After we posted 10 All Star Cheerleading Routines We’ll Never Forget, someone called us out on the Fierce Board for neglecting the juniors!

So, we decided they needed a post of their own.

Remember when junior level 5 teams could go to Worlds? All in favor of bringing them back, say Aye! *Aye*

These teams, athletes, and gyms defined the last decade of cheerleading… and many of them are now making history on senior teams (or even college teams!).

Enjoy this journey down memory lane.

The Top Ten Junior Level 5 Teams of All Time

1. World Cup Star Lites 2007

Watching this routine is surreal. These kids are basically fetus status and throwing some SERIOUS skill. Legendary.

2. Maryland Twisters Supercells Junior 5 2010

Okay, we are just so glad this routine was brought back into our life. Is there something in that Maryland water that breeds perfect tumbling babies? Or maybe it’s just blood, sweat, and tears.

3. California All Stars Junior Mafia 2013

Faith over fear, darling. These kids are simply amazing and they make this routine look effortless. Those Bullets tried to tease us and pretend Mafia was gone for good in 2013, but they’re BACK!

4. Green Bay Elite Lime 2009

Lime seems to be one of this season’s hottest topics. This throwback will help you understand that these athletes have been great from a young age. Green Bay Elite always wowed people with Lime and Pink, their senior team at the time. Let these Lime Ladies show you how they did it in the years of yonder.

5. East Celebrity Elite Junior 5 2013

Another amazing junior team that has defined the future of their program. They obviously breed ‘em young here, and we can’t look away.

6. CEA Jr. Elite 2008

Junior Elite was good for so many years (and still are!) making it hard to pick a favorite year. CEA has been cranking out World Champion cheerleaders since the sport’s inception. Can you spot a young Holden Ray?

7. Stingray All Stars Green 2010

Are you ready? Here we go! Just look at the quintessential Stingray All Stars precision and form. We love you Stingrays. Always will. Xoxo.

8. Cheer Athletics Jags 2008

UM! Go to 1:46 IMMEDIATELY! How in the WORLD was that legal?! We literally just watched it 50 times. These Jags will give you some serious nostalgia, but thankfully Cheer Athletics has cranked out 3,000 great routines since then.

9. University Cheer Air Force One International Junior Coed 2009

Thank you for flying Air Force One. Oh my, the world really, REALLY needs to re-experience this team. They are everything cheerleading should be for the rest of eternity.

10. Ultimate Athletics Dynasty 2009

UA Dynasty had a style all its own…elegant, yet so sassy. We’ll never forget their perfect choreography paired with just the right throwback music.

What another lovely trip down memory lane. We could never forget the Junior teams that literally defined this decade of cheerleading. Thanks to the Fierce Board thread for helping us come up with this list.

Who’d we miss? Shout out below.