USA All Star Nationals 2016 will take place March 12-13, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. It is the last Worlds bid event in California for the 2016 season.

They will award 2 full paid bids and 3 at-large bids. Below you will find the interactive schedule for Hall G on Saturday and Sunday. According to their website, the schedule is the same for both days.

We will add results and videos as they become available.

Paid Bids

Mac’s Allstar Cheer Seniors 

California All Stars Ghost Recon

At-Large Bids


Connect Cheer Northwest 

OC All-Stars Shadow

USA Starz Vanity 

OC All-Stars Neon

USA All Star Championship Schedule

8:00 AMPacific Coast Magic DivineL3 Large Junior
8:03 AMStorm Athletix Black IceL3 Small Junior Div A
8:06 AMImmortal Athletics Senior OrangeL3 Small Senior Co-ed
8:09 AMCheer Force IntensityL3 Large Junior
8:12 AMStarstruck Junior SpiceL3 Small Junior Div A
8:15 AMVegas Cheer Authouriy Code BlackL3 Small Senior Co-ed
8:18 AMDesert Sky Eclipse FuzionL3 Large Junior
8:21 AMStarlite All Stars LightningL3 Small Junior Div A
8:27 AMThe California All Stars Blue IceL3 Large Junior
8:30 AMAthletics CommandersL3 Small Junior Div A
8:36 AMVictory Cheer VelocityL3 Small Senior Co-ed
8:39 AMOC All Stars Junior BlueL3 Large Junior
8:42 AMValley All Stars Blue IceL3 Small Junior Div A
8:45 AMLA Dream FaithL3 Small Senior Co-ed
8:48 AMPro Spirit LimeL3 Large Junior
8:51 AMRebels Elite HeartsL3 Small Junior Div A
8:54 AMMagnitude Cheer VengeanceL3 Small Senior Co-ed
8:57 AMThe California All Stars J-MoneyL3 Large Junior
9:00 AMPacific Coast Magic GlamourL3 Small Junior Div A
9:06 AMSouth Bay Cheer 360 CycloneL3 Small Senior Co-ed
9:09 AMPacific Coast Magic Magic FearlessL3 Large Junior
9:12 AMPacific Coast Magic FaithL3 Small Junior Div A
9:15 AMStarstruck Senior SassL3 Small Senior Co-ed
9:18 AMSCV All Stars Junior BlackL3 Small Junior Div B
9:21 AMElite Academy FuryL3 Small Junior Div A
9:24 AMDesert Diamond All Stars Coed IceL3 Small Senior Co-ed
9:27 AMPacific Coast Magic Jr. MojoL3 Small Junior Div B
9:30 AMAlmaden Spirit Athletics Lady DiamondsL3 Small Junior Div A
9:39 AMUltimate Destination GalaxyL3 Small Junior Div B
9:42 AMCalifornia FlyersL3 Small Youth
9:45 AMPacific Coast Magic CharismaL3 Small Senior Co-ed
9:48 AMFive Star Athletics AuraL3 Small Junior Div B
9:51 AMSCV All Stars Youth BlueL3 Small Youth
9:54 AMStorm Athletics CHANNEL 3L3 Small Senior Co-ed
9:57 AMHawaii All-Star KrushL3 Small Junior Div B
10:00 AMCheerForce CrazeL3 Small Youth
10:06 AMAngel City Athletics GuardiansL3 Small Senior Co-ed
10:09 AMSoCal Select All Stars DreamL3 Small Junior Div B
10:12 AMOC All Stars Youth BlueL3 Small Youth
10:15 AMFierce Cheer Elite White DiamondsL3 Small Senior Co-ed
10:18 AMChampion All Stars Show StoppersL3 Small Junior Div B
10:21 AMSpirit Athletics DivasL3 Small Youth
10:24 AMCalifornia All Stars DiamondsL3 Large Senior
10:27 AMFlipz Allstars CyclonesL3 Small Junior Div B
10:30 AMFive Star Athletics Shooting StarsL3 Small Youth
10:36 AMCheerForce ObsessionL3 Large Senior
10:39 AMIntensity Athletics High VoltageL3 Small Junior Div B
10:42 AMArizona Heat All-Star The 3rd DegreeL3 Large Senior Co-ed
10:45 AMRevolution Athletics AuthorityL3 Large Senior
10:48 AMFusion All Stars BlazeL3 Small Junior Div B
10:51 AMConnect Cheer Northwest SmokeL3 Large Senior Co-ed
10:54 AMPacific Coast Magic Soldiers of EnchantedL3 Large Senior
10:57 AMHead Over Heels Rock StarsL3 Small Junior Div B
11:00 AMCheerForce SteelL3 Large Senior Co-ed
11:06 AMConnect Cheer Northwest JadeL3 Large Youth
11:09 AMArizona Element Elite OxygenL3 Small Junior Div B
11:12 AMThe California All Stars CommandersL3 Large Senior Co-ed
11:15 AMFusion All Stars FlashL3 Large Youth
11:18 AMCheerForce CrushL3 Small Junior Div B
11:21 AMPacific Coast Magic CrushL3 Large Youth
12:12 PMPro Spirit MysticL5 Small Senior
12:15 PMCheerForce FrenzyL3 Small Senior Div B
12:18 PMVictory Cheer Lady ValorL5 Small Senior
12:21 PMSoCal All Stars BlessedL4 Small Senior
12:24 PMCentral Coast Elite DiamondsL3 Small Senior Div B
12:27 PMRevolution Athletics RevolutionL5 Small Senior
12:30 PMUltimate Destination Lady SunsL4 Small Senior
12:33 PMVegas Cheer Authority Lady EliteL3 Small Senior Div B
12:36 PMConnect Cheer Northwest C5L5 Small Senior
12:39 PMOC All Stars Senior SilverL4 Small Senior
12:45 PMCheerForce RogueL5 Small Senior
12:48 PMCentral Coast Elite C4L4 Small Senior
12:51 PMSoCal Select All Stars Legacy LadiesL3 Small Senior Div B
12:54 PMUSA Starz VanityL5 Small Senior
12:57 PMUtah Xtreme Cheer DiamondsL4 Small Senior
1:00 PMOC All Stars Senior BlueL3 Small Senior Div B
1:06 PMCalifornia All Stars AcesL5 Large Senior
1:09 PMCalifornia Flyers Elite XL4 Small Senior
1:12 PMExcelerationL3 Small Senior Div B
1:18 PMPanther Cheer Athletics ImmortalsL4 Small Senior
1:24 PMOC All Stars BlackL5 Large Senior
1:27 PMCheerForce Lady InspireL4 Small Senior
1:30 PMPacific Coast Magic SKY3L3 Small Senior Div B
1:36 PMCheers & More Lady RespectL5 Large Senior
1:39 PMConnect Cheer Northwest SteelL4 Small Senior
1:42 PMChampion All Stars FierceL3 Small Senior Div B
1:45 PMMACS Allstar Cheer ObsessionL5 Small Senior Coed
1:48 PMHawaii All-Stars KaprincessesL4 Small Senior
1:51 PMSCV All Stars Senior BlueL3 Small Senior Div B
1:54 PMSpirit Athletics MavericksL5 Small Senior Coed
1:57 PMCheerForce WrathL4 Small Senior
2:00 PMCalifornia Pride Wild FireL3 Small Senior Div A
2:06 PMPacific Coast Magic MysteriousL5 Small Senior Coed
2:09 PMUSA Starz Lady StarzL4 Small Senior
2:12 PMCheerXperience AthenaL3 Small Senior Div A
2:15 PMFusion All Stars InfernoL5 Small Senior Coed
2:18 PMThe California All Stars Miss MafiaL5 Junior Restricted
2:21 PMPacific Coast Magic VisionL3 Small Senior Div A
2:24 PMMacs Allstar Cheer Senior StarsL5 Small Senior Coed
2:27 PMCheerForce EclipseL5 Junior Restricted
2:36 PMUniversity Cheer Force FirestormL5 Senior Medium Coed
2:39 PMFusion All Stars Hot ShotsL5 Junior Restricted
2:45 PMAmerican Cheer FlyersL5 Senior Medium Coed
2:48 PMThe California All Stars So FABL5 Large Senior Restricted
2:51 PMThe Tumble Shop Hot Stuff All-Stars Pink LadesL3 Small Senior Div A
2:54 PMCheerForce BlackoutL5 Senior Medium Coed
2:57 PMOC All Stars SmokeL5 Large Senior Restricted
3:00 PMExpress All Stars Lady BlackL3 Small Senior Div A
3:06 PMPacific Coast Magic DreamL5 Junior Coed
3:09 PMPacific Coast Magic EnvyL5 Large Senior Restricted
3:12 PMUniversity All Stars Black DiamondsL3 Small Senior Div A
3:15 PMMACS Allstar Cheer RoyalzL5 Large Senior Restricted
3:34 PMThe California All Stars Fierce 4L4 Small Junior
3:39 PMElite Academy Lady DevilsL4 Small Junior
3:42 PMThe California All Stars Cali CoedL5 Large Coed
3:45 PMGold Star KryptoniteL4.2 Senior
3:48 PMOC All Stars Junior SilverL4 Small Junior
3:51 PMPacific Coast Magic FantasyL5 International Open
3:54 PMCheerXperience ZelusL4.2 Senior
3:57 PMStorm Athletics Fantastic 4L4 Small Junior
4:00 PMThe California All Stars SparkleL5 International Open
4:03 PMPro Spirit SteelL4.2 Senior
4:06 PMPacific Coast Magic MysteryL4 Small Junior
4:09 PMOklahoma Twisters VortexL5 International Open Small Coed
4:12 PMRebels Elite DiamondsL4.2 Senior
4:15 PMUSA Starz Jr GlamL4 Small Junior
4:18 PMThe California All Stars RegulatAZL5 International Open Small Coed
4:21 PMStealth All Stars Code BlackL4.2 Senior
4:24 PMPro Spirit DiamondsL4 Small Junior
4:27 PMStarstruckL5 International Open Small Coed
4:30 PMIntensity Athletics Lady LithiumL4.2 Senior
4:36 PMImmortal Athletics Lime LadiesL4 Small Junior
4:39 PMPacific Coast Magic Black MagicL5 International Open Small Coed
4:45 PMMACS Allstar Cheer FancyL4 Small Junior
4:48 PMThe California All Stars Ghost ReconL5 International Open Large Coed
4:51 PMPacific Coast Magic ElectricL4.2 Senior
4:54 PMGold Star GlitzL4 Youth
4:57 PMMacs Allstar Cheer LegacyL5 International Open Large Coed
5:00 PMCheerForce RaveL4.2 Senior
5:06 PMPacific Coast Magic EclipseL5 Open
5:09 PMRebels Elite High RollersL5 International Open Large Coed
5:12 PMBay Area Stars VortexL4.2 Senior
5:15 PMUtah Xtreme Cheer Black DiamondsL5 Open
5:18 PMCheerForce NfinityL5 International Open Large Coed
5:21 PMStorm Athletics Lady BoltzL4.2 Senior
5:24 PMUSA Starz ReignL5 International Open Large Coed
5:27 PMThe California All Stars Senior SilverL4.2 Senior
6:27 PMPacific Coast Magic Lady EleganceL6 International Open
6:30 PMHawaii All-Stars Five-OL5 Small Senior Restricted
6:33 PMOC All Stars NeonL6 International Open
6:36 PMPacific Coast Magic RadianceL4 Small Senior Coed
6:39 PMSCV All Stars R5L5 Small Senior Restricted
6:45 PMCheerForce DarksideL4 Small Senior Coed
6:48 PMCheerForce SecretL5 Small Senior Restricted
6:51 PMPacific Coast Magic VengeanceL6 International Open Small Coed
6:54 PMFierce Cheer Elite FireL4 Small Senior Coed
7:00 PMOC All Stars ShadowL6 International Open Large Coed
7:03 PMRebels Elite AcesL4 Small Senior Coed
7:06 PMUSA Starz ArsenalL5 Small Senior Restricted
7:09 PMPacific Coast Magic AngelsL4 Large Senior
7:12 PMPacific Coast Magic EmberL4 Small Senior Coed
7:15 PMFive Star Athletics OmniL4 Large Senior Coed
7:18 PMArizona Element Elite PlatinumL4 Large Senior
7:21 PMIntensity Athletics Super NoxaL4 Small Senior Coed
7:24 PMCheerForce KryptoniteL4 Large Senior Coed
7:27 PMSCV All Stars Senior BlackL4 Large Senior
7:30 PMRiver City All Stars Senior TealL4 Small Senior Coed
7:36 PMPro Spirit PlatinumL4 Large Senior Coed
7:39 PMThe California All Stars S4L4 Large Senior
7:42 PMSpirit Athletics FameL4 Small Senior Coed
7:45 PMFusion All Stars SmokeL4 Large Senior Coed
7:48 PMAmerican Cheer Secret ServiceL4 Large Junior
7:51 PMCalifornia All Stars Black JacksL4 Small Senior Coed
7:54 PMAction All Stars ShimmerL1 Youth Prep
7:57 PMStorm Athletics CycloneL1 Junior Prep
8:00 PMSouth Bay Cheer 360 SplashL1 Youth Prep
8:06 PMSouth Bay Cheer 360 StormL1 Junior Prep
8:09 PMVictory Cheer Youth HypeL1 Youth Prep
8:12 PMCheerForce RevolutionL1 Junior Prep
8:15 PMCheerForce VanityL1 Youth Prep
8:18 PMUniversity All Stars DiamondsL1 Junior Prep
8:21 PMThe Tumble Shop Hot Stuff All-Stars Most WantedL1 Youth Prep
8:24 PMAmerican Cheer ValorL1 Junior Prep
8:27 PMSan Diego HeatL1 Youth Prep
8:30 PMIntensity Athletics Pink LightningL1 Junior Prep
8:36 PMExpress All Stars SparksL1 Youth Prep
8:39 PMFlipz Allstars LightningL1 Junior Prep
8:42 PMSouth Bay Cheer 360 El NinoL2 Junior Prep
8:45 PMOC All Stars Junior WhiteL1 Junior Prep
8:48 PMCheerForce SD WestL2 Junior Prep
8:51 PMIntensity Athletics Black LightningL2 Senior Prep Cheer
8:54 PMSan Diego HeatL2 Junior Prep