Twist & Shout held their 2017-2018 pre-season showcase in Oklahoma on November 5th, 2017. Not only did we get our first full sneak peek of Diamonds and Obsession, but also got to see what all their levels are bringing to the mat this season. 

Last season, Twist & Shout found themselves in the spotlight when their small senior coed 5 team, Diamonds, became a fan favorite. Their incredible stunts, tumbling, and showmanship was nothing to gawk at and this year, they’re bringing the same intensity… and then some.

Their medium senior 5 team, Obsession, has also been a serious contender over the past few years. They also had a strong showcase performance and we expect to see great things from them this year. Also, those blue and white uniforms are veryyyyyy close to perfection in our eyes đŸ˜‰

Twist & Shout Lady Eve, small senior 5, did not compete at the showcase. Fun fact: last year at Worlds they were one of the very few teams who made it all the way from prelims to finals. 


Twist & Shout Showcase 2017

Diamonds – Small Senior Coed 5

Part 1

Obsession – Medium Senior 5

Part 1

Part 2

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