For the first time since 2004, USASF’s portion of The Cheerleading Worlds will not take place. Due to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, USASF has officially canceled The Cheerleading Worlds 2020, today April 24th, 2020. 

See USASF’s official announcement here.

The Cheerleading Worlds 2020’s cancelation comes as little surprise. Nearly every single major sporting event from the NBA’s regular season to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have already been canceled. Despite ongoing cancelations, USASF was hesitant to cancel this year’s end-of-season event. On March 7th, 2020, USASF announced their intention to host the event at the end of June.


It is important to note that USASF canceled their portion of the event and the IASF has yet to make a decision.

USASF Worlds Divisions: 

  • Senior Extra Small 6
  • Senior Small 6
  • Senior Medium 6
  • Senior Large 6
  • Senior Extra Small Coed 6
  • Senior Small Coed 6
  • Senior Medium Coed 6
  • Senior Large Coed 6
  • Senior Open 6
  • Senior Open Small Coed 6
  • Senior Open Large Coed 6

See USASF’s official Worlds division listing here.

IASF Worlds Divisions: 

  • International Open 5
  • International Open Small Coed 5
  • International Open Large Coed 5
  • International Open 6
  • International Open Small Coed 6
  • International Open Large Coed 6
  • International Open 7
  • International Open Small Coed 7
  • International Open Large Coed 7
  • International Open Non-Tumbling 6
  • International Open Non-Tumbling Coed 6
  • International Open Non-Tumbling 7
  • International Open Non-Tumbling Coed 7
  • International Global Club 6
  • International Global Club Coed 6

See IASF’s official Worlds division listing here.

Any update regarding IASF Cheerleading Worlds 2020 will be shared at a later time.