New Divisions for Worlds 2018

USASF announced Friday, May 19th, 2017 that two new divisions will be available for The Cheerleading Worlds 2018. Senior Extra Small All Girl and Senior Extra Small Coed are now Worlds eligible. Here’s how it’s going down.

Earlier this year, USASF announced the addition of the Senior Extra Small All Girl (14 members and below) and Senior Extra Small Coed 5 (14 members and below). However, they specifically said they were not Worlds eligible. They have now updated their policy, and they will join the other 12 divisions at The Cheerleading Worlds 2018.

While these new divisions will compete at Worlds 2018, there are stipulations. These are quoted directly from USASF’s official announcement here.

  • A program may have only one Extra Small team at Worlds; either All Girl or Coed, not both.
  • If a program receives a bid in either Senior Extra Small All Girl or Senior Extra Small Coed, that program may not compete in any other Cheerleading Worlds division.
  • If a program receives a bid in any division, and also has a bid in a Senior Extra Small division (14 members and below), and decides to take both teams to Worlds, the Extra Small division team will compete in the Senior Small division. The team will not be eligible for the Extra Small division.

I imagine this is an exciting development for smaller gyms who are looking to create a competitive routine with fewer athletes. As many of you know, the Small Senior and Small Senior Coed 5 divisions are among the largest and most competitive. Large and medium-sized gyms who send multiple teams to Worlds every year will not be able to join these divisions, thus opening the door for smaller gyms to wiggle their way into the top spots.

Smaller gyms with fewer athletes will now have an increased chance of medaling at Worlds and/or winning a World Champion title. It looks like a lot more gyms are about to join or Rankings by Worlds Titles.

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