The Summit 2022 brought together some of the biggest names in cheerleading for one epic weekend of competition. We counted and ranked which programs took home the most Summit 2022 medals.

Find all of our Summit 2022 coverage, including International, Prelims, Semi-Finals, and Finals scores, placements, and rankings here.

The Summit 2022 Medal Count by Program

The weighted ranking is created by awarding five points for first, three points for second, and one point for third. All first, second, and third placements are added up and reverse ranked.

This ranking only includes medals won in 2022. It is not cumulative.

RankProgram NameWeightedTotal CountGoldSilverBronze
1The California All Stars4614725
2The Stingray All Stars4214464
3Cheer Extreme2810334
4Cheer Athletics2711326
5Rockstar Cheer237241
6Cheer Express Allstars164301
8Champion Cheer144211
9GymTyme All-Stars124040
9Louisiana Cheer Force124121
9Stars Vipers124121
12CheerVille Athletics113120
12Express Cheer113201
14Tribe Cheer102200
14Zodiac All Stars102200
18California Pride93111
18Star Athletics93111
20East Celebrity Elite73021
20Python All Stars73102
20SC Cheer73102
23Diamonds All Stars62020
23FAME All Stars62020
23Rival Athletics62101
23SCV All Stars62101
23South Bay Divas64013
23Spirit of Texas62020
31American Cheer51100
31Cheer Florida All Stars51100
31Dakota Spirit51100
31Kawasaki Kids Cheerleading Club Bambies51100
31Macs Allstar Cheer51100
31National Stars51100
31Nor Cal Elite All Stars53012
31Power House All Stars51100
31Prodigy All Stars51100
31Rain Athletics51100
31World Elite51100
42All-Star Revolution42011
42Arizona Element Elite42011
42Brandon All-Stars42011
42Woodlands Elite42011
46Bullitt Athletics31010
46Cheer Central Suns31010
46iNFiNiTi Athletics31010
46Jessie Leigh Dance & Cheer Academy31010
46Palm Beach Lightning31010
46Premier Athletics31010
46Sonic Elite Olympia31010
46South Jersey Storm31010
54Flames Cheerleading11001
54Rock Solid All Stars11001
54Step One All Stars11001
54Surrey Starlets11001
54Top Gun All Stars11001
54Twist & Shout11001
54Twisters Elite Cheer11001