics – PlanoSabres
2SCV All StarsSenior Silver
3Express CheerExplicit
4Python All StarsTimor Pythons
5FAME All Stars – VA BeachSIRENS
6Louisiana Cheer ForceScarlet
7Connect Cheer Northwest
Connect Cheer NW Scarlet
8Core Athletix RochesterObsession
9Nor Cal Elite All StarsElectra
10Steele AthleticsPlatinum
11Greensboro All Star CheerleadingSunstones
12Midwest Cheer EliteWicked Claws
13Victory! All StarsObsidian

Level 3

Level 3 Small Youth

1Brandon All-StarsRose
2Cheer Central SunsDazzle
3Cheer Athletics – CharlottePrincessCats
5East Celebrity Elite
East Celebrity Elite Y3 Fireflies
6Top Gun All StarsYoung Gunz
7Dakota SpiritBlaze
8Rockstar Cheer PittsburghPrima Donnas
9Platinum AthleticsSister PAC
10Champion CheerCaliente

Level 3 Medium Youth 

1All-Star RevolutionCONQUER
2Cheer Athletics – PlanoLions
3Midwest Cheer EliteSupercats
4Flip City All StarsCrush
5World CupLittle Dippers
6Fusion All StarsFlash
7Cheer Savannah AllstarsChenille

Level 3 Small Junior 

1The California All Stars – LivermoreJ-Fab
2Excite Gym and CheerRush
3Cheer Athletics – PlanoIcecats
4The Stingray AllstarsTropic Rays
5Florida Top Dog All StarsRiptide
6Cheer Florida WellingtonRavens
7Nor Cal Elite All StarsLuna
8Pittsburgh Pride All StarsTriple Threat
9Express CheerExtraordinary
10Rockstar Cheer Jax21 Savage
11The California All Stars – MesaJr Posh
12Cheer Central SunsSparkle
14Hawaii All-StarsKRUSH
15Rock Solid All StarsFAITH
16Stars Vipers AustinJunior Corals
17Cheer Florida All StarsSirens
18GymTyme All-StarsKiss
19SCV All StarsJunior Black

Level 3 Medium Junior 

1The California All Stars- San MarcosJ3
2CheerVille AthleticsHocus Pocus
3All-Star RevolutionLIBERTY
4The Stingray All StarsScarlet
5Cheer Athletics – PittsburghVibeCats
6Star AthleticsJunior Gold
7Spirit of TexasPurple Aces
8Rain AthleticsBrellas
9Top Gun All StarsJunior Black
10Rockstar Cheer AtlantaPoison
11Bullitt AthleticsLethal Ladies
12New York IconsRoyalty
13Midwest Cheer EliteWondercats
14The Atlanta JayhawksDENIM
15The California All Stars – OntarioSlate

Level 3 Small Senior

1SCV All StarsSenior Blue
2ACXPurple Reign
3CheerForce San DiegoFrenzy
4The Cheer PittBlackout
5Brandon All-StarsPlatinum
6Cheer Athletics- FriscoLunaCats
7Central Jersey All StarsKnockout
8Rockstar Cheer JaxFlo Rida
9Bullitt AthleticsVengeance
10Celebrity Cheer UnlimitedFame
11ACE Cheer Company – DothanWarhawks
12Long Island CheerSilver
13Cheer Athletics – CharlotteDivinityCats
14Top Gun All StarsRoyalty
15World EliteSensation

L3 Small Senior Coed

1Midwest Cheer Elite-ColumbusBlack Label
2Stars Vipers San AntonioFierce Boas
3Rockstar Cheer
Smashing Pumpkins
4All-Star RevolutionTRIUMPH
6The Stingray All StarsJet
7Reign Athletics
Kings and Queens
8Spotlight Studios North StarOrion
9Connect Cheer Northwest
Connect Cheer NW Smoke
10Steele Athletics24 Karat
11Liberty CheerInspire

Level 3 Medium Senior 

2The Stingray All StarsLime
2Cheer Athletics – PittsburghBronzeCats
4Dakota SpiritEclipse
5Midwest Cheer EliteMiss Kitty
6Top Gun All StarsPink Assassins
7Star AthleticsSenior Gold
8FLIP! Gym
Wolfpack Senior Steel
8Diamonds All StarsBOMBSHELLS
10Python All StarsNova Pythons
11SI Spirit
12Bluewater Cheer AthleticsSea Queens

Level 3 Medium Senior Coed

1American CheerSr Black
2South Bay DivasMajesty
3Spirit of TexasPurple Sass
4Top Gun All StarsC3
5The Atlanta JayhawksRIPTIDE
6CheerForce Orange CountySteel
7Cheer Central SunsHelios
9Rockstar Cheer AtlantaFall Out Boy
10Cheer Extreme – RaleighSr Coed 3lite
11Tristate AthleticsCommanders
12Victory! All StarsSapphires

Level 4

Level 4.2 Small Senior 

1Cheer Athletics – CharlotteCrownCats
1Rockstar Cheer Rhode IslandThe Temptations
3Rain AthleticsElectric
4Elite Heat All-Stars4.Fierce
5New York IconsLady Legends
5Cheer St LouisGlory
7Five StarMega Stars
8ACX DiamondsPurple Reign
9Cheer Fusion Allstars4.Teal
10Team Illinois Cheer
Orange Obsession
11Pittsburgh Pride All StarsLady Royals

Level 4.2 Small Senior Coed

1Elite All StarsSupremacy
2Power House All StarsInvincible
3iNFiNiTi AthleticsCobalt
4Premier Athletics – MichiganElectric
5GymTyme IllinoisSpark
6Rogue Athletics – SFVBomb Squad
7Steele AthleticsElectrum
8Five Star AthleticsParamount
9Rockstar Cheer Lake NormanVan Halen
10Top Gun All StarsB42
11Apex CheerSenior Gold

Level 4.2 Medium Senior 

1The Stingray All StarsUV
2East Celebrity Elite
East Celebrity Elite 4.2 Rebels
3Cheer Athletics – PittsburghIronCats
4ACX TwistersLady Eclipse
5Bullitt AthleticsDivine
6The California All Stars – Las VegasQueens

Level 4.2 Medium Senior Coed

2Cheer Extreme – RaleighAngels
3The California All Stars – MesaROUGE
4New Jersey Spirit ExplosionHot Topic
5Vancouver All StarsInferno
6University Cheer ForceTsunami

Level 4 Small Youth 

1New Jersey Spirit ExplosionBombshells
2Stars Vipers Katy
Diamondback Divas

Level 4 Medium Youth 

1Cheer Extreme – Raleigh
Youth X Sharkbites

Level 4 Small Junior 

1GymTyme All-StarsStorm
2Stars Vipers San AntonioBoomslang
3Fire & Ice AllstarsYetis
4FLIP! Gym
Wolfpack Junior Fierce
5Team Illinois CheerSilver Charm
6Cheer Athletics – ColumbusCupidCats
7Cheer Extreme – RaleighJr 4 Elite
8Savannah SharksTiger Sharks
8Champion CheerFusion
10Top Gun All StarsJagSwag
11ICESuper Freeze
12Rockstar CheerSpice Girls
13CheerForce Orange CountyProdigy
14Tristate AthleticsDaVinci Code
15GymTyme IllinoisCrush

Level 4 Medium Junior 

1The California All Stars – LivermoreCovert
1The California All Stars – Las VegasJ-Club
3The Stingray All StarsPlatinum
4Woodlands Elite – ORMajors
5Midwest Cheer EliteSmack Cats
6Brandon All-StarsSilver
8Bullitt AthleticsRampage
9Cheer Athletics – AustinRubyCats
10Woodlands Elite – KatyBomb Squad

Level 4 Small Senior

1The California All Stars – MesaCLASSICS
2Brandon All-StarsSapphire
3Cheer Athletics- FriscoGalactiCats
4Team Illinois CheerBlack Sparkle
5Cheer Extreme – RaleighSr 4 Elite
6GymTyme IllinoisSnap
7Savannah SharksRiptide
8Python All StarsMojave Pythons
9Ultimate STARZ AthleticsObsession
9Pro SpiritPlatinum
11SCV All StarsSenior Black
11CheerForce San DiegoWrath
13Stars Vipers CaliforniaLady Venom
14Rockstar Cheer CharlestonCheetah Girls
15Elite Heat All-StarsFire
16World EliteLady Lux
17Cheer Athletics – CharlotteRegalCats
18Rockstar Cheer Holly SpringsSlayer
19Spirit XtremeLoyalty

Level 4 Small Senior Coed

1The California All Stars – Las VegasBlackjacks
2The Stingray AllstarsStingray Beach
3Reign AthleticsLegacy
4Cheer Express Allstars
Cheer Express Coed Camo
5East Celebrity Elite – CTHollywood
6Platinum AthleticsTitanium
7Elite All StarsRoyality
8South Bay DivasBlue Diamonds
9Liberty CheerLegacy
10Mississippi SpiritFire
11ACX DiamondsICE
12Spotlight Studios North StarSirius
13Indiana Ultimate- Fort WayneGreen Envy

Level 4 Medium Senior 

1The California All Stars- San MarcosS4
2Star AthleticsSenior Slate
3Cheer Athletics – PlanoSassycats
4Pittsburgh Pride All StarsMajesty
5Spirit of TexasRoyal Queens
7Cheer Central SunsLady Rays
8FAME All Stars – MidloLady Crush
9Premier Athletics – NashvilleRoyal Ladies
10East Celebrity Elite
East Celebrity Elite Showgirls
11University Cheer ForceStorm
12Rockstar Cheer JaxTwisted Sis
13Louisiana Rebel All StarsRedemption
15Greensboro All Star CheerleadingBlack Diamonds

Level 4 Medium Senior Coed

1iNFiNiTi AthleticsSteel
1Cheer ExtremeC4
3Florida Top Dog All StarsHail
4Cheer Extreme – RaleighBerries
5Rain AthleticsDrizzle
6South Elite All-StarsRubies
7Five StarShade
8Cheer Athletics – PittsburghBrassCats
9Champion CheerFury
10Cheer Athletics – PlanoProwlers
12Tiger EliteLYNX

Level 5

Level 5 Youth Restricted 

1Cheer Extreme – CharlotteFireflies

Level 5 Small Junior Restricted 

1ACXCrazy Jags
2Cheer Athletics – CharlotteSuperiorCats
3New Jersey Spirit Explosion5 STAR
4East Celebrity Elite – CTSpotlight
5Pittsburgh Pride All StarsBeast Mode
6Macs Allstar CheerStorm Troopers
7Thrive All StarsLady Pearls
8FAME All Stars – PASuper X

Level 5 Small Junior Restricted Coed 

1Cheer Central SunsRise
2Cheer Extreme – CharlottePrincesses
3Platinum AthleticsSlate
4Pro AthleticsHOLLYwood
5Legacy Xtreme All StarsROYAL BEES
6Cheer Athletics – PlanoFurycats
7East Celebrity Elite
East Celebrity Elite JRock
8Universal Sonics
Universal Sonics Thrashers

Level 5 Large Junior Restricted 

2Rain AthleticsDownpour
3The Stingray All StarsRoyal

Level 5 Large Junior Restricted 

1Team Illinois CheerPink Envy
2Express CheerExotic
3Champion CheerThunder
4The Stingray All StarsBlack Diamond
5FLIP! Gym
Wolfpack Senior Spice
6Cheer Central SunsTwilight
7Infinity AllstarsThe Queens
8Cheer Fusion AllstarsPerfect Storm
9Cheer Central Suns – NMSolstice
10All-Star RevolutionJUSTICE
11Connect Cheer Northwest
Connect Cheer NW Blush
12Inspire AthleticsPassion

Level 5 Small Senior Restricted Coed 

1GymTyme IllinoisTwist
2Brandon All-StarsShade
3Woodlands Elite – HumbleCommanders
4Step One All Stars – NorthExcellent
5Cheer Athletics – CharlotteReignCats
6Dakota SpiritApollo
8Desert Storm EliteRebels
9Diamonds All StarsBLACK
10Tribe CheerNighthawks
11Top Gun All StarsReTwisted
12Premier Athletics Columbia
Premier Athletics Blackout
13Arizona Element EliteNitro
14Excite Gym and CheerEnergy
15Wylie EliteSteel

L5 Large Senior Restricted 

1The Stingray All StarsSpice
2Cheer Extreme – CharlotteMonarchs
3GymTyme All-StarsLady Red
4Cheer Extreme – RaleighSRX
5Midwest Cheer Elite – ToledoLady Fire
6Midwest Cheer EliteLegendCats
7Vancouver All StarsSnow Angels

L5 Large Senior Restricted Coed 

1Woodlands Elite – ORSWAT
1Stars Vipers San AntonioRoyal Cobras
3Top Gun All StarsYOSO
4The California All Stars – LivermoreLive 5
5Pro AthleticsSHAMELESS
6Cheer Athletics – ColumbusAlphaCats
7FAME All Stars – VA BeachENVY
8Twist & Shout EdmondHeart
9Bullitt AthleticsPhantom

Level 5 Small Junior

1Woodlands Elite – ORColonels
2Upper Merion All StarsCitrus
3Brandon All-StarsFire
4Connect Cheer Northwest
Connect Cheer NW Obsidian
5University Cheer ForceThunder
6Fusion All StarsBombshells

Level 5 Small Junior Coed 

1The California All Stars- San MarcosJr. Mafia
2Maryland TwistersSupercells
3Cheer Extreme – RaleighSJX
4FAME All Stars – MidloThee J5
5Cheer Force ArkansasJayhawks
6Infinity AllstarsLegacy
7Step One All StarsSuper
8Cheer Athletics – PittsburghChromeCats

L5 Large Junior 

1East Celebrity Elite
East Celebrity Elite JWow
2World CupStarlites
3Cheer Extreme – ChicagoOBSESSION
4Spirit of TexasJunior Royals

L5 Large Junior Coed

1The Stingray All StarsGreen
2Cheer ExtremeCrush
3Cheer Athletics – PlanoJags
4Top Gun All StarsJC5

International IASF Divisions

Level 1 International Junior 

1Zodiac All Stars
Zodiac Allstars Shadow
2Sharon Ann Academy of Cheer & DanceSA Reign
3Wildcats LeverkusenWildcats J1
4Cheer Central SunsLight
5Champion CheerSizzlers
6American CheerJr White
7Perfect Storm AthleticsIntensity
8Central Florida Athletics- JacksonvilleProwlers
9Kent Cheer AcademyZirconium
10CheerForce Simi ValleyBoulderz

Level 1 International Senior 

2Natural Venom All StarsCadets Intl

L2 International Junior

1Yokohama Bay Sports Club
Yokohama Bay Sports Club – Dolphin Stars
2UEDA Mix Sports Club
4Rain AthleticsWeather Girls
5Crimson Heat TigersVengeance
6Rival Cheer AcademyJunior Savage
7iNFiNiTi AthleticsOnyx
8North East Cheer All-StarsQuartz
9Premier Athletics – MurfreesboroCharisma
10Pro SpiritTitanium
11Calgary Stars Gymnastics & CheerleadingOdyssey
12Aylesbury Cheerleading AcademyACA Apollo
13Herts AllstarsHerts Intensity
14Unity AllstarsLemon
15Premier Spirit AthleticsJLOVE
16Wylie EliteFierce
17South Jersey StormWildfire
18Extreme Cheer SensationFever
19Vancouver All StarsSuper Twisters
20Cheer IntensityGators

Level 2 International Senior 

2Calgary Stars Gymnastics & CheerleadingBlackout
3Mississippi SpiritCrush
4Bay State Rhode IslandLady Fearless

Level 3 International Junior 

1American CheerJ-Black
2Core Athletix RochesterPlatinum
3Intensity AthleticsHigh Voltage
4CheerVille AthleticsPhantom
5ACX TwistersPower
6iNFiNiTi AthleticsRuby
7VickiesVICKIES Infinity
8Champion CheerBurn
9Cheer Athletics – PlanoLightningcats
10Beach Cheer AthleticsJetStream
11Cheer Extreme – SalemLegends
12FierceLady Lynx
12Bay State All StarsEclipse
14Cheer IntensityBengals
15Pro SpiritLady Xenon
16Pacific Coast MagicCrush
17USA WildcatsJunior Rage
18Pro AthleticsDIVAS
19Nor Cal Elite All Stars – San RamonMuse
20Central Florida Athletics- JacksonvilleBruisers

Level 3 International Senior 

1Setagaya Pinky’s
Setagaya Pinky’s – Pinky’s Diamond
2Bay State All StarsShade
4Coastal Wave EliteSurge
5Island Elite CheerleadingSwell

Level 3 International Senior Coed 

1Calgary Stars Gymnastics & CheerleadingSuper Nova
2Cheer Extreme – ChicagoRevolution

Level 4 International Junior

1Prodigy All StarsSteel
2Cheer Athletics – PlanoTigers
3Peak AthleticsCleoCATra
4The California All Stars – MesaVERSACE
5The Stingray All StarsSapphire
6Wylie EliteDiamonds
8Bravo All StarsRoyals
9Cheer Force WolfpackProdigy
10Vancouver All StarsLady Lava

Level 4 International Junior Coed 

1Extreme AthleticsBlackout
2Cheer Extreme – RichmondJunior Clique
3Cheer Extreme – ChicagoFancy
4Nor Cal Elite All StarsTyphoon
5Pro CheerFalcons

Level 4 International Senior 

1Cheer Central SunsGolden Girls
2Langley Cheer & AthleticsAllure
3Steele AthleticsKryptonite
4Rising StarsAurora
5Louisiana Cheer ForceTwilight

Level 4 International Senior Coed 

1Cheer IntensityGreat Whites
2GymTyme IllinoisWicked
3Cheer Extreme – CharlotteProdigy

Level 4 International Open 

1Vancouver All StarsReign
2Nor Cal Elite All StarsInvidia
3Intensity Cheer ExtremeLime Crush
4Arrows Pirna e.V.Funky Arrows
5Musketeers Funky CheerStorm

Level 4 International Open Coed 

1Rockstar CheerGuns & Roses
2Cheer Athletics – PlanoSavagecats
3Legacy Xtreme All StarsP4NTHERS
4Steele AthleticsRust
5California PrideStorm
6Power House All StarsTwisted
7TNT All Stars CheerleadingC4
8Arizona Element EliteVibranium
9Bay State All StarsCode Blue
10Rock Solid All StarsSAVIORS