Top Gun Expands to Ohio

The famed Top Gun All Stars just announced that they have acquired Ohio Extreme located in Avon, Ohio. Top Gun’s main gym is located in Miami, FL with satellite gyms in Fort Myers and Orlando, Florida. This will be their first gym outside of their home state.

Ohio Extreme at NCA

We saw Ohio Extreme’s Worlds level teams compete at NCA 2017 in the small senior 5 and the small senior coed 5 division. They placed 17th and 16th respectively.

The Future of Gym Acquisitions

Acquisitions in the cheer world have increasingly become the norm. Large gyms like Cheer Athletics now have gyms across the United States in Texas, North Carolina, and Ohio. Cheer Extreme has locations in Illinois, North Carolina, and Maryland. California All Stars has gyms in California, Nevada, and Arizona. And the list goes on and on.

It feels as if we are moving towards a world where a handful of mega gyms will own a large portion of smaller gyms across the United States. It would not surprise me if one of the mega gyms acquires a gym abroad in the near future. Cheerleading is quickly becoming a popular international sport, and US-based gyms will want to remain influential.

Personally, I don’t think fewer programs is a bad thing. If more athletes can receive world-class training then I’m all for it. It looks like we will have to get used to the same gyms competing against themselves!

Your thoughts?

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